January 23, 2019

Scotland Missions Trip

Dear Love Ministries/Miracle City Global Family and Friends,

We have been invited to participate in an incredible mission trip to Scotland with Ray Hughes and James Nesbit.

The Holy Flames in Scottish Winds Tour, May 6 -19, 2019. James and Ray initially invited Anna and extended an invitation to me when we hosted the Resonate Conference at Miracle City Global.

We believe that this trip is very strategic for our nation, state, and for us personally!
My mother’s family is from Scotland and the Scottish Hebrides Isle of Jura. This is
about recovery of inheritance for us and for our land! The catalyst in saying yes to
this trip came from a word that the Lord spoke to my heart about Scotland.

The Lord said, “I am sending you and Anna to Scotland to strike the ground on
revival and bring back the fire to Mississippi and this nation. This is your trip
Betty. You have appointments, assignments, and alignments in the land.”

Below is an excerpt about the trip that reveals the depth of this calling to Scotland
and what I believe will have a great impact for us all in our state and nation as well as
for Scotland! For those of you that know us…we will bring it back!

Holy Flames Scottish Winds Tour

“This is an invitation to those who have a desire to explore this amazing land with us on a spiritual treasure hunt with strategic spiritual purposes.

We believe that there are embers of former fires lying hidden in the land that will return to full flame and burn with even greater glory than their first.

We’ll explore the people and places that were epicenters of spirituality in the miraculous and mystical days of Celtic Christianity. We will visit ancient ruins as well as the sites of some of the greatest and most glorious outpourings in Revival History. We will visit places where the fires of God’s glory burned with such intensity that nations came to the light. We will join our voices to the songs that have been quietened with time as James leads us in intercessory worship. Engaging daily in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs aimed at releasing healing and fanning the eternal flames of the Covenanters, holy men and women who have gone before us, having laid down their lives for their faith. We will walk where they walked and pray again their words for Scotland. We will assemble on battlefields and stand in throne rooms of earthly kings.

We’ll stand on castle walls and ask God to do the things that He holds in His heart for Scotland’s future. We will engage in times of prayer and flame-fanning, prophetic declaration. There will be prayer assignments in strategic places.”

We are inviting you to go with us on this strategic mission to Scotland by partnering
with us in prayer and financial support. Will you sow a seed into revival fire?

If you are willing to partner with us please respond by email

Please designate your offering for Scotland!
All contributions are tax-deductible and can be sent to
Love Ministries, Inc. 
P.O. Box 8097
Laurel, Mississippi 39441

You can send a donation here on the website by clicking the red ‘Give’ button in the top right corner of the screen.
Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity to partner with us on this

Love and Blessings!
Betty and Anna

Holy Flames Scottish Winds Tour

with Ray Hughes – Historian, storyteller, musician, and minister to the nations and James Nesbit – Nationally recognized Prophetic Artist and Intercessory worshipper and conference speaker are coming together for what could prove to be a journey of a lifetime. This is an invitation to those who have a desire to explore this amazing land with us on a spiritual treasure hunt with strategic spiritual purposes.