June 2, 2019

Miracle City Global – 6/2/19 – Transcript

6/2/19 Miracle City Global

Betty Love. We want to step into the river this morning. And this is the river. Come step into the river. We’re stepping into the presence of God. We’re stepping today into him. We’re finishing the month of Iyar and we’re stepping into Sivan. The call is to gather the prophetic people, gather the prophets, gather together as one, to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the church.

I decree and declare that this is an active, full-functioning house of God. Danette brought a revelation I wasn’t aware of. We’re at 416 East Pine Street. We’re at the East Gate of our New Jerusalem. hahaha. The east gate of Hattiesburg, the Hub City. There’s something in the Word about ‘He enters the east gate.’

We’re on Pine Street because the appeal’s been heard. We are the appeal to heaven. You are the appeal to heaven. Glory. 416 in Strong’s is Bethel, House of God. So Miracle City Global—we’ve said it all along—is the Father’s House. This is His House. He said to us it’s the place where he hangs his hat.

But literally, he has the exact times and places set for us. He knew our address even before we knew it. He appointed the Greenhouse. Yay God. And he gave us 416. We’re in the House of God, Bethel.

Yay Michael, healed of the Lord. Father, I thank you for Michael. Who is like our God? Lord, just yesterday in the hospital and here he is back in his place (at the drums) today. I decree and declare no loss, Michael. Full recovery. Full recovery. Full recovery. I decree and declare every symptom of sickness, pain, ache, the things you’ve been dealing with, spirit, soul, body wholeness in Jesus name. Wholeness and fullness. I decree and declare that you’re back greater than ever before. Greatness of God rises up in you.

Who is like our God? Who is like our God? I decree and declare that this house will no longer be passive. I decree and declare that you will not be able to come into Miracle City and remain passive. Then the Lord Himself, Holy Spirit will so engage hearts when they enter into this house, they can’t stay in neutral and they can’t stay passive.

Come stand in the river. We’re going to prophesy today. We’re going to speak forth the heart, mind, counsel of God. We’re going to release what he’s put in our mouth to prepare the way, pave the way of what he wants to do here and now and even in this month. We’re coming into divine order.

Anna. Oh he’s calling us into action this morning.

Betty. Present and accounted for. Here I am. Here I am Lord. I take my place in the river of God.

Anna. Gonna take my place in your river, God. I will not forget who you are.

Betty. So we raise our gaze. We fix our eyes. We set our hearts on you, in your house. Open the gates. Lift up your heads oh you gates. Be lifted up, you ancient doors. Be opened. Open up. Open up. Open up you flood gates in this place. Heights and depths. Heights and depths be opened. Open up (13 times)

Anna. The gates are opening. Heavens are opening.

Betty. We possess our gates.

Anna. Oh the gates are opening. And the heavens are opening. We possess our gates this morning.

Betty. Right now he’s going to strengthen you. He going to strengthen you. Hahaha. He provides strength for those that turn back the battle at the gate. So right now just receive that fresh impartation of strength and the might of the Lord. The might of the Lord (5 times) to be able to possess the gates, to possess the gates of your enemies. Possess the gates of your enemies. Whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah whoahhh.

?Anna. Let the strength of the Lord arise in our midst.

Betty. Spirit, soul, body wholeness.

Anna. Let the strength of the Lord arise in our midst. Healing virtue.

Kevin. Let the glory of the Lord rise among us…

Anna. Let the praises of our King rise among us. Let his glory rise.

Betty. I see incense rising. Do what only you can do. Have your way.

Anna. Day and night, night and day, let incense arise. I hear the sound of an army rising. I hear the sound of their feet marching. I hear the sound of the shout arising. A song of praise. I hear the sound of praise as we take our land. It’s a celebration. We’ve got the victory. Cause he is our victory. Day and night, night and day let incense arise.

I can see you now, the love in your eyes; laying myself down. Raising up the broken to life.

Betty. I heard the Lord say that the Blue Angels are here. I saw that in the spirit realm. As I looked at their site, it says that this is their season of celebration. I want to share one point because I believe it’s significant. As we were flowing I had an open vision and I saw the Blue Angels, and first I heard the Lord say, the Blue Angels are here. Then I immediately thought of the planes. I want to read this.

Welcome to the 2019 Blue Angel season. Since 1946 we have been privileged to represent the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to audiences throughout the U.S. and abroad as we showcase the excitement and power of naval aviation. Today, in our 73rd year, we’re confident that the culture of excellence underscoring every Blue Angels performance will motivate our fans to strive for greatness and follow their dreams.

I had no idea what was on this site. By the Lord releasing this vision, hahaha, I believe that he is saying that he is with us to give us air supremacy. And that he is wanting us to enter into his excellency. He has put within every son of God a spirit of excellence.

The Lord says it is time to allow his spirit of excellence to fill you in every place. This is not a time to let go of your dreams. It is a time to take hold. Allow him to take hold of you so you can take hold of it. Don’t let go of your dreams. Dreams for your life personally. Dreams for your land. Dreams for this nation.

I believe in the spirit realm right now there are Blue Angels that are moving and they are going out in front of us and they are plowing the heavens right now. The Lord is making way, hahahahaha, hahahahaha; he’s making way. He’s making way. He’s clearing out the heavenlies. Ooohhhhh.

?Anna. To enter the holy place. You made a way for me to enter into the holy place today. I am yours. You are mine and we’ll be together forever. I will celebrate, sing unto the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song. It will be my joy to sing—your will, your way, always.

Anna Love. Yesterday afternoon and evening and into this morning, and even now in worship, the Lord told me today is about celebration. And the word has been that we would war from a place of rest. I still believe that is very much the heart of God for us. Whenever I think about rest I think about the banquet table with the Lord. I think about coming to the table and leaning into the Father. And what is that but a time of celebration. The Lord says that we’re going to war from a time of celebration. That we’re going to war from a place of joy, and where in our natural mind that doesn’t make sense, that’s what it really means to war from a place of victory.

Because whenever the enemy comes, and he threatens, and he accuses, and he stands in front of you and he torments, if you remain in the joy of the Lord, nothing he says or does can touch you. And honestly, it just stirs him up. It just stirs him up. Because he can’t do anything to steal our joy. So Father, let joy arise this morning. Let your joy arise in this place. I thank you that nothing can touch the joy that you’ve given us. Nothing can touch the joy of who Jesus is. Father, I thank you that the same joy came upon Jesus to endure the cross, and give us life. Father, so much joy; so much joy. Something we’ve never experienced before.

Father, I thank you that you’re shifting us. That you are shifting us into a state of joy. Father, we receive joy this morning. We receive joy in a greater measure that leads to celebration. Lord, I thank you that we are not passive. That we move from a place of passivity to a place of action. Father, I thank you that we will be able to rise up, we will rise up from the ashes and joy anyway, because what sweeter smell, what sweeter fragrance rises than when you joy in the place of adversity.

Father, I thank you that you’re shifting the hearts of your people. Let it start in me, Lord. Father, I thank you that we’ve not been this way before. But you are transforming us into your very image. Jesus, we take hold of you and we take hold of your promises.

?Anna. Oh we receive your joy. Refreshing joy. Joy, unspeakable joy. We receive it. Take hold of it.

Lane. I can feel you lifting off the weight of the world. Take a moment to remember who God is and who I am. There you go, lifting my load again. His yoke is easy, his burden is so light. Your love carries me through all the valleys and the darkest places. You’re lifting my load. I’m walking in the place of joy. Your joy is my strength.

Anna. I can feel your love lifting me up.

Betty. Thank you, Lord. We worship you, Jesus. We honor you, Father. We honor you, Jesus. We honor you, Holy Spirit. Adonai Elohim, we honor your glory and your presence. Father, we honor and acknowledge that this is your house. We are your people, and we thank you for the manifested presence of your glory that is in this place.

And Lord, we’re not just flowing in the river. Lord God, we’ve stepped up to the sea of glass this morning. Lord, thank you for the Revelator that is here. I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you move among us this morning, bringing the best of the best out of our lives, bringing deliverance and healing.

I decree and declare that Miracle City Global is that. It is a miracle house. It is a healing house. And anyone that’s in this house today or in alignment with us that needs healing, that needs deliverance, that needs restoration or reformation in their life, so be it Lord. Be is unto us according to your word, your will, and your way.

It’s good to be home, Father. I thank you Father, that we’ve come home in you today. And Lord, that which you have stored up for this day and even before the foundations of the earth, Lord, I thank you that what is written in the books comes to pass on earth as it is in heaven in everyone that has drawn into this house or those that are watching. Not just in our lives, Lord, but in our territories, our tents, our treasuries, and our spheres of influence.

So we thank you Lord. We thank you that the Blue Angels are here. We thank you that the Blue Angels are here. We thank you that the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy is among us. We thank you Lord God that your voice is upon our waters, and we welcome the voices coming out of the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus. We welcome and acknowledge and receive all that you desire to do in us, through us, and with us today on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name. Praise God. And we’re just getting started. You haven’t seen anything yet.

Father, I thank you for Brad. I thank you Lord God for your times and seasons. I thank you Lord God that your calendar has not changed, and as we’re stepping out of Iyar this evening and stepping into Sivan and all that you have stored within this time and season, within this new Hebraic month, Father, we have come to honor you according to your word and to celebrate first fruits of this month. To bring our first fruits offering, to start the month off right, to receive all that you have stored in this time for us, your people, and to acknowledge what you want to do in the land.

Lord, we thank you that as a house, a people, as we step into this morning, and through acknowledgement we are coming into a divine alignment for the assignment. That you can break the ungodly cycles off of our lives and release your cycle of blessing.

I had a vision and I saw a plumb bob. When I saw that plumb bob it was an old plumb bob. And I saw come out of heaven a new plumb line and it went right through that old plumb bob and it was God. He is putting new plumb line. He is dropping a new plumb line in this season to bring you into proper alignment and order because we are mobilized. There is movement.

Heaven is moving. The kingdom is running. The Lord is drawing you into the proper place, your place, and calling you out of passivity into full functionality, aligning your soul, your conscience, the windows of your soul with the windows of heaven, so that he can release his breath and set you in that place of cycle for the rest of your year—blessing. When the Lord brings blessing he doesn’t bring trouble with it.

So Lord today we just thank you. I honor your teacher. I thank you for that prophetic teach that you have put within Brad and Lord that you just play your son. You just carry him, Holy Spirit. And Lord, we as a house come up in your yoke, Jesus, your mantle, your ministry, your message, your authority, your anointing, and your ability, in Jesus name. Amen.

Brad Roney. Hebraic Month of Sivan

We are about to step into Sivan. We’re still in Iyar. This is the third of three spring months and they are connected. We started with Nissan. If we come into Nissan with the right mindset and going after and listening to what God is saying, our year will be set from the beginning. Then Iyar connects with that, having our alignment with heaven, having our windows and heaven’s windows in alignment so the breath of God can blow through us and can build upon what Nissan started.

Sivan is the culmination of these three months, where you take what you got from Nissan. Iyar builds upon Nissan. In Sivan, you take those two months and you walk out what the Lord has shown you, the revelation. This is the month of revelation. The Lord gave the children of Israel the Torah, the revelation.

I’ve read books and in the Bible where they call it the Revelation. In the Old Testament, kings would call the priests to pull out the Torah or the Revelation. They would read it and it sets a mindset. It actually changes mindsets and sets an order for the kingdom, for the king, and for the people. That’s where we are. We’re setting order. We’re in this process of God setting his cycles, setting his order for his revelation.

Sivan is the month of giving. I think the Lord wants to stress giving and first fruits. This is part of his cycle. The Lord impressed upon me this week, I want you to stress giving. This is also the month of receiving your boundaries and the month to be merciful. We all want to receive mercy but the Lord is also saying, I want you to give mercy as I have given mercy. This is the month of alignment.

Moses, Miriam, and Aaron—there was a time where Aaron and Miriam were not in alignment with Moses, and Miriam reaped the consequences of that. But God being merciful, gave her mercy. The Lord wanted me to stress his alignment today, bringing into alignment Iyar, having our windows, our conscience aligned with heaven to take us forward.

This is also the month to connect your talk with your walk, making continuous on-going progress in order to move from one level of strength to the next. That goes with alignment. That goes with revelation. Later this morning we have an assignment that is very important. God is all about assignments and times. Part of this month is God’s assignment for the children of Israel, it’s assigned times. We have an assigned time to press forward in prayer for our President.

The constellation this month is Gemini, Two Tablets. Torah was given on Sinai, Two Tablets. The stars that make up Gemini is God’s painting of the sky. I look at it as art. The Lord painted the sky and painted the heavens with these stars, with the moon and the sun. This is God’s creation telling us a story.

The color and the stone is white and clear. The sky today is so clear and white, very few clouds. I noticed how brilliant, how bright, how clean the sky, the atmosphere is. For a while we’ve been in a season of rain, dark clouds and storms. I look out there and see the cleanness of the sky, of the atmosphere, the brightness, the clearness.

The stone is white and clear, the quartz and moonstone. Quartz can be very clear. The moonstone, the brilliance and cleanness of it. I just think of clean. I keep hearing, clean, clean, clean. It brings clarity. Clear, clean, clarity which goes back to revelation. The Lord is bringing revelation but are our minds clear and uncluttered to receive it.

The letter for this month is ZAYIN. It means receiving mercy for completion. This is the month of mercy, being merciful. The Lord this month is pouring out mercy for completion, whatever you need to complete. He’s asking, Are you going to receive my mercy? Yes, I receive the Lord’s mercy.

Sivan, third of the 12 months in the Jewish calendar, the third of the spring months, Nissan, Iyar, Sivan. They’re all three connected. Nissan sets the stage for your whole year if you do it within God’s cycle, within God’s Word, if you use the revelation, if you go forth with what God is telling you. And it sets forth your whole year. Iyar, alignments. Sivan, walking out what the Lord is revealing to you, the revelation.

This is the month of Pentecost, the month of celebration. The month of trifold celebrations. Were kicking off the month in a celebration time. It’s no coincidence the Lord spoke to Anna about celebration. This is the month of Jacob and Esau, the twins.

Sivan is connecting your talk to your walk. Proverbs 10:9. Whoever walks in integrity walks securely. But whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. What are you decreeing? What you are decreeing must line up with what you are walking. It goes to revelation. It is in our best interest to walk out what the Lord is telling us. It would be in our best interest to decree what the Lord is decreeing.

Start walking in what you decreed in the first month; Nissan starts your year. What are you decreeing to start your year off? What you are decreeing is what you’re going to be walking out. Are you decreeing defeat? Are you decreeing negativity? Then you are going to walk out defeat and negativity. Or are you decreeing over you what the Lord is decreeing over you? What the Lord has written in your books. That is what you’re going to walk out. Decree what the Lord is revealing to you.

We need to connect our mouth with our walk, refine our emotions. We’re emotional people. God designed us all with emotions—negative emotions, positive emotions, whatever. It’s sadness, fear, anger. We have to refine our emotions or we will start walking out what our emotions are dictating. It goes back to mindsets. Are we going to walk in a Greek mindset? Or are we going to walk in a Hebrew mindset?

Then move into God’s purpose. Before you can move into God’s purpose, you must know what God’s purpose is for you. We all have a collective purpose as a body, but we each have individual purposes. So we must get the revelation. Go back to the revelation being revealed. That goes back to alignment. All of this is connected.

In order to talk or decree and walk what you’re decreeing that alignment comes into play. Where are you aligned? Are you aligned with what is coming out of heaven? What’s coming out of the throne room? What’s coming out of the heart of God? Or are you aligned with your emotions? What your neighbor is saying or what your environment is dictating around you? It’s very important we get a revelation from God, not our human self because our emotions can trick us; they can trip us up. It’s in our best interest to go along with what God is revealing and not what we are feeling.

Betty. As he’s talking about alignment, you’re in an environment of revelation. You heard me say I saw a vision of a plumb line, an old plumb line. Then I saw a vision coming out of heaven of a new plumb line. The new one has a point on it, is very pointed. The old plumb line was a bob, like a round ball. The Lord has dropped a plumb line into the body of Christ like a wrecking ball. How many of you have seen a child build something and someone comes along and knocks it down?

We’ve been in a season where the ungodly things in our lives and the walls we have built are being knocked down if you have been willing to let the Lord drop the plumb line. He is removing the wrecking ball and he is bringing you into a new alignment for a new assignment in this season.

That plumb line I’m talking about that had a point on it is literally going to VAV you in the land, in alignment. I see the plumb bob, the plumb line coming down and vav-ing you, staking you in your assignment. Yay God. The first plumb bob was a wrecking ball to come in a wreck us, not in an ungodly way, where we need to be wrecked. Even in our emotions. Some of us have had some stronghold places in our thinking.

Brad. This month is your (entire) physical body, walking. And walking means continuous on-going progress. Are you progressing? Are you moving forward? Are you standing still, non-progressive? Are you walking or just standing still? There are times the Lord tells you, Don’t move. I would call that progression, because he’s got something he is wanting to do in you. But this is a month of movement. It’s progression.

Stagnant is a non-moving pool of water. Things begin growing in it, infesting it; it gets gunky with a film over it; mosquitos lay their larvae. It’s dead water.

This morning we stepped into the river; it’s running water; it’s moving. So you’re not getting the stagnation. It’s a body of water that has life. You’re not going to get much of anything good growing out of a stagnant pool of water.

We’re in a month to progress. A month to go from one level of strength to the next. Progression. It’s moving. It’s a picture of God’s cycle. It’s a spiraling staircase going up. In progression, you’re constantly moving one step up, going around and around until you reach the next level.

Giving is a key factor in this month. Are you giving just to be giving? And not necessarily of just your money. Are you giving of your time? It could be giving of yourself, of your ability, of your talents, whatever the Lord has impressed upon you to give at times. It’s one thing to hear Betty and Kimble talk about giving; but you’re probably thinking, Oh the trumpet man is talking about giving now; something’s off. But it’s important. The Lord was stressing that to me this week. Are you giving just to give or are you giving of the revelation God has given you?

Sivan is the time and month to review your giving process and to receive new boundaries. What has your heart been giving? Are you giving as a routine? Do you think you have to? Are you giving out of a cheerful heart? Are you giving to expect something back?  Are you giving out of love toward the Lord because he asked you to do this? He’s not making you do it. It’s part of his cycle of blessings.

The cycle of sowing and reaping involving giving: It’s a set of actions you repeat over and over again. I’m no farmer but I understand the concept of farming. You clear the ground, plant the seed, tend the crops and take care of them, then you harvest. Sow, tend and harvest, repeat. Sow, tend, harvest, repeat. It’s a cycle. Giving and farming are cycles. There are cycles going on all through creation.

We have cycles going on in our bodies. It’s the way we produce energy. We start with the concept of oxygen as our fuel that goes through a complex process that produces energy. It repeats and repeats over and over again to get a product.

Sowing in good soil always leads to reaping more than you sow. I did this as a child. I ate an orange and got one of the seeds and thought, If I plant this orange seed in the backyard tomorrow I’ll have an orange tree. As a 6 year old I thought how cool, I can have oranges anytime I want. The concept of planting one seed or one tree gives you more than one piece of fruit. You get a lot of fruit. Each season it grows, you pick it, and then next season it grows the fruit again.

I have at my house many blueberry bushes. These things are huge. One bush can produce hundreds and hundreds of blueberries. The result in this sowing and reaping is multiplication and increase.

We are walking into Rosh Chodesh, the head of the month, first fruits Sunday. Deuteronomy 26:19 talks about them putting the first portion of the harvest, putting it in a basket, and taking it to God’s sanctuary. They honor God by giving of the first of their harvest—a major key to living in the favor and prosperity of God. The first fruits portion which was brought to the Lord was far less than the tithe portion of 1/10th.

The first fruit portion is apart from your tithe and your offering. It’s just a small portion. For us it’s whatever the Lord puts upon your heart to bring as a first fruit. For them, it means one or two sheaves of wheat. For us it could be $1. At times the Lord told me $5. $25 sometimes. $100. It just depends. It’s whatever he is saying. It is very different from your tithe which is specifically 1/10th. And it’s different than your offering.

The amazing thing is that the smaller portion of this first fruit miraculously opens the door to a massive blessing. It’s a part of God’s cycle. God’s cycles. God’s appointed times. God’s appointments. He appointed first fruits. He declared first fruits. And out of that small portion brings a blessing, a huge blessing.

Nehemiah 10:35-39. We also assume responsibility for bringing to the house of the Lord each year the firstfruts of our crops and of every fruit tree. ‘As it is written in the Law, we will bring the firstborn of our sons and of our cattle, of our herds and of our flocks to the house of our God, to the priests ministering there.

‘Moreover, we will bring to the storerooms of the house of our God, to the priests the first of our ground meal, of our grain offerings, of the fruit of all our trees and of our new wine and olive oil. And we will bring a tithe of our crops to the Levites, for it is the Levites who collect the tithes in all the towns where we work.

A priest descended from Aaron is to accompany the Levites when they receive the tithes, and the Levites are to bring a tenth of the tithes up to the house of our God, to the storerooms of the treasury.

The people of Israel, including the Levites, are to bring their contributions of grain, new wine and olive oil to the storerooms, where the articles for the sanctuary and for the ministering priests, the gatekeepers and the musicians are also kept. ‘We will not neglect the house of our God.’

As you can see, there was a wide variety of things they brought in. Crops, fruit; they brought the firstborn of their herds, cattle.

This month of Sivan is linked with mercy and alignment. It’s very important. Israel was tested when Miriam and Aaron weren’t in alignment with Moses, and Miriam reaped the consequences. She developed leprosy. Numbers 12. But the Lord was merciful and in seven days she was healed and cleansed. God loved Miriam and gave her the opportunity to shift into proper alignment. Review your alignment this month. What and who are you aligned with?

For those who are seeking him during this Shabbat month, the Feast of Weeks, Pentecost, the heavens are open and the Spirit is poured out. You will receive supernatural mercy and grace to complete things. Have you ever thought, How am I going to do this? How is this going to happen? The Lord basically says in a promise this month, I will give you supernatural mercy and grace to complete things.

Betty. Receive it right now. I receive supernatural mercy and grace.

Brad. God downloads on you exactly what is needed ‘Suddenly.’ I stress that word Suddenly. No delays. No delays. No delays. There is process to seeing clearly through the transparent pane God has placed over you. It’s that alignment, that window. Your window of your conscience and yourself aligning with the window of heaven that has opened up over you.

He puts a window over you in the first month, Nissan. He connects with the window of your conscience the next month, Iyar. And you get to see clearly this month. A song popped in my head, I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

Betty. If you’re not aligned properly, your window is going (to be clouded). You cannot see through. If you’re aligned properly you’re going to be able to see through a clear pane.

Brad. It goes back to this month—the clarity, the clearness, the revelation. Are your panes aligned? Or are they not? Are those three months still connecting? These three months are very important; they set the stage for your year. If you stay in alignment with the Lord, he will give you the mercy and strength you need to get through those bumpy places.

God is a God of order and he knows we don’t usually understand or tap into his order immediately. He has mercy and grace on us to allow us if we don’t get into that cycle right off, and we miss the boat. He is merciful and gracious enough to allow us to do it again. If we need to do it again, he will allow us to to it again and again. I’ve been on that ship. I’ve been on that little hamster wheel. It’s not fun, but thank the Lord, he allowed me to do it again.

Earth and heaven are aligned in a time sequence. Don’t let your Greek mindset keep things fragmented. God is moving through and NOT disconnecting the months. The first three months are connected together, getting you to a spot where your walking and your talking are connected.

Things are overlapping in time together. What you are experiencing one month is part of what causes you to come full circle. You’re gathering wisdom as you move into the fullness of God’s plan. It’s the revelation, God’s wisdom to you. Using that revelation allows you to move forward in progression to the fullness of God’s plan for you.

God’s cycles of life as like a spiral track. I thought of the spiraling staircase or switchbacks going up a mountain. You zig zag back and forth instead of going straight up. It’s an easier path using switchbacks than climbing or hiking up a mountain. His cycles are designed to take us from a lower level in our spiritual walk to a higher level of effectiveness and wisdom.

Don’t be discouraged in these low parts of the cycles because there are progressions. The Lord is using this to bring us up to those higher levels of effectiveness and wisdom. When entering God’s cycles, we find ourselves going around and around, repeating the same process over and over again like the hamster wheel. The hamster gets on the wheel, running, running, running, and not going anywhere.

The purpose of this is not to create meaningless rituals, but to produce change, and bring us to the higher levels of blessing. It’s a learning period, a learning process. You’re not stationary, you’re going higher and higher, progressing with one step in front of the other.

The Greek Mindset. We have to identify and deal with the mindset we have. The ancient Greeks gave us a whole new way of looking at the world. The worshipping of man. They evolved from worshipping their deities to bringing men up as their gods. They created gods in the form of man. The Greek mindset says, We have the power in ourselves. (We’ve heard this in the media or in society.) We are our own gods. We can make the world perfect if we all work together.

I’m not against us coming together in unity and working for a common cause, but if we’re thinking we can do this in our own selves, using manipulation and control to bring our own outcome, then we are moving in a Greek mindset.

The operating principle of the Greek mindset is pride. And that filters through a humanistic intellect. No raising of hands. I dealt with pride. I got consumed with pride. Pride nearly killed me, literally. But God delivered me from that mindset and that pride. And here I am today, standing in front of you.

A few years ago, it might not have been that way. But the Lord’s mercy brought me out. And he delivered me from pride. I would say, Ask the Lord to identify any prideful areas in your life and deal with them today. Get rid of them today. Uproot them today and walk away from that.

The Greek mindset believes knowledge is power and if you have understanding, you can manipulate and control outcomes. This goes against exactly what God has produced in cycles, His cycles.

The Hebrew mindset is the total opposite of the Greek. It’s what we are to be walking in. When you learn to think like God you prosper. The Hebrew mindset is trusting in God, so it’s totally opposite of pride. Pride is totally rooted in what I can do in my own strength and abilities. But the Hebrew mindset is rooted in the principle of trusting in God. You’re putting yourself aside and you’re taking up what God is telling you and doing, what God has told you to do.

God has chosen you and is watching over you. You are led in a totally different way of thinking and living. It transforms your thinking and the way you live. It transforms your mindset into what your beliefs are. And it totally changes the way you operate in your life. Your thinking, the way you process things, are totally different, when you removed yourself and put God in place of that.

The Hebrew mindset is the mind of one who has been transformed by the truth of God, so there’s transformation. There’s transformation from being rooted in yourself into the truth of God. You were transformed by the truth.

God gave Israel a revelation of his nature, of who he is, to set forth a cycle, this Hebrew mindset. He revealed himself as I AM the only God, or There is only One God. I AM a jealous God. I will not share my glory with idols. Israel had their problems if you read throughout the Old Testament. There were periods of times where they forsook God’s glory and his presence, and took up idols of foreign lands. It seems like they put themselves in a cycle when they stepped out of identifying with God, the One who delivered them from Egypt. When they had forsaken I AM and took up with Baal and the other foreign gods in Canaan.

That shifted the cycle they were in to an ungodly cycle and found destruction after destruction, defeat after defeat. Their prosperity was gone. Their blessings were gone. They were out from under the covering of the Lord and their enemies took them. They took Jerusalem. Babylon came in and wiped them out. It wasn’t until much later that the Lord redeemed. Then a king comes in and removes the idols and the altars, goes up to the high places and tears down the altars of Baal and executes the priests of Baal. The Lord brought them back into that cycle.

Then the king died, the son would come up and here they go back into the same old cycle. What cycle do you want to get in? God’s cycle of prosperity and blessings and alignment? Or aligning with your enemy? Ungodly thoughts, mindsets and structures that lead to destruction. I would say, Choose you this day what cycle you want to be in. Cycles of blessings or cycles of destruction.

Kevin Long. My thought was, When the children of Israel had the true and living God, why would they go back to these idols? Why, when you’re living under the kingdom of the true and living God? The reason is because those idols feed our flesh. It feels good to our flesh, but the kingdom of God does not.

Betty. It’s the sin nature. That’s what it is. They have the outward but the difference with us is, we have the inward work of the Spirit.

Brad. I’ve always thought that, Kevin. After reading through Kings and Chronicles, I wondered—Why?

Kevin. This flesh still craves that sin even though we have the Spirit of God.

Michelle. They took their focus off of Him.

Brad. Exactly. Their focus and alignments were off. Which is another example of, You need to stay in alignment with heaven and with God. Our Father wants nothing but blessings and the goodness of the Lord. He wants us to be blessed.

In the beginning it looks good to the eye. In the Garden of Eden that fruit looked good to eat, but the Lord told them, Don’t eat. It looks good but it’s going to lead to destruction. Eventually they were thrown out of the Garden.

Lane Bass. If you know how good he is, it’s hard to stray.

Brad. It’s that personal revelation, that personal connection, that love for the Father. You wouldn’t want to stray from Him. You wouldn’t want to detach from Him.

He introduced them to the covenant and instilled in them a Biblical life of cycles. That’s what all of this is. He was setting them up.

We will continue next week.

Betty. We’re standing for healing for Rosemary Byrd and Laurie Myrick, several people in the body who’ve been dealing with viral issues. We say that is driven out of this house in Jesus name. Laurie sent this.

The enemy wants us to spiral down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. The Lord wants us to ascend higher and higher. As we know him we aspire higher.

Betty. That’s the thing. When Brad said it’s about alignment, when we start with Nissan, it’s covenant. Blood covenant connects us. His blood is flowing through and out of our spirit man. So covenant is what connects you and keeps you connected. And the way that we are different is that Jesus is not going to let go of you. Holy Spirit is in you and me and he is holding the house, and he is relentless. If he needs to plumb line you with a wrecking ball to wreck your stuff down, he’ll do that. And then he’ll drop that VAV of a plumb line that’s a straight line, and he’ll bring you into alignment like you’ve never known before. And that is where we are.

This is not a time to be out of alignment. This is not a time to be AWOL. And do not let the enemy separate you from a body of people. You need to be connected. You need to be connected. And you need to have a regular time of meeting with the body of Christ. It is an ungodly belief to withdraw from the body. If you don’t believe me, look at the Word of God, because every time those that straggled behind got picked off by the enemy. No matter how strong you are in the Lord, there is going to come a time and a season where what is stored up in you is not going to be enough.

We had a dachshund named Wilhelmina and she was the sweetest puppy. She was an angel baby, now. She lived 17 years because I said, Lord, don’t ever let her die. She lived 17 years. We came to visit Wanda when we were living in West Point and they had just gotten a new Jack Russell puppy. They were about the same age, so Anna came to visit and brought Willie with her. Well, the true colors came out. She was not an angel. She was so ugly, biting on Jack’s face. (Laughter)

We need the body. And we need one another. I know there may be times when the Lord has you somewhere else, but if you are in a regular habit of not being connected or aligned with the body of Christ, or if you don’t have an alignment, you’re not going to be able to finish your assignment. Me first.

Brad. I want to say there is healing in the house right now. Yesterday after lunch I got that feeling something was going on inside me and I just didn’t know what it was, an uneasy feeling. Those symptoms persisted until I stood up here. Those symptoms are gone. I feel like I did yesterday morning when I woke up. I felt great. There’s healing in the house. Anybody who is feeling an ailment, sickness, a symptom, even one minute symptom, I would say, Stand up, raise your hands, and receive what God has got here right now.

God has our healing and it’s our responsibility. Are we going to receive it? I say, I receive it. I receive what you have for us Lord. I receive what you’re pouring into us right now. A healing balm, your healing virtue right now.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree and declare as a united body, a unified house, a house under your standard that is the Banner of our Victory, we stand up and we receive our healing. We receive everything that you have for us. We receive, Lord, your covenant promises right now, that you are our Healer, our Provider, and you are the God that brings us Victory.

Father God, I pray right now that the seeds you have planted in us, the seeds of revelation, in the alignment that you have brought between us and heaven, I pray that your wind, your breath blow through those aligned panes, those aligned opened windows, and that you just breathe on us, breathe into our land, and breathe into this house.

And Father God, we say thank you. We say thank you Lord for bringing your promises to fulfillment and to completion. Thank you for this morning and I pray that an atmosphere has been set in this house to bring forth your revelation and your power and your alignment, not only for us, but for our President. I pray right now that his windows of his conscience will be aligned with the windows of heaven. I pray that you blow through those opened aligned windows into his heart, into his mind, into his body, Lord. Bring his spirit man to attention and into alignment with what you are speaking and what you are saying right now, in Jesus name. Amen.

Mid-Morning Service

?Every tribe, every tongue, sing Hallelujah. Everything, everyone sing Hallelujah. For the Lord our God is a righteous King. Sing Hallelujah. High and low, exalt the Lord. Sing Hallelujah. For the Lord our God is enthroned on high. Sing Hallelujah.

Kimble Love. Praise the Lord. Good morning everybody. I’m so excited about what God is doing. God is moving mightily and he is right on time. And he is ready for us to be right on time. If you’re not on time, get on time, because if you’re not on time, you’re out of time. And if you’re out of time, you’re not going to function fully in all that God has for you to function in. And you’re going to miss what God is doing.

Brad was talking about Egypt and the Israelites, and we all know the story. They sent twelve spies into Jericho. Joshua and Caleb had a great report. We can do this. But the other ten gave an evil report. They said, We can’t do it. God said, Go, take your promise; take the city; it’s yours.

The story says when the spies entered the land that the powers and principalities were diminished; their power was broken over the city. I believe those twelve spies could have brought the city down. Here’s the deal. Because of doubt, fear, and unbelief, and not being in God’s time, the promise was postponed for forty years. God wanted all of the unbelieving generation to die before the cycle of promise was going to come around again.

Even though Joshua and Caleb were in faith and believed, they had to suffer through those forty years. Listen, I love all y’all, but I don’t want to wait another forty years because y’all are out of step. Come on now. You need to take on that mindset. I don’t want somebody else to cause me to lose my time of appointment because they’re not on time or they’re not walking in step.

I like to be on time. And I want the house of God to be in order. That we start on time. That we move forward. That we’re in the flow of heaven. It’s not that we’re not in the flow of heaven. God is powerful and he is mighty and he is full of grace. And God’s grace at times looks over our untimeliness.

God’s grace covers a multitude of sins. But God’s grace doesn’t give us license to sin. Some people do and take advantage of that. God’s grace gives us the power and ability, the authority and the anointing not to sin. God’s grace has brought our lives into order so that we can walk in the fullness of all things.

So I want to be right in the middle and the midst of what God is doing. I don’t want to be a day late or a dollar short. I want to be right on the mark, at the right place, at the right time, receiving the full benefit of His Word and seeing my promise, your promise, God’s purpose manifested in all of our lives, that we function as a well-oiled machine for his glory. Selah

How many of you have a job that you go to every day? You’re supposed to be at that work place at a certain time. And if you don’t show up at that certain time too many times, you’re going to be looking for another place to work. So timelines is important. Let’s walk in time so we can have all that God has to offer. Glory to God. I feel better already. I think something good is about to happen in this house.

So Lord, we thank you for this time. We thank you for Your Time, your kairos, Lord. We want to be a people that flow with heaven and has heaven enter into the earth. We flow with it and Lord, we’re not behind or ahead, but we’re in the proper order.

Father, I thank you that we are walking under your plumb line. We’re in line with what you’re doing and desiring to do. That we are walking in step with heaven in the earth. So Father, I just thank you. Holy Spirit, descend upon this place. Bring forth the anointing and power of heaven into our midst.

Lord, I pray that we be on track and on time to fulfill every plan and purpose that you have ordained. Father, I pray that we would take hold of the things that you say we should take hold of in the proper time. Father, we honor you today. And Lord, as we enter into worship, prepare our hearts; prepare our minds. Prepare our souls and our spirits.

May we be open unto you Lord God, as this is an important day to come together to pray for our President and for this nation. Lord, we desire so to see your righteousness overthrow and fill this place once again. So Father, we come into agreement and one accord. We say, Have your way, Lord. Receive our worship. Receive our praise. Move mightily in our midst in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.


?Kevin. Bless the Lord oh mighty ones. Bless the Lord you heavenly hosts. Bless the Lord all you his angels. Let all the earth be his dominion. Come on and bless him. Come on and bless his name. For the Lord delights in showing mercy. Worship is my warfare. My praise is a weapon. When I move my body. When I move my feet. When I open my mouth, the darkness flees.

?Greater is he that’s in me than he that’s in the world.

Anna. I see your goodness in the land of the living.

Betty. Breaking out (3 times). Celebration. Celebration. Hei.

Anna. It’s a Jesus celebration… We receive/declare joy in the Holy Ghost.

Betty. We declare joy in the Holy Ghost in the White House, over the first family, in the West Wing.

Anna. We declare joy in the White House.

Lane. My praise is a weapon and it looks like Joy.

Anna. Gonna take it to the streets. It’s a brand new beat, a brand new sound.

Lane. We’re marching to the beat of your drum oh Lord. We’re in your beat.

Anna. Lord, I thank you right now that you would set our President in beat with you. That you would set him in rhythm with you this morning. Even now we pray for a visitation. As prayers are going out all across this nation and even the world, Father, we thank you that Donald Trump’s heart beats with the rhythm of Jesus. Father, that he would be a man after your own heart. Lord, I thank you that he will have a turning of heart, just as David.

Father, he hasn’t been prophesied about as being a David, but I thank you that even a heart like David would arise in him, a worshiper’s heart, a lover’s heart. Father, I thank you that you put a passion in his heart for you, Lord. I thank you that he will run, not walk, but run to you, Lord. I thank you that even in the days ahead his countenance will change.

Father, I thank you for favor and that he enters into a place of joy. I thank you that he experiences joy like never before. In strategies dealing with situations, let joy rise up in him. Father God, we thank you for righteousness rising in him. I thank you that the righteousness of Christ reigns over our President. Father, that it reigns over the White House.

Father, even now I pray that healing rain will rain over the White House. Lord, wash away any stains. Wash away the years of stains. Wash away the stains. I thank you that just as we’re in a month for clear vision, just as we’re in a month for clearness, I thank you that you are purifying the White House and it will shine white and it will shine clear and it will be pure.

Father, we thank you for words and wisdom for our President, words and wisdom from above. I thank you for revelation for him, even now Lord. Father, I thank you for right alignment, that he comes up under you, Jesus. We decree and we declare it so.

Father, I thank you that you will guide his feet. You will guide his mouth, Lord. Father I thank you that you will guild his mouth. Give him words and wisdom and let his feet line up with his mouth.

Father, I thank you that you are tearing down the blocks; you are tearing down the blocks, anything standing in the way right now. We say, Break open the doors. Just as this is the time for the windows and doors of heaven to be opened, we say open up you ancient doors in Jesus name.

Danette Riley. The surname for Trump comes from the word Drum. And Lord we thank you for that German word Drum, and also trumpet. We thank you that you play our President like a drum, and that he hears the sound of your drums. Praise you Lord Jesus. It’s in the drums.

Betty. We agree Lord. When we came into this house on Wednesday night, Marian Applewhite had been asked by the Lord to give a message in tongues. She came and she had two words, shield and portion. Then the Lord directed her to face the cross and she began to release a message in tongues. It was in a language and a tongue we had never heard before, not even in her prayer language. It was new to her.

In the midst of that, there was revelation given and interpretation by different ones in this body. Dottie immediately came as a prophetic seer in the house, and she saw an angel standing in the altar with two tallits. It’s a Jewish prayer shawl. It is believed that the woman with the issue of blood that pressed through the crowd and touched Jesus’ garment, she actually took hold of the tallit, one of the threads. The threads on the end of the tallit represent the Word of God. So they always had a prayer tent.

So what Dottie saw was this angel and two tallits, whipping them in a circle that got larger and larger and larger. I saw that the Lord stretched a prayer covering over the entire house. Not only over the house, but he was releasing his prayer mantle over the nation in a new era.

You are in this house today, and I believe the Lord would want to re-mantle you in prayer with his prayer mantle. Jesus is able to save completely those that come to God through him as he always lives to intercede. There is an intercession coming out of the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus. And he wants you to receive his mantle of prayer today. It is going to cause you to gain momentum. And it is going to cause you to progress in prosperity.

It is going to cause you to take hold of that which is stored in the heavenly realm and bring it into the earth realm. There is a new language and a new tongue. And just not coming out of your spirit man but a language that God is going to give you, a mouth and wisdom that your adversaries will not be able to resist or contradict. One translation says, not gainsay.

We are standing in this house this morning to intercede for Donald John Trump, the President of the United States of America. He’s our President and we honor him. We acknowledge who he is in Christ Jesus. We acknowledge that he is God’s Cyrus for such a time as this. For promotion does not come from the east or the west, but promotion comes from the Lord. He raises one up and he puts another down. But I have on good authority that he has raised this man up for such a time as this. Historically, we are standing with Israel on Jerusalem Day. I don’t think it’s by accident that it’s Jerusalem Day in Israel and it’s Donald Trump Prayer Day in America.

Marian called me early on Thursday morning after Wednesday night because the Lord had given her a word.

On Wednesday night in the house I released a word before anything was released in here. I had planned to teach via Holy Spirit out of Genesis 22 because the Lord had spoken to my hearts and told me, A ram is caught in the thicket for you, Betty. When the Lord gave me that word at 12:11 on Monday, one minute later at 12:12 he said Driscoll. I had no idea why he would tell me the name Driscoll but I wrote it down. It means a messenger or interpreter from the thicket of briars or wild roses. What the Lord is saying in this covenant month—we’re still in Iyar until Tuesday evening—is, I have your provision.

In Genesis 22 he restates covenant to Abraham and he says, You will possess the gates of your enemies. We are standing in prayer today for our nation and our President that we possess the gates of this nation in righteousness and truth. And that he is able to occupy the places God has ordained for him before the foundations of the earth.

Nissan, Iyar, and Sivan. Nissan is covenant. Iyar connects you and aligns your conscience with the windows of heaven so his breath can blow in. There is an alignment that is taking place in the spirit realm to align you and connect you with heaven and in the earth and the places that have been ordained.

So I’m prefacing. We’re going to worship. We’re going to do what you do in the month of Sivan, and at first fruits we’re going to give and we’re going to stand in the gap for our President. And we are going to decree and declare the word of the Lord that he has put in our mouth, and he’s going to put the word in your mouth, and you are going to be mobilized to pray for yourself, your family, your territory, you spheres of influence like you’ve never been able to pray before.

Marian Applewhite. After leaving here Wednesday night I thought about a comment Pastor Kimble made about, I’m going to send you to Bora Bora—because I seemed to have said that. I didn’t remember it. I asked Wanda what Pastor Kimble meant, and she said, Well, you kept saying that. She said, You have a lovely prayer language. That was not my normal prayer language and Nancy agreed, That is not her normal prayer language. So I began to think about what Rick said about the Lord giving us a new language.

Before church I had encountered something with one of my adult children and it had upset me a little. So after leaving here with that incredible encounter, I knew when he told me to face the cross something was happening. As I’m driving the hour back to my home, I’m praying about my child’s situation. I talked with my husband about it and went to bed a little upset. I woke up at 2:30. Usually the Lord gets me up between 3 and 5. I thought, I must be a little anxious about some things so I’m just going to get up and pray anyway.

I reached for my prayer shawl and it wasn’t beside my bed, so I had from The Ramp a handkerchief with healing scriptures on it, so I put that over my head and I began to remind the Lord that I needed a word. Give me a word. Give me the language—Rick. If you can give me a prayer language to address something in a public meeting for the house, you can give me something for my house.

I began to remind the Lord of the words he’s given me in very lengthy battles for years, and I told the Lord, I don’t know what else to pray or what else to say. I need a fresh word. And he said, Rope-a-Dope. Sometimes he likes to throw me for a loop, Danette, coo coo ca choo. Rope-a-Dope? As I reached for my phone I remember a fight that Mohammad Ali had. My husband’s made me watch some of that. Maybe I know more about it than I thought. So I googled.

A method of tiring out a boxing opponent while pretending to be trapped on the ropes while the opponent expends energy on punches that are blocked. A strategy to appear weak to convince an opponent to attack and fall into a trap. A boxing tactic of pretending to be trapped against the ropes, goading an opponent to throw tiring, ineffective punches.

I pulled up some of those old fight scenes. I’m watching all of that. They started out in the middle of the ring. By round two, he’s moving to the rope. And they’re interacting in rounds three through eight, basically on the rope. George Foreman was much younger than Mohammad Ali. He was around 24, 25. Mohammad Ali was 32 I think it was, former heavyweight champion, with Foreman being the current heavyweight champion.

I notice Mohammad Ali was really leaning on the ropes, and at one time George Foreman, as they tied up, almost flipped out of the ring, outside through the ropes. Okay Lord, if you’re telling me a new language and a strategy for praying for this situation, then which one am I? I feel like I’ve taken so many punches and my family has had so much coming against it. Seriously, Which one am I? Am I George Foreman or am I Mohammad Ali?

I continued to pray about that and watched a few more video clips, and then fell asleep praying. Early Thursday morning I call Betty on my way to some appointments. I don’t understand Rope-a-Dope. She said, This is not just for you. This is for Trump and for the house. This is where we are. You are not George Foreman in this fight. We are not George Foremen. Trump is not George Foreman in this fight. I’ve got understanding. And she starts relating to something she’s involved in on a prayer network.

Between appointments I did more research. I like this definition. Relating to or being a strategy in boxing in which one fighter covers up and often leans back against the ropes—that’ll preach, who are we supposed to lean on in a fight—to allow his opponent to become exhausted by throwing punches, so that the opponent cannot defend effectively. Late in the fight, when the heat gets turned up, he is thus defeated.

Some of the newscaster articles I read said that Mohammad Ali going in knew he could not defeat him pound for pound, age for age; that he was going in as an underdog and needed a new strategy if he was going to win that fight. In a practice session someone made a comment about the dope who would fall back on the rope. So he took that and twisted that and it gave him an idea. If he didn’t have the strength to match him toe-to-toe, then he needed a new strategy that would conserve his strength.

From what I remember, Mohammad Ali did a lot of weaving and bobbing and fast foot-work, that kind of thing. But he didn’t have the energy to do that for eight rounds with this guy. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’ That was his typical plan. But he came up with a different strategy because it was his only hope in that fight.

I found this interesting. Mohammad was not avoiding all those heavy punches. He got hit in that fight. He out-maneuvered some of them that could have been quite devastating. But as he leaned back and George Foreman would punch, the very fact that his body was against the rope, it absorbed punches.

Not only did it cause George Foreman to expend excessive energy by pummeling him as often as he could, but the power of that punch was being dissipated through the ropes. Isn’t there an old hymn, Leaning on Jesus?

Next definition. Relating to or being a strategy in which one behaves passively or with little aggression until an opportune moment—everyone say, Opportune Moment—arises for successful action.

The rope-a-dope is a boxing, fighting style commonly associated with Mohammad Ali in his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle—DC is kind of a jungle—match against the much younger and stronger George Foreman. In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position attempting thereby to become the potential victor.

One of the other things I found interesting is that when George Foreman and Ali would tie up head-to-head, what was really happening according to some of the insiders and Ali himself, he was talking to George Foreman. He was taunting, Is that all you got George? Try a little harder. Now, to the public watching that fight, it looked like Ali was getting stomped in the ground. That’s what it looked like.

But according to people in Ali’s camp, it was a strategically planned tactic to absolutely tire him out—let him hit, let him punch, let some of them land—and then at the right time, in round 8—resurrection, regeneration, new beginnings. After watching a few, I noticed on ESPN there was a time stamp in the right hand corner. One of the Newsweek articles said that he won the fight toward the end of the 8th round with a five-punch combination. Five is grace, goodness, favor. So, five-punch combination. George Foreman had been going at him for a while. But it was a five-punch combination by Ali when the clock hit 12 seconds—12 is kingdom of God, government, divine authority. At 12 seconds with the last of that 5-punch combination you see Foreman fall, lights out.

At 11 seconds he’s on the ground with the referee counting over him.

Betty said at least 5 times Wednesday night 12:11, 12:11, 12:11, 12:11, 12:11, and the fight was over at 12 and at 11 they started counting. Foreman was on the ground trying to get up and they called the fight. What were you talking about, Betty?

Betty. I was talking about, A ram is caught in the thicket for you, Betty. That’s covenant provision.

Marian. So, I would say that George Foreman got caught at 12:11. That’s a pretty good analogy of final punch, on the ground, 12:11.

Betty. I knew when Marian shared that it was for our nation. I knew that it was for Donald Trump. It went hand-in-hand with what the Lord told us last week as we took to the gates to pray for our nation on Memorial Day. That word was, Do not back down. It does not matter what we hear, what we see coming out of the media, or anywhere else. We began to see headway and breakthrough during the 70, and in this year of 2019; yet it appeared when the 70 Days ended, the Lord said, You have entered into Challenge Country, Betty. Challenge Country.

That means a challenger has risen up to try to defend their stronghold in the land. But God. The Lord had in mind all along—He is good at rope-a-dope. You hear what I’m saying? Put Him in the ground. Put Him on the cross. He didn’t stay on that cross. They thought He was done and on that third day He came up.

As Marian began to speak I said, That is our President. We were about to step into a place to pray for the nation. I had just posted that Thursday morning because it just came out that June 2, today, is the National Day of Prayer for our President. It just so happens that I’m on a 20/20 election prayer call with other leaders across the nation and we have a 3 p.m. prayer call this afternoon.

We are praying once a month every Tuesday, and then every week closer to the election. We cannot back out of the gate. The word of the Lord to us last week was, Don’t back out of the gate. Don’t back out of what God has said. Because he is going to perform his word and he is going to do what he said he is going to do, release repentance, revival, awakening, reformation and transformation in a nation. It’s a done deal.

It wasn’t long Marian sent me a text and it said that Trump had frustrated the Democrats with the rope-a-dope strategy like Ali. Then I began to look. In January 2017, one writer wrote, he has frustrated and used the rope-a-dope strategy with the media. Google it. Then it said in January 2018, that he had done the same thing and frustrated the Deep State with rope-a-dope.

Trump has a strategy, because you know what the media did? All they’ve done is fight him. He just tweets something out and makes them madder so they just start hitting harder. Then he’s doing what he needs to do over here. They’re worn out. Just keep pouring it on. It’s what the enemy has been doing in our nation. It’s what the enemy has been doing with abortion. He went too far in New York. And as a result, the whole nation, even democrats, turned on their ear. We have a democratic governor in Louisiana who said, Enough! And now in Louisiana, no abortion.

The Lord says he is bringing in the Sauls of Tarsus. And the strategy of our President is Rope-a-Dope. And the media’s even picking up on it. If they pick up on his strategy, I declare over our President just what God said, Trump! You can be playing a game of cards and everyone can put down the strongest hand, thinking it’s done, because they have the strongest hand.  Let the Trump card fall and it trumps everything else. It’s a setup.

Our President has come into a place for such a time as this. I appreciate Dottie. Today she posted on our GroupMe a message that Dutch Sheets had released October before the election, and he said that Donald Trump was God’s wrecking ball. He has raised up a Cyrus. In the Fall of 2018 the Lord said it was Remnant Roundup Time. He led me to the passage; y’all ready for some 10/10 dynamite? 10/10. I was at Tupelo when he gave me this word.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. 45 years ago, Ali faced Foreman. You can’t make that up. In 10/10 the Lord awakened me and told me that Donald Trump was his Cyrus and I needed to look up the definition. I decree and declare over our President today that he is the Cyrus; that he has the strategy of Almighty God of Rope-a-Dope; and he is wearing out his enemies. And any hit that the enemy is bringing against him, any words that are being spoken against him, it’s just being absorbed in the ropes. He’s got a shock absorber in Christ Jesus. And at the right time and the right moment his opponents will fall. I decree and declare he is coming into his apostolic mantle, a new mantle.

The name Cyrus means hero, a humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest. When Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States, believers across the nation and around the world said that he was God’s Cyrus. Isaiah 45, the 45th President of the United States, and the name Cyrus. One of the meanings is a humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest. I don’t know anybody else like the man who lives out loud and has the ability to lean into the ear of his enemy and get right under the skin. It just makes them hit him harder.

I decree and declare that there is a righteous death blow that is going to come out of this man and fell the enemy that is seeking to destroy this nation. And Rope-a-Dope to the Deep State. And Rope-a-Dope to the media that has run amuck. And Rope-a-Dope to the Democratic Party or any other party, including those wayward Republicans, that would want to turn away from righteousness, but especially to a party that would be instrumental in taking In God We Trust off of the House of Representatives.

Because then, Brad, you’re going into humanism and a Greek mindset, and it is a big mistake. But I say as an apostle and set in this nation with boundaries in this nation that I do not agree with any political party or regime or anyone that would stand up and try to remove In God We Trust from this nation. Because they can’t do it. Our foundation is In God We Trust and his name is Jesus Christ.

For those of you concerned, we are not live feed. Maybe this is why. This is a closed facebook page. 911. 911. We cannot go to sleep. You need to wake up where you are and don’t play church. Don’t play the game. You need a real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And you need to be on call to do what he wants you to do; say what he wants you to say; and pray what he wants you to pray. It’s not business as usual.

The wrecking ball of the plumb line of God is going through the Church. And not only through the Church, but through our nation. And any structure that can be shaken is going to be shaken. And anything that is not God is coming down.

But in this season, in Sivan, Tuesday evening at sundown, there is a plumb line that’s going to VAV you in a place and align you with heaven like you’ve never known before. So there is a word in you today. There is a prayer in you today. There is agreement in you today. Agreement for our President. I decree and declare he will prevail. If not, we might as well pack it in. It is not about a party. It is the kingdom of God and our nation coming into her birthright and her destiny.

We need to open up our ears. I’m not just talking about in here. You are in an apostolic prophetic house. We’re not just singing songs to sing songs. Every song they sing, every sound they release in working in the realm of the spirit. You need to be at attention and open and hearing and receiving and responding and moving into. We will not do another Friday night prayer where people come in here and just sit down. And I’m going to pray the prayers and decree and declare. No!

You’re going to get up. The men are going to get up. The children are going to get up. The women are going to get up. Or you’re not going to be able to stay here. Because this is not a church like normal. This is not a pastor-led church where I’m going to carry you and baby you. And if I don’t speak to you you get your feelings hurt. That doesn’t cut it here. The way I fly is, we just pick up where we left off.

If I have an issue with you or you have an issue with me then we need to talk. But don’t think I have an issue with you if I haven’t come and said I have an issue with you. You are in an army. You are in a leaders house to be equipped. That doesn’t mean we will not have babies and that we’re not training people. We are. But you can’t just come in here on Sunday morning and feel you did your deal for the week and then come back.

Have you ever been on a river ride? I’m not talking about a canoe float. You are in white water! Get in live water and see if you try to catch up. You get out of the boat. Your party is way down the river. You’re going to have to do some swimming. Or somebody’s going to have to helicopter you back down. It could happen. Angels in the outfield.

I’m not dissing anybody in here and I’m not telling anybody in this house they don’t need to be here. The most faithful person we have in the house on Sundays is Shawn. I love this woman. Faithful. She’s usually here when the Worship Team gets here. And she’s not missing anything.

So you’re in the army. We need you in the army. We need you present in his presence. What does this have to do with intercession for our President? Everything. It’s about a war over our nation and the land. We’ve won. But we have to play the game. You understand?

I have liberal family members calling me and asking me and saying, I believe we’re in the end of the end, and asking me if there is a set time for the end of the world, or can we delay it. Then I’m getting this call from Marian on Thursday and family members are saying, This is the end of the end. How long do we have left? And can we delay it?

There is a set time and only the Father knows the exact moment. As children of light we can recognize the times and the seasons. We are in the end times. I believe if the Hebraic calendar is anywhere close, on time or give or take a few years, I believe at year 6000 the Church is out of here. And I don’t mean holding on till Jesus comes. That says we have about 230 years to occupy.

We are kingdom building for a future generation. And what our nation looks like and her freedom secured for a future generation is dependent upon you and me and what we do in this season. How we live and what happens in this nation is going to depend on whether you occupied and took your place in the kingdom. If you don’t know what your place is, you need to find out what it is.

If you don’t know what time it is, come on First Fruits and hear Brad give the word of the Lord and you’ll get a prophetic picture of what God is doing in this season right now. So that you can come into agreement and alignment with it—what is happening today. We’re praying for the President of the United States. That doesn’t mean that Kimble prays, and Kevin prays, and Anna prays, and Danette prays, and Marian prays, and I pray, and Rick prays. That means that everybody in this room needs to be praying. That means we pray in agreement.

This room is open to everyone in this room. Lord, do you have something you want me to stand up there and pray? It might just be one word or a phrase. Rope-a-Dope. Decree Rope-a-Dope over Trump’s enemies now in Jesus name.

It’s sober this moment and I know it. Don’t you dare say, The woman’s having an issue today. We don’t even look at that in this house. You hear me? If you think gender in here. I’m not talking about transgender. I’m talking about I know who I am. I know who he is. But let me tell you, as a ministry gift I know who I am. We have broken out of a whole lot of stuff. And we’re not going back.

So if anybody comes in this house with a mindset, and I don’t need a man to say it, then you’re going to shift us back to an old wineskin or come up under a yoke of slavery; it’s not going to happen. We are breaking out and breaking forth. People did that about ten years ago. Hurt my feelings real bad. Doesn’t hurt my feelings anymore. You hear me? It’s time for you to know who you are and stand up in it.

I have a function. I am a ministry gift in the body of Christ. I am the apostle of this house under our Apostle Jesus. It’s just time. Lila Turhune, the prayer leader for The Outpouring in Brownsville, Pensacola Outpouring, came and trained our prayer ministry and this is what she said. If you have a slavery issue in your church, man/woman, black/white, anti-Semitic, you will never see revival.

So what does the Lord do. He raises up a little apostle lady with a husband/wife, one team; never had authority issues. Didn’t even know that church garbage. Doesn’t mean there’s not honor in the home, and the husband leads the family. But we need to go back to the Garden and know what Jesus broke us out of. I’m not going back. Because there are too many Deborahs and Esthers in the Body of Christ. And there are too many Joshuas and Davids and Calebs and men that need to take their place.

So, men in this house, you have equal opportunity. Stand up in your birthright and destiny. You have a message? Bring it. Women in this house. We are about empowering people to minister in their ministry gifts. Is this about our President? Oh, yes it is. This is about a new day and a new era. It is about everyone coming forth in their fullness as sons of God and the Bride of Christ.

When we get there, in heaven, we’re going to realize we split hairs on things that didn’t amount to a hill of beans. Quit spending your energy here when the Lord has a five-punch knockout for you. Fight the battles that are worth fighting.

Kimble Love. God is good and God will use anybody that’s willing to stand up on the truth of his word. All you have to do is be obedient; hear his voice and do what he says. Quit pointing the finger. Quit doing the malicious talk. Let God be God. He’s bigger than all of us.

As we continue to worship this morning, we’re going to come and bring our tithes, offerings, and first fruits into the house so that God will take what we give and bless it supernaturally so there’ll be an abundance for the work of the ministry. And as we give, God will supernaturally bless you, too. Brad talked this morning about the intentions of giving. If you’re giving to get something, or if you’re giving because the word of God says to out of obedience, whatever your motive is, if it’s not directed by the Holy Spirit, then you give in vain.

I know that we’re a house of cheerful givers. That we give according to the word of God, by instruction of his word, so there will be plenty in the house to take care of the things he’s called us to do. When you give that way, in accordance to God’s word, then he can’t help but pour blessing out on you, whether you want it or not. Is there anybody here that doesn’t want more blessing? You got all the blessing you need? Hold your hand up. No! There’s always room for more. There’s always room for improvement. There’s always room for advancement.

It’s a big world out there and I’m believing God for big provision. I heard a minister say one time that if you learn to do a lot with a little, then God will give you a lot to do a lot. I’m ready to do a lot with a lot. We’ve stretched and we’ve scrimped and God has blessed and we’ve managed to do. Baby steps, maybe in our sight, in our vision. But I’ve seen some of those baby steps turn into giant leaps because God’s behind it, God’s in it.

I want to encourage you today as you come to bring the best of your first, of your offering, the full tithe into the storehouse so there’ll be plenty for the house and for you.

When we come to the table of the Lord we’re going to break bread and share communion with one another.

On the night that Jesus was betrayed he met with the disciples in an upper room. As they reclined at the table, he took the cup and he said, Divide this among you. And he blessed it. Then they had a meal and ate together. They fellowshipped with one another. After the meal was finished, he took that cup and said, This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you. Whenever you drink of this cup, do it in remembrance of me.

He then took the bread and he broke it. He gave thanks and he said, This bread is my body which is broken for you. Whenever you eat of it, you do this in remembrance of me. So today, in obedience to the Word of God, and the model of Christ, we’re going to his table and we’re going to eat of the bread and drink of the cup, and when we do this we’re saying Yes to the death of Christ. We’re saying Yes to his resurrection. He didn’t stay in the tomb.

We’re saying Yes to the full benefits of the new covenant. He redeemed us back into fellowship/relationship with Father God. He paid the price with his life, his body, and his blood. He went to that cross in my place and in your place to make everything right, to restore and bring forth God’s original intention to mankind.

So when we come today to take the bread and the juice into our bodies, we’re taking the very spiritual DNA of Jesus into our being, to empower us, to equip us, to remind us of all that he’s done, the price that he’s paid; and that he’s given us everlasting life to walk in fullness, not only when we get to heaven, but in the earth today.

Lord, today we thank you for the bread. We thank you for your body. We thank you for the cup. We thank you for your blood. We thank you for the fullness of your life, your death, your resurrection; and that you ever live to intercede for us at the right hand of the Father even now.

Lord, I thank you that as we remember and partake of Communion, that you release increased understanding and revelation and anointing upon your body, so that we can arise and go forth and complete the task you have called us to. Father, I thank you that your hand of blessing is upon us. And not only upon us, but it’s upon this land and this state, and this nation. And I decree and declare that it’s upon Donald J. Trump as he presides over this nation as the President of the United States.

I invite you today to come forward, to give and to receive, to be blessed, and go forth and prosper in Jesus name.

?Kevin. Come and take your place in the center of our hearts. Come and take your place. My soul longs for you Lord in a dry and weary land.

Lady from Wells Church. As most of us know, Donald Trump’s aunts prayed. It was Peggy and Christine Smith who started a revival almost exactly 70 years ago. So right now we call forth the prayers and we come into agreement with their prayers. We marry their prayers with (prayers) now so that revival will come to our land, in Jesus name.

Betty Love. Lord, right now we take hold of the generational, righteous inheritance that is in President Donald John Trump’s bloodline and we call it forward into the now in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

Danette Riley. In Jeremiah 20:11-12. It’s what Marian talked about, the 12:11. It’s verses 11-12. We declare and decree over Donald J. Trump that the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior, or a Dread Champion, so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fall and be thoroughly disgraced. Their dishonor will never be forgotten. Lord Almighty, you who examine the righteous and probe the heart and mind, let me see your vengeance on them, for to you I have committed my cause.

Father, I thank you that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God to pulling down the strongholds, casting down vain imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God; bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Father, we lift up our President to you and we thank you that he is plumb lined in your righteousness, that he has ears to hear and eyes to see, and that he is going to see we as a nation. We don’t war against flesh and blood but we are going to see our enemies fall and stumble according to your word in Jesus name.

Nichole Cooper. I decree and declare the covenant names of God. He is our Provider, then as Healer, then as Victory. I believe it’s me, it’s us, it’s the body, it’s the country, it’s the leaders in the country, that first, Lord, you will provide all of us with the right language. You will heal our land and then we will have victory over our enemy and now is the time.

Betty. Praise God, we agree in Jesus name.

Wanda Sumrall. Last night when I was praying for the President, I had a vision of many, many mid-century bicycles, like a collage. Later I heard, bicycle built for two. That’s a tandem bicycle. When you’re in tandem, you’re acting conjointly. I say that Donald Trump will allow the Holy Spirit to lead, that he will allow Holy Spirit to set the pace and the course directive. That he will take instruction, that he will be guided, governed, and influenced by the Holy Spirit of God.

I saw today that as all the prayers that are being prayed in the nation are going forth, they are coming like a mist under Donald Trump and under his feet. I felt the Lord is going to stabilize his feet and cause him to stand. So I say that he works with the Holy Spirit and that he stands in Jesus name.

Nita Maselle.  Lord, I declare everything that you have put in the heart of Donald John Trump to fulfill for your purpose and for your glory for this hour and for this time. Lord, I thank you that he will step right into the provision that you have provided to perform it, that the provision is already there and set, just like the plan that you have for our country. And Lord, it will not be denied him the provision to move forward and bring about all that you want to do through him in the name of Jesus.

And Father, I thank you that the importance of this is about the harvest. It’s about the harvest in a nation and nations. You are setting us up to be able to have provision to step into just like you planned in order to reap the harvest. The enemy wants to steal the harvest, but I say, No! In Jesus name. Every provision is given. Every provision is already there ready for us to step into the harvest.

Father, I thank you for those who are coming into the harvest, to come and step with Donald John Trump into reaping the harvest for this nation and for many nations, Lord, to be able to carry the gospel to the furtherest point. And I thank you that there’s not any enemy that can stand before the glory of Almighty God. That any enemy that tries to stand before the glory of God will be cut off and fall to the ground in Jesus name.

Betty. We agree that even as we step Hebraically into the month of Sivan on Tuesday evening, it is the businessman’s month, so we decree and declare that you have put a businessman in the office of this Presidency of the United States. And Lord God, we decree and declare he is going to be able to do kingdom business on earth as it is in heaven in this nation.

Lord, we thank you that he’s not a politician. There’s never been anyone in office like him because you have raised him up because we needed a new breed in office to get the job done in this country. And we thank you that you use this man according to your kingdom plan and purposes. It’s business time. And not business as usual in Jesus name.

Michelle Chandler. I saw a crowd of people at a large event. It was an arial view at an outdoor concert arena and peoples hands were lifted up. You’ve probably seen where someone will jump into the crowd and these hands will push them from one person to another to move this person. And I saw that Donald Trump is the person being held up by the hands at the event. And this is the event today. He doesn’t know where he’s going or have any control. He’s just being carried on our hands in the spirit realm.

And where he’s headed is to an intimate encounter with the Lord. So he can understand his purpose in this time. So we decree and declare as the Church all over this nation that we are lifting Donald J. Trump up to you, Lord, and we are pushing him in the spirit realm into your presence, and an encounter that will mark the rest of his life in Jesus name.

Danette. As we prayed and called in that righteous inheritance of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump; as Betty saw a plumb line with a wrecking ball, being replaced with another plumb line, and us being plumbed with the Lord. Trump is the 45th President. Like Kimble said, when the ten said, Don’t go into the land; it was Joshua and Caleb who said, We can go and take this land.

The Lord showed me it was a 45 year time period from the time Caleb was 40. He was 85 when he said to Joshua, Give me my mountain. Give me my mountain. Then shortly after, he said I am well able. As my days are so shall my strength be. He was just as strong at 85 as he was at 40. It was time to take the mountain. The mountain was Hebron. This goes into alignment with Dutch Sheets, about taking out the five giants in the land.

Lord, we come into agreement. This is not about what we’re saying. It’s about what you are saying. And Lord, as the prophet said, you want to pioneer Hebron again. Hebron means friendship with God. And Father, I thank you that as we come up your mountain, as we become friends with you, Lord, that we are pioneering Hebron again. The word to the prophet was that we would take out the giants in the land.

Lord, I thank you that these numbers are not by accident—the 45, the 45th President, the fight that was 45 years ago, 45 years later Caleb. So Lord, thank you for your man in office and as he does and completes your righteous decrees into the land, that not only do we take our mountain as the United States of America, but individually we take our mountain. We just thank you Father, in Jesus name.

Betty. I had a vision when Kimble was speaking that you would either be the one in surrender or you would see people surrender, when they put their helmet on their sword to hold it up. Either the head of the giant is going to be on the head of the sword or your helmet’s going to be there. You have a decision to make. Will it be a surrender or will it be the head of your giant?

I hear the Lord saying and I’m speaking in a spiritual term, The Lord is ready for you to cut off the head of your giant. He is going to cut off the heads of the giants. No more talking heads. So we decree and declare that the heads of Donald J. Trump’s giants are completely cut off. We decree and declare he will not be the one in surrender to the enemy. But he will have the heads of his enemies. And not only that, his surrender will be to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anna Love. Upon research on the Rumble in the Jungle fight, one thing that was key that stuck out to me is that George Foreman was accustomed to taking down his opponent in the first three rounds. I thought that was significant. It wasn’t necessarily that he knocked out his opponent, but he was known to take the final fatal blow. A lot of fighters would stop and almost give up when Foreman was winning because they didn’t want to get severely hurt where they couldn’t fight again. So a lot of times, people would just give up. So he was used to people giving up.

I think a lot of us have taken the enemy by surprise because we’ve been fighting and even though we haven’t been using the strategy we’ve known in the past, we haven’t given up and we’ve stayed in the ring. I believe now the Lord is giving us strategy.

One thing that also stuck out to me, is that Ali taunted Foreman in the ring and said things to him like, Is that all you’ve got George?

You may not know this, but it affected George Forman’s life for many years to come. He said that he could hear Ali in the ring taunting him. He dealt with severe depression, anger, rage, all these things based on what happened in that ring.

I heard the Lord say that the enemy hears the sound and the praise and the joy that we were talking about this morning of the righteous, and it is taunting him. It is taunting him. And I believe it will taunt him forever.

We don’t fight like the enemy. Because the enemy is a defeated foe and he knows that he is defeated. That’s why he fights dirty. But we fight with the victory of Jesus. And we fight from a place of victory.

One thing with the Rumble in the Jungle fight that Foreman asked Ali after the fight. He said, You took me out and you won the fight. You could have taken a sixth punch and it would have been fatal. I would have done it. Ali’s response to him was, It was enough.

Several weeks back I shared how the Lord showed me we were sitting at a table with our enemy and that the Lord was saying, Enough, to the enemy.

What I heard was that the Lord is giving us victory in these situations, and once we gain the victory, don’t go back and try to reface the giant. Because if the giant’s head’s been cut off, then there’s no giant to face.

Brad Roney. The Lord shared this with me two weeks ago and it intertwines with the month of Sivan, and I’ll get to it next week. We were singing about rhythms. And the Lord asked me a question. I’m going to put this into a pray and a declaration for Donald Trump and our country.  He asked me, Who or what is setting the rhythm or the cadence of your life?

Rhythm and cadence are similar. Rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern, movement or sound. Synonyms: beat, cadence, tempo, time, pace, pulse, throb, swing.

Cadence is a modulation or inflection of the voice. Synonyms: rhythm, tempo, meter, measure, rise and fall, beat, pulse, rhythmical flow and pattern, swing, cadence.

When the Lord brought this question to me, Who or what is providing the rhythm or the cadence for your life, I had to think. What am I allowing to bring that movement, that pulse, that rhythm to my life or my heart? Ultimately our answer should be the Lord who brings that rhythm and cadence to our lives.

I decree and declare that Donald Trump, that his ears and the ears of this country will lean toward the heartbeat of you, Father. I decree and declare that you are the rhythm and the cadence of this country and the rhythm and the cadence that directs Donald John Trump, as he is our leader.

Father, I pray right now that his ears are open to hear your heart and to hear your voice, and that he will hear your direction, that he will hear the heartbeat that you have for him and for this country. That as he leads us as our leader, as our President, that he will be led by your heart and your voice. That you will be the rhythm and the cadence, the direction that he goes and this nation goes in Jesus name.

Danette. As I stood there, the Lord said, Deal with the impeachment. Father, we declare and decree that all darkness will come to light in Washington D.C. Your 45th President. He is your man and he sits in that seat. Father, we thank you right now that all darkness is called to light. Lord, we thank you that any plans, the deceptions, the under the table deals, the back door deals, we call them into light in Jesus name.

Father, we thank you that the man you have put into office is there because of your design. And Lord, we come into agreement with that. We just thank you that the impeachment, the idea of impeachment, or those that would try to oust him out of office, they are not fighting against flesh and blood, but they are fighting against you.

And Lord, we thank you that your purposes will stand. You lift up one and then bring down another. And we thank you. We call these actions to naught, to nothing in Jesus name. We overturn it according to your word, anything would just die down like dust in Jesus name.

Nichole Cooper. John in Hebrew means Jehovah Favored. Nothing can come against the favor of God. Joshua and Caleb were two. The number eleven is transition. The eleventh hour comes right before the start of a new day. In Deuteronomy 11:11 it says, But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks the rain from heaven.

Kimble Love. Amen. I want to add this about the Ali/Foreman fight. Foreman took such a beating that he named all his sons George Foreman. He had five sons and seven daughters, 12 kids. I thought that was interesting. George Jr., III, IV, V, VI. He was asked why he named all his boys George, and he said, When you take licks from Evander Holyfield, Mohammad Ali, all the boxers, you can’t remember too much. That’s what he said, really.

I believe our President is putting a whipping on his enemies so bad that they’re not going to be able to remember them, but will be thrown into mass confusion. Before Betty said to cut off the head of the giant, I had a vision of a person in a hospital gown and their head was swollen up like a balloon. What is this? The Lord said, That’s the President’s enemies. Their heads are swollen with pride and they’re about to explode.

As we continue to pray for him today, we declare that the enemy is defeated.

As I end with this prayer today, if you would, I’d like everybody to stand, and let’s come into agreement. This is a prayer for President Trump. Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we come today as the body of Christ in this nation to lift up our President Donald J. Trump. As many voices rise up against this one you have set in office, we lift up our voices with one heart and mind to stand in agreement with heaven’s purposes concerning our nation.

We stand by this President who has declared this nation to be under God’s rule and authority, and seeks righteousness and justice for our nation. We welcome and embrace the Fear of the Lord as a standard for all righteous rule, and repent for the ways in which we have bowed to the fear of man.

Cleanse our hearts and renew our minds that we may walk in the light of your truth. We ask that President Trump would delight in the fear of the Lord in order to walk in the power of your might and the wisdom of your ways. May righteousness and faithfulness be his portion so that he may render righteous judgments according to your Word.

We ask that President Trump would show no fear toward the evil that assails him. But rather overcome it with a zeal and a passion for your laws which bring life and liberty to all.

May he love your Word and speak your wisdom diligently, remaining open and teachable to godly counsel and heaven’s wisdom. We thank you that his heart is in your hands and that you will direct it according to your will and purpose. Grant him increased grace and blessing as he heeds your voice and obeys your word.

Father, we declare over President Trump that he will have true judgments by the Spirit and not according to man. We declare that he will possess heaven’s knowledge with shrewdness of mind and making right decisions for the good of the people. Fill his mouth with good things that he may speak what is true and right. We pray that he would use his God-given authority to execute justice and establish righteousness in this land for the sake of your glory and kingdom.

We declare that he will rule in the midst of his enemies, not backing down or wavering due to threats or intimidation. May his ears become deaf to the assaults from his enemies, and may those who seek his life answer to you for their wicked ways. May he know that it’s your hand and your sovereign purpose that is keeping him and sustaining him in his divine commission.

Keep President Trump and those who serve him safe from the enemy’s snares and free from the accuser’s traps. By your great hand, Lord, deal with those who oppose righteousness and justice so that all men will know it is you alone who is sovereign and true. May the fire of your presence burn up all of your enemies and consume all those who stand against you, concerning your destiny and inheritance as one nation under God.

Father, we thank you for hearing our prayers and empowering us as kingdom ambassadors on the earth, from the highest office in the land to the least known among men, may we all seek to know you more intimately, serve you more passionately, and praise you more fully so that all men will be saved, through the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen and Amen. God bless Donald Trump. God bless America. Amen.

Nita Maselle. I saw Donald Trump as a hammer in God’s hand.