August 3, 2018




This was defining night for Mississippi! Mississippi is moving in her prophetic destiny!

In 2017 at Mississippi Unshackled, Chuck released a word about seeing worship on college campuses. Last night we soared into this word! Mississippi has been unshackled! Now, it is time for her to SOAR! Let freedom reign and rain over our state!

“I believe this is a beginning, and all I can do is prophesy what I am hearing the Lord say. I say this is the beginning of Me moving on the generations and those who have taught in the past. I say this is the beginning even of meetings that will visit every campus in this State. I say this is the beginning of a consolidation of worship. I say I AM going to start drawing together worship in the campuses so team after team consolidates until I fill stadiums with one team, saith the Lord. It will come from Mississippi and it will be said that all of Mississippi has gathered upon the campuses to worship, and they have become a worshipping people. “
Prophecy June 2017
Chuck Pierce
Mississippi Unshackled
Mississippi State University

Dutch Sheets released a powerful decree for the event via video, as well.

There was great impartation! From words to songs, and sounds!

Click here to view.

Be blessed and receive from this amazing night!

Check out the album from the event below!

Mississippi Soaring – Let Freedom Reign Album