June 12, 2019

Miracle City Global – 6/12/19 – Transcript

6/12/19 Miracle City Global

Kimble Love. Welcome everybody to Miracle City Global. It’s good to see you this evening. We’re going to have an awesome time in the Lord tonight. I feel a refreshing and an awakening coming upon the body of Christ, right here on us. He is here and he is supernatural and powerful.

I want to share something I had happen yesterday. I work for a caterer here in Hattiesburg, help out, so I get to cook everyday. Yesterday we fed 242 people and I was baking rolls. My convection oven will hold 5 trays. And each tray will hold 24 rolls. 24 X 5 is 120. So I can bake 120 rolls at a time. I needed 242. That would have been 10 trays. And I squeezed two more on the last tray to make 242.

So I cook my rolls, pan them up, and as I’m loading them up, I have an extra pan. I had 50 extra rolls. And it’s no way that 50 is possible. It just manifested. I sat down. I did the math. And I still had 292. The 50 were in a pan by themselves. I was bewildered all day yesterday. The Lord supernaturally multiplied and manifested 50 rolls.

So you prophetic people over there. They are yeast rolls and 50 more than I needed. I believe the time of supernatural multiplication  and abundance and harvest is here. I was a forerunner. That was a big deal. A pan of 50 buttered yeast rolls come out of nowhere? I rechecked it three times. Glory to God. Supernatural increase is here. So expect that to come to you. I’m expecting lots of dough to come on into the house of God.

So Lord, we thank you for tonight. We thank you that there’s an expectancy in our hearts and in our spirits. Father, I thank you for the manifestation, that you do things that grab our attention, to make us wonder at your wonder. Because you are a mighty and an awesome God. And Lord you are preparing us for a great harvest.

So Lord, we press into you tonight. Open the eyes of our understanding. Bring forth your refreshing breath. Breathe upon us. Give us supernatural strength, power and ability to walk in this season we’ve entered into. To see your glorious riches poured out upon your people.

Father, we bless you tonight and as say have your way in Jesus name. Amen and Amen. Let’s enter into worship and see what the Lord is going to do tonight.

?You’re the God of the righteous rising; you’re the God of the remnant rising up. I can hear it. Righteousness exalts a nation. We declare the righteousness of Christ. I can hear the sound of the roaring of the Lion. I can hear the sound of angel armies. I can hear the sound of heaven.

Betty Love. We release your righteousness throughout our land. Jesus, the King of Righteousness.

Anna. We lift up the name of Jesus. We honor his name. We honor the Standing King. I can hear the sound of heaven, like heaven on earth. Your kingdom shall know no end.

Betty. Fully engage our hearts—spirit, soul, body, Lord.

Anna. Fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ. Gonna come up a little higher. We set our hearts and minds on you ‘cause you are everything.

You’re the highest power. Darkness cannot stand. Not longer bound to sin. I am free. Let freedom ring. In all the earth.

I can hear the thunder. The lightnings are flashing. Hei Hei. Let your rain fall. All across our land. Break up the fallow ground. The hard, dry ground. Let it rain. And flood the earth with your glory and your presence, your power. Your bringing everything to order.

We come up under you Jesus. Our Standing King. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Father. The Holy Spirit. The Great I AM. Abba, our good good Father. Our Provider.

Oh people get ready. Are you ready to be marked, to rise up in who you really are? There’s a coming revolution. And here we are. Let the remnant come out of hiding. Let the reformers arise. We’re gonna rise up, stand up. It’s a revolution from the ground up. We’re marching forth.

It’s the call tonight. It’s round up time. From the ground up. A round up. We’re marching forth. We’re gonna take the land. You’re the God of the remnant rising up.

Anna. Lord, I thank you tonight that the sound goes out from this place and the sound goes out that’s heard round the world. Lord, I thank you that there was a time when the sound went out of this house, the day the sound was heard round the world. I thank you that just as it’s been said, It’s remnant roundup time, that your remnant is coming out of hiding.

I thank you that now, even in these moments, people all across this nation are awakened to who you are and who they are in you. Father, I thank you that the gap standers will arise. The remnant will arise and take their place across this nation. I thank you that you’re extending your mercy to us and you’re raising your righteousness over this nation.

Father, I thank you that you are raising up a new standard in this hour. It’s a call to righteousness. It’s a call to holiness. It’s a call to a new bloodline in who you are, Jesus. Lord, I thank you that you are doing a mighty work in the body of Christ, and that it goes beyond denominational lines. It’s going past economic lines. There’s no divide in your kingdom.

Father, I thank you that you’re going into the structures of this nation. And that you are opening deaf ears to people in the government. That you are opening the blind eyes. I thank you right and truth will be seen. Lord, open our eyes first. Let us see the truth. Let us not be deceived.

Lord, we receive your plumb line tonight in righteousness. Just as the praise team prayed before we stepped in, it’s not business as usual. I thank you that we are in our finest hour. When the sons and the daughters will arise. We say, Come to attention. Come and take your place. No more hiding among the baggage.

Father, I thank you that the spirit of Saul will be broken off the body of Christ. Where we say, Someone else can do that. I thank you that we will no longer take the lesser road because it looks easier, because we don’t want to get involved, because we don’t want to be politically incorrect. But I thank you that you will put a righteous boldness in the Body of Christ.

I thank you it’s a call to a narrow road. I thank you that you are planting our feet on your path. Let us not be afraid in this hour. I thank you that we are strong and courageous. We are very strong and courageous. Lord, guide us in these times. Guide us Lord. I thank you that you are our cloud by day and the fire by night.

Lord, I thank you that a revolution is coming to this nation. Let your revolutionists and  your reformers arise. Just as we’ve been decreeing and declaring and asking for the right language, put the right language in our mouth Lord. Give us wisdom and discernment.

Father, just as Jesus was in the wilderness tempted by the enemy and your word was in his mouth, I thank you that you are raising up righteous men and women, not just in the church Lord, but in all seven mountains who are going to have your word in their mouth. Let wisdom arise in this hour. Let discernment and godliness and holiness arise in this hour.

Lord, I thank you that this is a time of culmination and convergence. It’s a time of manifestation of prophetic word. Even as we were talking on the way here tonight, that words of prophecy are conditional. But what will we do with it? Lord, let us be good stewards. Not just the things, not just the finances, not just the responsibilities, but let us be good stewards of your prophetic words and prophetic promises.

Father, I thank you that you are changing hearts, starting with mine. Drop your plumb line. I thank you that it’s not something we work up but it’s just who we become in you. Let the righteousness of Christ flow in the very bloodstream of your people God. I thank you that you are changing hearts and minds, bringing order. Bring order to families tonight. I thank you. Let it start not just in the church but in everyone of our houses, Lord.

We want more than revival. We want awakening. We want all you have for this nation. Let it start in our homes. Because if we can’t do it in our homes when it’s just you and us, how can we do it in public? Father, I thank you that you’re raising up a different breed. We decree and declare it in Jesus name.

?You didn’t give us a spirit of fear anymore but of power Lord.

Kevin. In that verse Paul was talking to Timothy. He was talking to him about walking in his destiny. Not shrinking back, but walking in his gifting.

?You didn’t give us a spirit of fear anymore. You gave us power Lord. We’re walking in power Lord by your Holy Spirit. We’re your hands and your feet Lord.

Lane. Nothing can stop us now… sons of God arise.

Anna. Nothing can stop us now. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords goes before us.

Gonna take back all the enemy has stolen. You are worthy, Lord of all. Holy is the Lord.

We come up to a higher place. To be with Jesus face to face. He says, come up here. Come up now. I’ve been waiting for you. Do you want to see what I see? Hear what I hear? Come up here to the higher place. To the heavenly realm. Enter my courts with praise.

Anna. We’re supposed to enter his courts with praise and thanksgiving. I think a lot of times we come in here on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and we come into a full led hour. The Lord is saying, Come up a little higher. It’s time for us to start walking in what the Word of God says we can walk in. It’s the glory and the power and the providence of God.

So when we come in here we’re going to that higher place. It’s not about working it up to get into his presence. Because apart from him inviting us there, we can’t go there. If we call upon his name he is there. If we go to the highest heights or the deepest depths he is there. It’s time for us to start acting like it.

So if he says, Enter my courts with praise and thanksgiving whenever we come in here, we’re lifting up a song or a shout of praise giving thanks to our God, then you need to expect to come before him. You need to expect your eyes to be opened to see into heavenly realms. You need to expect your ears to be opened to hear what heaven is saying.

It’s time for the decree to be in our mouths. Everyone in this room is able to decree the Word of God. Everyone in this room is mature. Everyone in this room is seasoned. It’s time to start walking in who you are. Let’s not talk about doing the stuff when it’s time to start operating in who we are.

We can pray all day long for the remnant to arise. We can pray all day long for our nation to change. But unless we are willing to rise up and take our place, then we’re really only half-hearted in it. It’s time for lukewarmness to leave us. Lord, we respond to your higher call. Me first.

Lord, I thank you that these words are coming from heaven, from your throne room. Lord, let a righteous plumb line arise in your people. I finally understand it. I understand why the word has been all about our mouths, all about the tongue. There’s revelation in this Hebraic month we’re standing in. There’s revelation in this house tonight. I finally understand.

I believe it’s been five years solid where we’ve been pushing the words in this house, and the people bring forth messages pushing the whole book of James. They’ve been pushing the power of life and death in the tongue. They’ve been pushing that you need to get a rein on your tongue. Because right now we’re in an hour where if you are talking out of both sides of your mouth, your words are going to be powerless. Me first.

The Lord is saying it is time to take him at his word. It’s time to come up higher. It’s time to leave the old things behind. It’s time to step into his righteousness. It’s not about words, but it’s about being a willing yielded vessel. It’s time to stop being of the world. We are in the world but not of the world. The line has gotten too gray. But we’re in the great divide as a nation.

We were talking about it on the way here. It’s the sheep and the goat nation. Which side are you on? Which side are you on, body of Christ? Just because you’re saved and have your ticket to heaven doesn’t mean you’ve gone the higher road. It doesn’t mean you’ve come to the narrow place. This is not wrong. And this is not being legalistic. But it’s how bad do you want it? How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want to see abortion overturned in a nation? How bad do you want to see righteous government officials? How bad do you want to see righteous laws come into place? How bad do you want it? Because the Lord is saying the choice is yours. He’s given us so many good words for this nation and things to stand on. But just because we have the words doesn’t guarantee (fulfillment). The only guarantee we have is Jesus. Every prophetic word over this nation has gone out and it’s for the remnant to grab hold of and rise up. It is the finest hour. Take your place. Take your place army of God. If you’re not in position how can you expect to take the land?

If we’re really his hands and his feet how often and why do we sit on our hands? How often do we close our ears and say, I don’t want to deal with that. I don’t want to hear about that. How often do we hear about unrighteous things, unholy things, defilement go on in our land? We just say, That’s such a shame. That’s so terrible. We have the power through Jesus Christ to change the things that concern us. All we have to do is be willing. You want to see change in your family? Well stop talking bad about your neighbor. You want to see healing in your body? Well stop tearing other people down. You want to see the power of God manifest and come through here? Then start living holy. You can’t have it both ways.

You want to see visions? You want to dream dreams? Guard your eyes. You want to hear what heaven is saying? Guard your ears. It’s time for us to take out the garbage. I know sometimes we’re around people and situations in the world. But I’m talking about what you bring into your home. I’m talking about what you look at and listen to when nobody’s around.

This is different tonight but the Lord is saying these things have to be said. How bad do you want it? Because we’re here. We’re in the fulfillment of things. We really are in the finest hour.

In 2016 we gathered for Pentecost at the zoo here in Hattiesburg. As we were playing that Sunday morning—the Worship Team was practicing—I didn’t share this with anyone but it’s been coming to me all week long. Every time we would start the music I would hear the Spirit of God say, There’s a Revolution coming. And it would go away. And I would think, a revolution. He’s been speaking, It’s a revolution coming.

Fast-forward to 2017. We were on a call for the Greater Glory Tour. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say it was time for the Revolutionists to rise up. It was a Revolutionary Spirit. And people agreed but they said, No it was a pioneering spirit. I believe that in this house we understand now that it’s a Revolutionary Spirit. Because we’ve never been this way before.

What a Revolutionary Spirit does, what a Revolution does, it comes in and it doesn’t bring just a revival that lasts for a moment. It’s not just a flash fire. But Revolution changes culture. A Revolution changes government. A Revolution changes the people. We’re in a time and a season for Revolution unto Righteousness.

So as we sing the words to the song, and we’re going to be singing it a lot because  that’s what the Lord is saying in this hour, it’s like I haven’t quite been able to piece things together, but tonight it’s coming in fullness. There is such a call. All of heaven is watching and waiting to see what the sons and daughters of God will do in this hour. All of heaven is waiting, the angels. I had the revelation this morning that the angels really are waiting to run on our words.

So what are you going to say? The power of life and death is in the tongue. He’s just looking for something to work with. Lord, I thank you that we’re willing vessels. I thank you that your Spirit of righteousness is arising tonight and I pray that right now, me first, that hearts will be convicted, that we will come to a place of repentance, not just for sin, but when you truly repent you change the way you think. It’s a turnaround in the way that we think. Lord, let us begin to think differently. We decree and declare it so.

?Drum beat.

Betty. Begin to pray in the spirit.

Anna. Here comes our Defender, the mighty Lord of the Angel Armies. Ohohohoh.

Betty. Mighty warriors in battle. In worship warfare. In battle we’re pulling armies from another realm into battle array. Angel armies are coming in today. We’re pulling them down with the sound. We’re pulling them in with the sound. They’re running. They’re warring. They’re running. They’re warring. Angel armies coming down in battle array to the sound. Hear the sound. Hear the sound. We have movement. We have movement. Heavenly army, the earthly army, we have movement of two camps. Yay. Oh. Yay. Whoa. Mighty warriors in battle pulling armies from another realm into battle array. Hei Hei Hei.

We welcome you Lord, God of the angel armies. We welcome you in our land. We welcome you.

?Kevin. Who is this uncircumcised Philistine coming against the army of the Lord?

Betty. Hei Hei Hei.

Anna. He’s raising up the Davids. With one strike see the giants fall. I will be a David. I’ll run. Running to the battle line. Angel armies invading the earth. Two camps coming together. We cut off the giants head. We eat giants for our bread.

Betty. We decree and declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the very words of David as he faced Goliath. You come to me with a sword and a spear and a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel. The armies of the God of the body of Christ that you have taunted. This day the Lord will hand you over to us. And we will strike you down and cut off your head.

And we will give the corpses of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the sky and the wild beasts of the earth. So all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. And that this entire assembly may know that the Lord does not save with a sword and a spear, but the battle is the Lord’s and he will hand you over to us.

?Two camps. Hei Hei. Marching forward. I hear the sound of marching in the treetops. Two camps. It’s one camp.

Betty Love. Father, right now we want to honor you. Jesus we acknowledge you as the Captain of the Lords Host. We acknowledge that you are the God of the Angel Armies. And we want to thank you for that great cloud of witness standing in the heavenly realm, for every righteous voice that has been released into this place, into this land.

Father, we thank you for the power of the voice of the blood of Jesus Christ that speaks a better word, that is speaking over our lives. That is speaking over our land, over our territory, over the state of Mississippi, Lord. Hei Hei Hei. And even this nation. We just want to release the voice of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Lord, I thank you that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and we love not our lives unto the death. Lord, we thank you for the voice of the Mediator. Jesus you are the Mediator, our guarantee, of a better covenant and we welcome your voice in our midst. You are able to save completely those that come to God through you, because you always live to intercede.

So Lord right now we want to take hold of your intercession and bring it down into the earth realm. We’re receiving that intercession into our lives personally. And Lord, you’re able to keep those things that we commit unto you against that day. Father, we’re pulling down the intercession of Jesus and sending that intercession out to prodigals right now.

Lord, we thank you that because your seed remains in us we’re not going to continue in sin. So right now to the prodigals we say, Come to your senses and come home in Jesus name. Wake up. Wake up and come home. Come home.

Lord God, I thank you there’s a Father watching for that prodigal to come home. I thank you there’s a mother watching for that son to come home. I thank you there’s a family of God watching for the sons and the daughters of God to come home. He’s reaching into the deepest darkest places and he is rescuing people right now.

We’re going to reach into those dark places. We call you to come out and be free right now in the name of Jesus. We’re going to say what he says. He says to the captives, Come out and be free. So we decree and declare over our lives, over our families, over those the Lord has connected us with, over the people in the state of Mississippi, over every place that we have jurisdiction, we say, Come out and be free in the name of Jesus.

We call the land to freedom. We say, Be free in the name of Jesus. Lord, we welcome the voice of righteous men made perfect. They sit on that other side and they can see clearly now, hahaha. They can see clearly. Lord, we are receiving the voices out of the heavenly realm in Christ right now through you Jesus.

Father, we thank you that you are our godly Judge. And we welcome the voice of God the Judge. Don’t let that upset you. He’s judging righteousness. Yay God. When he judges righteousness in our lives, anything that’s not righteous, anything unrighteous, is going to have to get up and go right now. Gotta go gotta go gotta go go go. Out, in Jesus name.

Father, any place of divided allegiance in our hearts, we say, Go now. Holy Spirit, as you are hovering over us, as you are hovering over our state right now, as you are hovering over this nation, we want to come into agreement. And I ask that as the sons of God begin to open our mouths, that you would fill our mouths with the decree, hahaha, that heaven can run on. That you can work with, Lord.

We welcome your voice upon our waters. We welcome the counsel of heaven. We welcome revelation that brings revolution. We talk about revolutionary spirit. A revolution is a complete change. We’ve been saying for some time, Change Change Change. There are others that are saying, Change Change Change.

We decree and declare out of Miracle City that change is coming to America. We join in agreement with Dutch Sheets, hahaha, and Chuck Pierce and all those that are aligned, Clay and Susan Nash, Billy Joe and Ruthie Young, Marion and Beau Neill, Nita and Doug Maselle, hahaha, Gail and Larry Gilbert, all those that are aligned, Tara and David Conard, Heather and Hugh Gatwood, Chris and Stacey Vowel, Angela and Gerald Vernon, Beth and Thomas Townsend, Leslie and Cliff Decker.

Yay Mississippi. We join anointings with Amy and Don Rylander, and Jo and David Hertle, Dan Blackshur, and Tricia, Larry Wilson and Peter O’Conner and Kenny. We join in anointings with Terry and Dory at King’s Gate, throughout the state of Mississippi. Beth and Chris at the South Gate. We join annointings with every blood-bought believer across this land that is standing for righteousness and truth to come.

I decree and declare that we are stand up men and women in a bow down world. That we are taking our place in the gates. I thank you Lord God that you are providing the script to those who turn the battle at the gate. I decree and declare as a people, no longer will we waver between two opinions.

We acknowledge that you are God and we have come to serve you at your pleasure, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Lord, come and plow us. Come and plow our land. Come and plow our hearts. Come and plow us. Hei Hei Hei. Come and plow our enemies. ?Breaking up the hard places. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break up the hard places. Come and break. Hei Hei. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Hei Hei Hei. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Hei Hei. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. Come and break. The hard places. Come and break… Break up the hard places in our lives Lord, in our families…. In the mountains of society. In our marriages.

Betty. The scripture says in Micah that our King goes up before us and breaks open the way, and leads us forth. We decree and declare that our King Jesus has come into our lives and our land and he has broken open the way. And he goes up before us. I decree and declare that we walk in the ways of the Lord. That we know the ways of the Lord.

Lord, cause us to know your ways. Lead us in your ways oh Lord. We’re going to follow you Lord. We’re going to walk in your ways. We’re going to walk in that path that you’ve marked out for us. We’re going to run in your ways. We’re going to run on your word Lord. Hei Hei.

?Come and break. Break Break Break. Break up the hard places. Come and break.

Plow through the hard places.

Betty. Holy Ghost. Lord, I thank you that you take the sound, the song, and by your Spirit you adjust our plow points according to the soil, where you have called us to plow. Lord I know your word and for years I’ve seen in the book of Hosea that Judah must plow, that praise plows. Jacob breaks open the ground. Judah must plow.

And Ephraim is a trained heifer that loves to thresh. So I’m going to put a yoke on her fair neck and I will drive Ephraim. Judah must plow and Jacob breaks open the ground. Sow for yourself righteousness. We are seeking you Lord. We are seeking you Lord. We will not stop singing. We will not stop saying. We will not stop seeking. Until you rain righteousness down.

So we say Lord, in your righteous remnant, make the heart adjustments. Make the adjustments that you need to make in our lives personally, so we will be that adjusted plow point, so we’ll be able to break open the territories, the tents, and the treasuries, the spheres of influence, that you assign to us in the heavens and on the earth. Yay God.

I decree and declare that our land will yield its fruit, and will yield its increase, and will yield its harvest in this year of harvest. Yay God. I decree and declare that Mississippi will birth her new prototypes by the power of the Ruach breath of God, Holy Spirit hovering over our land. And working with the sons of God on earth as it is in heaven. He’s going to set some ears on fire. My right ear right now feels like it’s on fire. I believe there’s about to be a consecration of separation of some sons and daughters unto the Lord. So you can begin to function in that priestly service unto the Lord. You know when it says, Stand, Serve, Minister, and Burn. Yay God. You’re going to burn some incense.

The way he took the awl and consecrated the right ear of the priest, and the right thumb, and the right big toe. Hei Hei Hei. Come and separate Lord, your king priests unto you tonight. Come and separate your people unto you Lord God for the work of the ministry to which you called us. Hei.

Anna. 14500 Lord, I thank you just as she was praying about the path, not only is your path revealed to us but it’s that ancient way. I thank you that as the ground is being plowed, as you are breaking through, that the revelation of your ancient path, the good way is revealed to your people. Any place where we’ve lost the way, any place where we’ve felt disoriented, any place we felt like we’ve gotten off, I thank you that right now you are taking hold of us and planting our feet on solid ground.

Father I thank you that our eyes are not closed from seeing your way. Today our eyes are opened. We decree and declare that we are flint-faced, set on your path, set in the ancient way. Father God, I thank you that the ancient way is open to us tonight. We step into it. We step into all that it encompasses.

Betty. Lord, we agree. We agree. We agree that there is a realignment, a reset, in the state of the sons of God on the path that you have ordained for us even before the foundations of the world. That original intent stands for us in this season.

Danette Riley. We declare and decree that we have deployed heaven. Heaven is in this place and heaven is on active duty. We declare and decree what I heard you say. You are pulling out the reserves. You are pulling out all the stops. When someone pulls out all the stops that means they spare no expense to bring about what they want to do. That originates from pulling out the stops of an organ.

Father, we declare and decree that as you have employed heaven and heaven is on active duty in this place, and you have pulled out the reserves, Lord, I thank you that we are marching forth. That we as your army, as your remnant, we are marching. We are on active duty and we have been deployed.

Lord, I thank you for the call up. I thank you for the send out. That we are deployed into those places that you have prepared for us before the foundation of the world. In Jesus  name.

Betty. Praise God. Thank you Lord. I want to decree the things the Lord has given me.

Rick Riley. I want to decree and declare the things God showed me. I saw the moon shifted, moved from here to here (right to left). I saw the ocean in great turbulence. I feel he is saying that things are changing.

A few minutes later he spoke to me, Brick by brick. That things are changing, not from just here to here (back and forth); but it’s taking down brick by brick, and rebuilding (up) brick by brick.

Betty. Praise God. Lord we acknowledge that change is here. And Lord, even as he was talking about the moon moving and the waves churning, I just see it’s a turnaround time. Things are changing. And in some places it’s going to be swiftly.

I’m going to decree and declare some of the things the Lord has been saying in the last few days.

“Rise up into the birthright that I have ordained for you, miracle worker.” For in this season the Lord is releasing his provision, his revelation, and his power. You have received power. Again, I hear the Lord saying, “You will receive power to go beyond. You will receive power, miracle-working power, to witness and testify to the Lord like you have not known before.”

“Not only are you going to receive power to witness and move in the dunamis, the miracle-working power of God, Holy Spirit is going to work with you with the demonstration.” He is going to clothe you with power and platform you in places. It might be in the highways and byways. It might be in the workplace. It might be in the Walmart line. I don’t know, but I can guarantee you that he is reclothing, and remantling us in this season. And it is with power. With dunamis.

Not only that, he is defining. Jesus said, All authority has been given to me. I give you authority, the right and the authority, to carry out the action. To tread upon serpents and scorpions, to overcome all the power of the enemy, so nothing shall by any means harm you. That word, I give you authority, is jurisdiction.

There is a sheriff’s department in each country. The Jones County Sheriff has jurisdiction in Jones County. Forrest County has jurisdiction in Forrest County. Well, he has given you power; he has given you authority; he has given you jurisdiction in this hour, and it is power to tread on serpents and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy, so nothing shall by any means harm you or fail to meet the obligations of covenant to you.

We are in a time and a season that the Lord is releasing covenant provision and covenant promises. It is about the blood.

The Lord said to me, and it’s for the body, “I change not. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. It’s time for acts, actions, and my character to come forth in your lives. I am your constant. I AM that I AM. Because that’s who I AM. Change is here. Embrace it.”

I posted that yesterday. I heard the message Dutch said about the change, but I hadn’t seen that particular video. The first thing the Lord spoke to my heart yesterday was, “Change is here. Embrace it.”

So the Lord is going to be speaking to you personal things—when you’re waking, or lying down, or driving your truck or car, but I can guarantee you, he is going to be speaking in your ear. Some of your ears are going to be on fire. Your hearts are going to be burning within you because you’re going to know that you know that you know that the Lord is speaking to you. And in that speaking it’s going to be revelation. It’s going to be a solution.

It’s not just going to be the word, it’s going to come with power on the word for you to understand it. It’s going to be revealed. If it’s revelation, you can actually walk it out. The Word of God says, Where there is no prophetic revelation the people perish, or cast off restraint. Revelation will enable you to run the ancient path.

The Lord said, “When I put you on a platform, I will clothe you with power.” Nichole, you stood on a platform Friday night that maybe you’ve not stood on before. But I know who stood up with you. And I know who clothed you with power. Praise God. Because he is not going to platform you somewhere that he is not going to clothe you with power. Because it’s his doing and his work.

Rick (Riley), I’ve got a word for you. You can just sit down and take a load off because God is going to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. He gave you the vision to do this event that comes Saturday after a Time to Plow. And he’s going to provide. He is going to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. Because that’s who he is. When he calls it and he ordains it, he takes care of it.

I decree and declare, Rick, that you have wisdom. May the Seven-Fold Spirit of Jehovah rest upon you with wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and fear of the Lord. And I decree and declare that his blow, his breath, his Ruach, comes upon you, and he causes you to have quick understanding in the fear of the Lord. Because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. To be able to make the right choice at the right time and have the right word. Praise God. The right action.

So we decree it and declare it; we come into agreement that whatever is on your needs list, whether it’s bread or meat, whatever it is that you need to come together for the fullness of everything you need for that event, right now we decree and declare that your supply lines are open, that you have the ABC123 of how that day needs to go.

That there’ll be no confusion or chaos, but divine order, divine order, divine order in Jesus name. And I thank God that you have help from heaven. And I thank God that he’s raised up an army of worshipers in this house to support you and are going with you because we are a family. So, hahaha, when he platforms you down there, yay God, at Hell-Fighters, you’re going to have everything that you need. I call the people who are appointed to be there, Come on out. In Jesus name.

Or as people are traveling from surrounding areas to other states, Lord, I thank you that you are supplying what they need to get them here. In Jesus name. We say every block, every hinderance that would want to be a trap set is sprung now in Jesus name. Prepare ye, prepare ye the way of the Lord; remove the obstacles out of the way of my people. So right now in the name of Jesus Christ I decree and declare that any obstacle that would be in your path or anyone that’s ordained to participate in this, right now those obstacles are already removed. Lord God, I thank you that is standing in the heavenly realm on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name.

We’re in alignment. We’re moving. Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun. Psalm 77:20. You led your people like a flock, by the hand of Moses and Aaron, to the promised goal. I decree and declare over everyone in this room, those that are watching, we as a ministry family, that the Lord our God causes us to move forth and Holy Spirit is leading us the people of God. We are leading in our spheres of influence. We are led to our promised goal.

I heard the Lord say, “Seek me, Betty, and you will find me. Seek me and I will set you. Set by God.” What he said was, “I do.” We’re in the covenant month. The wedding month. So he is going to set you, and he says, “I do.”

“Till the land and tend the land. The land will yield its strength to you. It will yield its harvest.” This was a personal word but I believe it was also something that was set in motion in this house. He said, “I started something with you on February 1, and I aim to pick up where I left off.” That was a revelation and/on reform.

Builders’ promises are upon us. He is restoring honor to us personally. He is restoring honor to the house. He is restoring honor to this nation.

He is going to deal with whatever. “I am going to remove what has grabbed your bloodline so I can reset and restore.”

Psalm 50:23 MSG. It is the praising life that honors me. As soon as you set your foot on the way, I’ll show you my salvation. As soon as you set your foot on the way—Anna talked about begin on the way, the ancient path. As soon as you set your foot on the way, I’ll show you my salvation. That is deliverance, healing, the full meal deal.

Today he said, “Gavels are raised. Court systems are being restructured.” I talked with David Hertle this morning, and he said, Betty, I believe that’s in the spirit realm and I believe that’s in the earth realm. We need our court systems restructured in righteousness.

The final thing—Rick, you can pick up this word and run with it. “You will have everything you need for seed.”

So we are in a season where the Lord is providing. It’s harvest. We’re in a year of harvest. We’re in a month of harvest. We’re in a season of harvest. A release of physical provision. A release of revelation through the Word of God that will literally revolutionize us, and revolutionize things around us. Change Change Change.

And not only that, we’re in a time of power. And I would say unto you, Does the Lord bring to the point of delivery, the point of birth, and not deliver? We have entered in. So I would encourage you in the Lord, Don’t let go of what God has said. Expect him to release provision to you. And that is on every level. Expect revelation. Expect his power. Expect your breakthrough.

And he is releasing mercy. I have heard Kimble Love say more in the last 36 hours, Lord have mercy; Lord have mercy; Lord have mercy; Lord have mercy; Lord have mercy. I asked, Is something wrong? No, just Lord have mercy. He is calling it. I think it’s an intercession thing. I think it’s an all points bulletin and pull out of the heavenly realm. I think every time he says, Lord have mercy, it’s hitting everybody that’s aligned with us. Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy. Amen?

So Father, we thank you for what you’ve done tonight. And what you’re doing in our lives, effective doors that you are opening for us in this season. Lord, we thank you for the reset and the realignment and the adjustment, and that you are separating us your people unto righteousness and truth so that we can walk in the truth, and walk in the light, and walk in humility, and walk in the Spirit, and not fulfill the lust of the flesh, and walk in love, and all the walks throughout your Word.

Even as Enoch walked with you, and Noah walked with you, and David walked with you, and Joshua walked with you, and Abraham walked with you. Even as the men and women who’ve gone before us walked with you. Lord, we’re saying here today in this month of walking our talk, we want to walk with you, Lord. We want to work with you. We want our life to be a life of worship surrender.

We’re ready to do the stuff, Lord. So be it unto us according to your word, your will, and your way in this season. And Lord, we give you all the glory for the songs and the sounds and the words that you’ve brought forth in this house tonight that have gone out without limit in Jesus name. Amen and Amen. Praise God. Thank you for coming.