March 3, 2019

Miracle City Global – 3/3/2019 – Transcript

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3/3/19 Miracle City Global

Judah Goes First


Anna Love. We’ve been up here almost every day this week. It’s been good. You can feel such movement. It’s been exciting. I know it’s the direction the Lord is taking us and it’s a glimpse of what’s to come. With so much going on in the natural, you can be tired and worn out, but thankfully I woke up this morning with joy and excitement and ready to go.

It kept coming up in my spirit, Swing wide you heavenly gates. It kept stirring in me all this morning. I read the 70 Day Decree for today and the state is Georgia. Georgia is a gate city and as I was praying the decree over Georgia and over us, I was reminded of Brad’s vision of us rolling out the red carpet and welcoming the Lord into our city. With everything we’re doing, it’s all about Him.

This morning as we’re stepping into Adar II and shifting into a new month, it’s a repeat, but the Lord wants us to know without a shadow of a doubt who we are and who He is. He’s underlining it because this year is important. So He is making sure that we know that we know before we step into the next. As we do that, I felt that it’s so important, and you can even hear it in the worship—it’s about welcoming the Lord and welcoming Him with praise and joy and thanksgiving.

Psalm 24. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. The world and all who live in it. For he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters. Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god.

They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God their Savior. Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek you face, God of Jacob. Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

Lift up your head, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty—he is the King of glory.

The Lord has been speaking that this is going to be His Glory Valley, that downtown Hattiesburg is going to be transformed by the glory of God. I thought it was fitting this morning that we acknowledge and welcome the glory of His Presence, not just within us, not just within this building, but within this whole region. Because glory is like fire. Once it starts, you can’t put it out and it spreads.

Lord, I thank you that your glory will spread like wildfire this morning. Father, I thank you that it will start bubbling up out of this place and that it will go out and fill the streets. I thank you that it will touch people as they drive by. I thank you that it will touch the ones standing out on the streets. Father, I thank you that it won’t just hit this downtown area, but it spreads throughout our whole city.

Lord, I thank you that Hattiesburg will be a beacon of Hope, that it will be a beacon of the light of your glory. Father, shine your face on this city. We ask for favor in your sight this morning. Any place in our city that’s been rebellious, we stand and repent. I thank you for clean hands and a pure heart for the city of Hattiesburg and all of her inhabitants.

Psalm 118. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever. Let Israel say: His love endures forever. Let the house of Aaron say: His love endures forever. Let those who fear the Lord say: His love endures forever.

When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I look in triumph on my enemies.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes. All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I cut them down. They surrounded me on every side, but in the name of the Lord I cut them down. They swarmed around me like bees, but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns; in the name of the Lord I cut them down.

I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.

The hand of the Lord is stretched out and He is pushing back the resistance. Remember, that’s the resistance within us and that’s the resistance of the enemy. He is pushing it back. He has armed us and clothed us with His strength.

:15. Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: (that’s us) The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things! The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things! I will not die, but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

The Lord chastened me severely, but he has not given me over to death. Open for me the gates of the righteous; I will enter and give thanks to the Lord. This is the gate of the Lord through which the righteous may enter. I will give thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.

The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. Lord, save us! Lord, grant us success!

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. From the house of the Lord we bless you. The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine on us. With boughs in hands join in the festal procession up to the horns of the altar.

You are my God and I will praise you; you are my God and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Father, I thank you for what you’re doing. Lord, we ask for more. We ask for more. We will not be satisfied with just a glimpse of you. We want all of you, Lord. In asking for all of you, we give you all of ourselves. Come and have your way in us.

Holy Spirit, come and fill this place and go out. Fill it and go out. Just pour yourself out in our land. Pour out yourself in our state. Pour out yourself in this nation. Lord, I thank you for a Spirit of Righteousness that is rising in your people. I thank you for righteousness rising within the land.

Lord, I thank you for what you’ve stored in our land and in this nation to come to the forefront. I thank you that you have a righteous plan and we come into agreement with that. We receive your plumb line. We say, Align us with you and align us with the assignment you have for us, Lord. We say Yes. We say Yes to it. We are willing, God.

Michelle sent me a song yesterday and the words to it are fantastic. It talks about the Lord looking for a place to move. He’s looking for a place to do something. And our response is, Look no further.

Lord, I thank you that your eyes are going to and fro throughout the earth and you are looking for hearts that are completely yours. You are looking for a place to rest. You are looking for a place to move. This morning, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, at Miracle City Global, we say, Look no further. We say, Look no further. Here we are, God. We present ourselves to you. Whatever you want to do, we are pliable and we are willing. Move in us, Lord.

?Do what you want to do in this place. Father, we have come to bow down in worship. Alleluia. Lover of my soul, with all of heaven we are singing. You’re our one desire. Holy are you. He is the King of glory, the Lord strong and mighty in battle.

Danette Riley. As Anna began to release the word this morning, I saw two extremely large gates open and the Lord reminded me that we are sitting at the East Gate, 416 East Pine Street. Father, we decree and declare that the East Gate and the gates of this city are open. We welcome you into this Hub City this morning. We thank you and you are the Key to the city and we acknowledge you. We honor you, Lord. There is none like you.

Father, we thank you that because of you we are Glory Gates. We come into agreement with the words your prophet, Anna, spoke this morning. Your glory is in this place. And we are your glory gates.

?Lift up your heads, oh you gates. Be lifted up you ancient doors that the King of Glory may come in. Who is this King of Glory? He is the Lord strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle. He is the Lord Almighty, the Lord our God. Let your fire fall in this place. Fire fall down. From glory to glory to glory. Jesus.

Gail Gilbert. I just feel the urgency to pray. Lord, your glory is what we seek after. We are present here in your presence. We’re here with thirst and hunger. We are seekers for your fullness. I agree with the words from Psalms. I thank you that you are opening the very womb of your presence. I thank you that heaven’s gates have opened up wide.  I thank you for the freedom that we can step in. Lord, give us the plan and design in this moment. We see far beyond. We want to grasp what your breath is saying in this moment right now.

Lord, I saw your roar this morning. Your breath, with the mist coming forth as rain but also as a mixture of fire and rain. Lord, there’s the sound of your heartbeat. Let that beat resonate in this hour that would cause one to do an about (face), change.

We are in the hour of harvest. We cry out for the souls in this region. We cry out for the desperate, for the lonely, for the elderly, for those that have not been connected in this hour with you. We cry out for the church that is weeping in this hour. We cry out for the mothers, God. We cry out for the fathers, God.

We cry out with your cry. I hear heaven weeping. Jesus, Jesus, how sweet that name is, Jesus. How powerful that name is, Jesus. Lord, we thank you for mercy. We know there is a raining of mercy in this hour, God.

Lord, we thank you for the anointing, this fresh glory increase anointing that is bringing forth a regeneration in this hour. I thank you that we can say we are going green. We’re going green. We see it everywhere we turn. Green this. Green that. Organic this. Organic that. Authentic is the cry of our hearts, God, for the pure, for the pure. Holy Holy Holy.

Jesus, we thank you for this hour, the Finest Hour. We get to partake in the finest hour in Jesus name.

Danette Riley. I want to declare and decree with I see. Lord, we welcome your heavenly Couriers in this place. I saw emissaries from heaven with accordion file folders with the King’s Decrees. Father, I thank you for your angelic beings that are here. I thank you that they’ve come with the King’s decree. I thank you for the accordion file folders holding the King’s decrees that are in this place. Father, I ask you to open our eyes so we can see what is written on the scrolls, what is written on your decrees.

You led me to Isaiah 28:6. You are releasing your Spirit of Justice in this place and strength for those who are able to turn the battle at the gates. We come into agreement with your word, your will and your way this morning. We thank you that heaven runs on your word, that your word does not return void but it accomplishes the purpose for which you sent it. Lord, we acknowledge the blueprints from heaven in this place this morning.

Betty Love. What the Lord had put in my mouth before Danette brought that word is that we welcome the decrees of the Lord in this house. We’re in the season of the Double to take out that Amalekite, that Haman spirit. Behind the spirit of Haman is the issuing of ungodly decrees and legalizing them. This is what we are seeing in our nation. This is a nations portal. It is for the city, the region, the state of Mississippi, but we are a nations portal standing in the gap for the nation.

What the enemy is doing in the land in this hour is seeking to legislate ungodly decrees in the land. Governmental legislation. But in this hour we embrace the anointing of the Lord and we receive the decrees that are coming out of the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus. We receive the power angels that are bringing the scrolls.

I decree and declare that our eyes, our spiritual eyes, our spiritual ears, our hearts, are yielded unto Holy Spirit of God and we will not miss what the Lord is wanting to reveal. We receive the decrees of the Lord that are going to overturn every evil decree that is being legislated out of the spirit realm of darkness and even in the earth realm.

I decree and declare that the evil decrees that are being legalized in this nation by the enemy will not stand. That they are overturned and as Esther I rise up in the hour and stand in the presence of my King who has extended His scepter unto me. And I will get what I ask. Body of Christ, Warrior Bride, we will get what we ask of Him.

We release the righteousness of Jesus Christ into the heavens, into the earth, all the way to the core in this nation.

?Show us your glory. Flashes of lightning. Rolls of thunder. I want to stand in your presence where I belong. Nothing is hidden from your sight. You don’t miss a thing.

Betty. Angel of Your Presence. Father, Righteous Judge, we stand before you.

?We stand in awe of you, Righteous Judge.

Betty. Heavenly verdicts.

?We agree with heaven. What you say, we release in the earth.

Betty. We judge righteousness in the land, the issue of abortion. We release righteous judgements in the land. Righteous decisions.

?We release righteousness.

Betty. In the Supreme Court, release righteousness. In the House of Representatives we release righteousness.

?Righteousness exalts a nation. You have a heart of restoration, not condemnation. You’re a good good Father, heart of mercy and grace. You love the children.

Betty. Righteousness judgments that shift a nation. Trafficking trafficking trafficking. Ungodly traders, human trafficking, drug trafficking. We call the captives to come out and be free.

?We release righteousness. You’re turning hearts to righteousness. Raising up righteousness. Because righteousness exalts a nations. A plumb line of righteousness. Righteousness is rising, flowing, running, going, changing our land.

Betty. I heard the Lord say that just as Dagon was set up, and when the Ark of the Presence came in, Dagon couldn’t stand. He just toppled. So we want to release His presence throughout the nation because He said He is going to unseat and cause to topple the Baal structures.

So right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we release the glory of your presence throughout this nation that causes every Baal structure to topple even as Dagon. In the name of Jesus every ungodly altar. It’s been reinforced with the blood sacrifice. We release the voice and the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over every ungodly altar, over every place of idolatry, broken covenant, innocent bloodshed, immorality, disobedience, rebellion to Almighty God, the One True God, Jesus Christ. Every demigod falls right now in Jesus Name. Every soul tie that connects people to those unholy altars through bloodlines and territorial spirits, what has held them in the land, we say they are severed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

?Every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord.

Betty. Father, pioneers that have been through the land that didn’t finish it—I decree and declare that the sons of God that are standing in the earth in this hour even in this nation—We will finish it! Even as Josiah, we will finish it. The high places are coming down. The high places are coming down. Ungodly altars are being overturned, overturned. The angel armies are (tearing them down?). Overturned, overturned. Ungodly altars are coming down, coming down.

I see two things. I heard the Lord say, What did you say? He’s doing that to the enemy.  Because all the ungodly decrees and all the ungodly alliances of the enemy—our God is paying no attention to them. He has put His foot down. It’s like Gulliver’s Travels when they tried to bind Gulliver up, in one moment he got up and shook it off.

I decree and declare that this nation is coming to her senses and in a moment she gets up and shakes off every ungodly structure and stronghold all the way down to the root, all the way down to the core of the earth and into the highest heaven—freedom, freedom, liberty to the nation of America.

Soul ties are severed. Ungodly agreements, ungodly alliances are broken right now in the realm of the spirit and on the earth. Every back door deal. Every unholy altar destroyed in the name of Jesus. Break break break.

?I see those chains falling.

Betty. I can hear in the distance, And by whose authority did you do this? I say with all the authority of Jesus Christ and all the prayers of the saints that have risen up in this land in this hour.

?I see those chains falling on the ground. Awakening hearts and lives.

Betty. Father, right now I believe that the shift has come as intercession has gone across this nation beginning on Tuesday with every state praying for their state and US territories. Father, I believe a shift has come because we have gone to the ancient gates and we have gone back to that place when the revolutionary spirit of American was released and this nation was formed.

And Lord, I thank you that there is a heavenly spiritual gate that was opened through Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and now today Georgia, which is a governmental gate. Father, I thank you that you have opened the gates in the heavenly realm and the stored DNA of these four states has been released to begin to flow in this nation and bring shift and bring change and bring turnaround; and giants are falling.

Oppression is falling. Tyranny is coming down. Deceit is coming down. Leviathan is being cut up by the Lord Himself. No more twisting. No more diversion in this nation. Unrighteous kings are being torn down and overthrown. Unrighteous kingdoms are being torn down and overthrown in our land.

This is very important to our nation this morning. I want to decree and declare in agreement. There is a birthright and a destiny stored in the state of Delaware, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the state of New Jersey, and in the state of Georgia, that has the ability to shift and change our nation. That’s why we are seeing what is going on today. Why we are seeing and hearing. The Lord is already beginning to tip prayer bowls.

Delaware’s birthright is the power to break spiritual impasse in the land. It is the cradle of Methodism and it is one of the first places that revival fire broke out in 1805. So if there is an impasse in the land, this state has the power to break it. And there is an impasse that has been in the land and even in our government.

So right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Delaware, we take hold of your birthright, we take hold of the anointing that is stored in you to release revival, to break spiritual as well as physical impasse in this nation. Lord, we thank you that even this week as we prayed over Delaware and we continued to stand for righteousness, we saw in the Methodist denomination a breakthrough.

We are taking hold and putting a demand on what is stored in the righteous remnant in that land. We are putting a demand on every true prophetic word that has been spoken over the state of Delaware, that has been spoken over the state of Pennsylvania, that has been spoke over New Jersey, that has been spoken over Georgia.

Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, we come into agreement with the kingdom plan and purposes for our nation and for you. Lord, we thank you that you’ve plumb lined these states in this nation and your righteousness. We call these states into original intent and birthright and destiny as ordained by Almighty God.

Delaware, we bless you as the first state bringing a first fruits offering of liberty and independence to America. You are known as the cradle of Methodism and we declare that you are reconnecting to your roots of revival. Let that breaker anointing rise within you, Delaware, to break spiritual and physical impasse off this nation. We say, Lord, Let your revival glory fire break out in Delaware and spread throughout our nation.

Thank you, Lord, for the righteous legacy of our forefathers in the state of Pennsylvania. Father, we acknowledge and we agree with the word of William Penn, and we decree it not only in Pennsylvania but over this nation: Right is Right, even if everyone is against it; and Wrong is Wrong, even if everyone is for it. We call Pennsylvania to awaken in her birthright and destiny. Pennsylvania, we acknowledge you as the Keystone State. You’re the state, the top of an arch that holds everything together, the block that holds all the other blocks in place. Father, let justice and righteousness flow through this state overturning injustices and division. Let it affect the rest of the nation. Let the blood of Jesus Christ speak over and cleanse the state of defilement and unrighteousness. And we thank you for establishing righteous authority.

Pennsylvania, your virtue is your ability to liberate and realign this nation spiritually through governmental praying and declaration. So we say, So be it, Pennsylvania. Not only are you activated but we call you to function. We declare that the three-fold cord of godly virtue, liberty and independence will rise up within the state and shift our nation. Let Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, pour out the love of God on Pennsylvania and this nation bringing healing, reconciliation and restoration.

Lord, reconnect, restore and revive your plan for this state and our nation. We put a demand on the godly inheritance of Pennsylvania to be released and flow throughout our land.

These gates are open in the spirit realm now—what they originally stood for and what they originally did for us as a nation. I hear the Lord saying, Every righteous warrior that rose up to pray and intercede on behalf of the new land, their prayer bowls have come forward.

New Jersey, the Garden State, liberty and prosperity, the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights, the Gateway State to our nation. It’s the Watchman State. Father, we thank you that righteousness exalts a nation and we come into agreement and put a demand on the birthright and destiny of New Jersey.

New Jersey, we call you to awaken in righteousness and truth. You are a gateway state into our nation. Remember your heritage as the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights in this nation and hold to the truths that are embedded in your history. Liberty and prosperity are deeply deposited in your land and resources. New Jersey, you hold a revolutionary key to this nation as the Watchman state. We say to function now in that destiny and birthright.

Lord, let the watchmen arise and align with your prophetic destiny and intercession that is stored in the birthright of this state to shift this nation. Let your original intent come forth for the Garden State. We declare their preamble.

We, the people of the state of New Jersey, grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing upon our endeavors to secure and transmit the same unimpaired to succeeding generations, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

Georgia, wisdom, justice, moderation, the Peach State. The word of the Lord spoken over Georgia on the 50 State Tour is, Georgia is one of My gates. It is a governmental gate. Preamble:

To perpetuate the principles of free government, insure justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizen and of the family, and transmit to posterity the enjoyment of liberty, we the people of Georgia, relying upon the protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

The Lord declares over you, “Georgia is one of My Gates; a governmental gate.” Georgia, you are a gatekeeper state authorized to open gates to the Lord and close gates to the enemy. We call you to function in this gifting.

The Lord says, “You are an open portal—a place of revelation, fresh worship and restoration; where healing of racial division and strife takes place; where the womb will no longer be hostile to new life (both naturally and spiritually);” I want to say this again. This is a prophetic word spoken by Chuck Pierce over this state.

Georgia, the Lord says you are where the womb will no longer be hostile to new life, both naturally and spiritually. They have the ability to birth. I believe that they have an anointing to overturn abortion and not only that, to shut the gate to the spirit of death that has been opened. And open the righteous gate of the Lord for life.

Lord, we believe for decrees and precedents to come out of the state of Georgia. That she will function in her governmental authority, as that governmental gate that you called her to function in. We say “new ministries will not just be conceived but brought to full maturity; where sounds of worship will come forth.”

Take hold of your prophetic destiny and legislate righteousness on behalf of the land in this nation. May the godly threefold cord of wisdom, justice and moderation manifest within your borders and overflow into our nation.

Georgia, you are the Peach State, fruitful. Taste and see that the Lord is good. We declare that you are reconnected to your roots, bringing governmental breakthrough that shapes our nation in righteousness. Let the redemptive sound of heaven come forth in your land, Georgia. May our king go up before you and break open the way for you, Georgia. Let the shout of the king be among you.

Lord, rebuild your wall of righteousness around this nation and restore the gates of this nation and this governmental gateway state of Georgia. And these states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia in Jesus mighty name.

I hear the Lord saying He is crowning people today. Where they have not had the ability and they’ve not functioned in the authority of the kingdom, there is a fresh kingly anointing coming upon the people of God throughout this nation. The Lord says, Get ready, get ready, get ready because you’re going to legislate heaven on earth. Your Yes is going to be Yes and your No is going to be No. You’re going to decide a thing and you’re going to decree it and it’s going to manifest on earth as it is in heaven. The Lord says the delivery is sure. The delivery is sure.

Even as Danette saw the angelic beings bringing the files, the Lord says you will receive your assignment. You will respond. The voice of the Lord will be upon your waters and you will decree, you will declare and you will rule and reign in the places ordained for you before the foundations of the earth.

I hear the Lord saying states that have lost their identity, that do not know who they are in this hour, and a nation that has lost her identity will come again in her identity.

Father God, I thank you that the reveal is upon us in this hour as the people of God, that we are coming into our true identity. Lord, people that have been hidden in the highways and the byways, that have been faithfully waiting on their time and their season, those that have been praying behind the scenes and decreeing and declaring, Lord God, I thank you that every one of those prayers are going to find their mark in this hour. For never have the righteous been forsaken or their seed begging bread. And once again this nation will be a breadbasket to the nations. And it won’t just be physical bread. But we will offer the nations the Bread of Life again in Jesus name.

Lord, I thank you that there is an overturning, a rescue going out even today in the land to rescue the unborn. To rescue the unborn. To rescue the unborn. And to topple the Haman spirit that wants to annihilate the sons of God.

We decree and declare that your righteous kingdom stands, Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. For who can thwart the plan of Almighty God? No one. Praise God.

Donna Bass. Lord, give me the words. Father, we thank you in Jesus name. When I came in earlier, I came off of Hardy in some traffic and was looking at the signs. To my left, painted on the building a long time ago, was No Delay Cleaners. I chuckled, but then it hit me that’s here, No Delay Cleaners. I’ve been dealing with curses, demonic, baggage, all manor of stuff I didn’t even know was there. I’ve been walking through stuff for a long time. I thought I had it all clear, and the Lord would bring something else up.

I told Mrs. Betty, I can see a five gallon bucket in my mind’s eye and it’s getting really low. It’s like dipping crawfish, you get rotten leaves and rotten straw in your net with muddy, icky yuck. And that’s what’s in my bucket. So I’ve been really excited because my bucket was getting low. I was so proud. I reached out on the prayer app because of some physical attacks a few months ago. I knew it was the devil opening a door to something I had already broken free from. I knew it.

I told Mrs. Betty on the app to pray for me and she shot right back and said, You’ve got trauma wounds, pockets of trauma wounds. As I began to pray in that, a whole other full bucket was by my almost empty bucket because of wounds I’ve had forever that I didn’t even know were there. They were never healed.

From the time I was three years old, the Lord has been walking me through issues. He would bring things to my mind and I would have to walk through repentance and forgiveness again, and allow Him to come in and heal my wound. But that’s one thing we will do here—No Delay Cleaners.

In my mind’s eye I could see my near-empty bucket. I would be praying and thinking and pondering and I could see like on the edge of a tall building, three gnarly clawed fingers, and I’m trying to pull them up one at a time.

When Mrs. Betty said the Lord put His foot down He stepped on those fingers for me. I’m free. I thank you, Lord, that we will serve this area as a No Delay Cleaners. I pray that you will give us gifts and callings that will release FREEDOM to the captives in Jesus name. Last year my word was Freedom. This year my word is Release. It’s for the house, Mrs. Betty says. It’s where we are.

Betty. Amen. That’s awesome. Praise God. He means it. He means it.

Brad Roney. As I prepared for today, I looked back over what I had taught on Adar I. Adar I and Adar II equals 60 days. The number 60 is the Power of Transformation. We also started the 70 Day Decree during this time period of Adar I and Adar II, this 60 days of the Power of Transformation. I don’t think that’s a coincidence that the 70 Day Decree is during the 60 days of transformation. I don’t believe in coincidence.

Also, Adar is about finding your identity. We are standing in the gap for states who have lost their identity within this period of time. We are declaring righteousness which is bringing forth that Power of Transformation for not only ourselves, but our communities or places we tread our feet, our spheres of influence, our state, our nation. So be thinking, praying and thanking the Lord that we are in the Power of Transformation and the righteousness is transforming this nation within this period of time. You declared four states and we’re standing in the gap for their identity to be revealed back to them.

Betty. We welcome you this morning. God has an awesome plan for us. It is an honor and a privilege to be connected and have you part of our family; and to be connected across this nation and around the world with the body of Christ.

Anna brought a word on Thursday evening at Mary Martha and the Lord showed her that we are in our Finest Hour. She read excerpts of Winston Churchill. We are at our Finest Hour. So I would say, Attention! Stand up in your identity. Stand up in who you are. Arise and shine, for our light has come. Your light has come and the glory of the Lord is rising on us.

Father, we thank you that you take the words that have been released in this time. Lord, I thank you for the honor to intercede on behalf of a nation. There are things that have gone forth and those words are done. So be it in Jesus name. It’s your word. It’s your will and it’s your way on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Mid-Morning Service.

?Ain’t no grave gonna hold this body down.

Kimble Love. Praise the Lord. He walked right out of that grave. Been there. The tomb is empty. We’re going to walk right out. Remember the song, These boots were made for walking? While they were singing I heard, These boots were made for walking and that’s just what I’ll do. I’m going to change it from, One of these days, to Every day these boots are walking all over you devil. The enemy is defeated. Jesus is alive and He lives forevermore to make intercession for us. Praise God, our God is alive. Amen?

Welcome here today. We’re going to have an awesome time in the Lord. He is moving mightily in our midst. I’m so exited and expectant for the things that He is doing. We’re not sitting here waiting for God to do something. He’s doing it. Get on board. The train’s moving. The glory’s flowing and we’re going with it. Praise God.

We’re going to enter into worship today. We have a big day with First Fruits fellowship and teaching later. We’ve got Sons of Thunder mens ministry Tuesday night. There’s just a whole lot of shaking going on. Glory to God. It’s just getting started. We’re going to be running faster than we can run. But we’re not going to be running in our own strength. We’re going to be running in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish everything that He’s called us to do. We’re not going to be overwhelmed, perplexed or in wonder but we’re going to flow in the river of God and see His glory spread over this earth like we never have before.

Lord, we thank you for this day. We give you praise and we give you glory. We thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to come together to worship you in spirit and in truth. I declare and decree that today that as we enter into worship we also enter into intercession. And Lord, we pray for our cities, for our mayors and elected officials, for those in authority over us on the municipal level.

Father, we pray for Governor Phil Bryant and First Lady Deborah Bryant of Mississippi, and all those elected officials who’ve been placed in authority over us statewide. And Lord, we lift up our nation of the United States of America. We pray for President Trump and his wife Melania, for their Cabinet and their staff, for our Senators and Congressmen and all those elected officials that are over us, Father. Whether good or bad, Your word commands us to pray for those in authority over us.

So Lord, we ask that you have your way in this nation. May your righteous judgments, righteous decrees, righteous principles, your righteous Word, God, come upon those that are over us. Father, speak to them in dreams and visions, show yourself mighty, so that hearts would be turned, that corrupt rulings would be overturned, that your goodness would cover this earth, that your glory would cover this earth like the waters cover the sea.

We submit to your lordship, and we say have your way. Lord, I say we are in agreement with what you’re doing and we are walking with you. We are looking to you as the Author and Perfecter and we say, Show us the way, Lord, and we’ll walk in it. Speak to us your strategies and we will carry them out. No longer will we wait and wonder, Lord God. But we are desirous to stand up, to hear your voice, and walk in obedience to see your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

I declare this day, in the name of Jesus, and if you’re in agreement, say Amen. Amen.


?We welcome you with praise. Almighty God of love, be welcome in this place. We raise your banner high, Jesus. Jesus Jesus you make the darkness tremble. You silence fear. Your name can’t be overcome. Oh the name of Jesus. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess.

Betty Love. I hear the Lord saying, “It’s time to close the door on regret.” Where regret has had a hold of you and fear of your past catching up with you has been a thing, the Lord says it’s time to deal with that thing right here right now. And where regret has been a door to death and fear in your life, the Lord says He has actually come today to once and for all shut the door on regret and seal it with the blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

And the Lord says He is uprooting the spirit of fear, fear of your past, and He is calling you into your true identity today, to rise up in His presence and receive the perfect love of God that casts out all fear. No more torment in your mind, will and emotions. The Lord says even as Paul. It’s time to cut that cord. Forgetting those things that are behind and pressing on toward the mark, toward the upward call in Christ Jesus. You’re coming up. Coming up up up up up up up out of that pit. Up out of regret. Up out of fear.

He is setting your feet upon a rock. Upon The Rock. He’s putting a new song in your mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many are going to see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.

?I won’t win this battle with the strength of my own hand. You’re the mountain-mover and only you can. I won’t build my life on sinking sand. You’re my hope forever, the rock where I stand. You’re my firm foundation. I won’t let my past shake me down. I stand on you Jesus. You’re the rock where I stand. Sure foundation. I’m rooted and grounded in you Jesus and your love. Perfect love casts our every fear.

Betty Love. He’s just bringing a peace right now, it’s like a settling in your spirit, soul and body. It’s a real settling. It’s a real peace because of His love and because you are in Him and He is in you. I hear the Lord saying, “It is a brand new day for you.” Glory.

Kimble Love. As we step into this new day, we’re going to come to the Table of the Lord and eat of the bread and drink of the cup, remember the sacrifice, the price that Jesus paid to bring us back into right relationship, fellowship, sonship with Father God. We all like sheep have gone astray, each enticed by our own selfish carnal desires. But God didn’t create us that way. That wasn’t His heart for us. His heart for us was love, grace, mercy, peace, supernatural power and strength.

And He saw that we were living out the error of our ways. And try as man may to live right, we couldn’t do it on our own. I can’t do this on my own. So God said, I’ll come and I’ll make a way where there seems to be no way. So Jesus, Son of the Living God, came to the earth and became man and He walked in our shoes, so to speak. He became just like us, yet was without sin. He came with a heart to please the Father, to walk in obedience. Because greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

And God so loved us that He came. And Jesus went to that cruel cross. He knew what was before Him. He knew what He was going to experience. And as He was placed on that cross and those nail were driven into His body, the sin of the world came upon Him and He took every bit of it, the lies and deceit and deception, the vileness and depravity, all the wickedness that man had conspired came upon Him and He took it. He took it, Church, because He loves us that much. He laid down His life so that we could live, not just live this life in the body, but live as sons of the Living God, full of the Holy Ghost and power, displaying His glory and living out His purpose in the earth to display His kingdom and advance it wherever we go.

Today as we come, we get to partake of the Table. We’re going to eat of the bread which represents His body that was broken. And we’re going to drink of the cup which represents His blood. We’re saying Yes to the New Covenant that Jesus purchased for us. That’s life everlasting. Our salvation. Our deliverance from all sin. Our health. Our healing. Our wholeness. Our ability to walk in the fullness of the Spirit. To live a life of godliness. To display His power and presence wherever we go.

So Lord, today we thank you for the cup, the blood that was shed and the body that was broken. As we come and receive it, Lord, we take your very spiritual DNA into our bodies. We remember the work of the cross. We remember your sacrifice. But Lord, we remember most your resurrection, that you’re not in that tomb. You’re not in that grave, but you’re at the right hand of the Father ever making intercession for us and empowering us and strengthening us to fulfill the purpose that we were created for.

So Lord, we ask you to have your way in us. We celebrate today your life and the life that you gave us in your name we pray. Amen and Amen.

As we come to the Table today we also have an opportunity to sow into the kingdom, the work of the ministry with your tithes, your offerings. This is First Fruits—your first fruit to be cast into the ministry. Look, we’re going places. Amen? I know God is faithful. God supernaturally blesses and multiplies everything that comes in here. He supernaturally blesses us. And this is just the beginning. We haven’t seen anything yet.

God is moving His people. He’s moving His Church. He’s moving His body from just surviving into thriving. From having just enough to having more than enough. Ample provision to do and to give into all good causes that He raises up.

So Father, I just thank you now that everything that comes into this offering today, that you supernaturally bless it; that you bring forth the increase. Even upon the sowers, the givers, Lord God, I thank you that their vats overflow with the fullness of provision. Father, I thank you that you’re moving mightily and miraculously in our midst. And Father, we look to you, the Author and Perfecter, to do what only you can do. Have your way, Lord, in Jesus name.

?Humbly I stand, an offering. Lord I bring everything and nothing less, my best, my all. You deserve my every breath, my life, my song. I surrender all. Lord, take control. I trust you. I’m letting go to give you everything and nothing less. With everything we will shout for your glory, for your praise. I give you everything and nothing less forever. My life is yours, completely yours. I surrender all.

Betty Love. Father, I thank you that you have renewed a good month for us in the month of Adar. And Lord, it is a leap year that we stand in Hebraically and prophetically. We thank you for the now of heaven in this house today. For all those you have gathered into this place physically, spiritually, those that are watching, we welcome you here this morning. Heaven welcomes you here this morning.

Father, I thank you for Brad. I thank you for this prophetic teacher. We put a demand on the ministry gift and as he opens his mouth this morning, I thank you that you fill it.

Holy Spirit, you are the Revelator, the Teacher. We say, clothe Brad. We put a demand on what you’ve stored in him and this word. Father, I thank you that everyone that is in the sound of his voice in this place, watching, I thank you for awakening prophetic destiny. I thank you for awakening identity.

I thank you, Lord God, for bringing us forth in our birthright and our destinies today. I thank you that we have an ear to hear, a heart to receive, and not just 30, 60 but a hundred-fold return on the Word of God today on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

Brad Roney. PowerPoint. Adar II

We’re in a wonderful time. We’re in a wonderful season and months. Rosh Chodesh of Adar II is this weekend, the evening of the 7th going into the 8th of March.

This year we have Adar I and Adar II. The Hebraic calendar like our calendar has leap years. This year, 5779, is a Hebraic leap year. In order to have the right number of days they had to add an additional Adar. It bridges the gap from Shavuot into Passover. We have two Adars to bridge that gap. So this is leading into Passover later on.

Adar means glorious, fire, strength, to be wise, to be made great, and to be honorable. This is a month to know our identity in Him. This is where our true identity comes from. We can be identified by other people or society. But to get to true identity, who we really are, we need to go to the source, the very One who knit us together in our mother’s womb; the very One who knew us from the foundations of the earth; the very One who programmed our distinctive, unique DNA. There’s not a single person in this world or who has ever lived in this world that’s ever had a DNA just like yours. So you are unique, special. Never let anybody convince you that you’re not unique. In God’s eyes, you are.

We’re in a month where we can step into and understand who we are. We have two months or 60 days. This is a good month to press into the Lord and to ask Him. He’s a God who loves to answer questions. I’ve asked Him many questions over my 44 years of life. So this is a perfect time. If you’re wondering, Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing? Ask the source. Go to the source. And that’s God. He’s the One who created you. He’s the One who loves you. He’s the One who sent His Son to die for you specifically.

This is also the month to overturn worry with the release of supply. This is also the month to develop your war strategy against the anti-Christ spirit. The enemy wants you to end the year fearful of moving forward into the fullness of what the next season is about. Don’t let the giants produce fear in you. Guard yourself from idolatry.

I’ve realized in my life as I’m sure many of you have that when you start stepping out and start seeing the Lord really do something in your life and around you, the enemy will use the most over-used weapon he has, and that is fear. We’ve all experienced some type of fear in our lives.

It’s not spooky fear. It’s the fear of the unknown. It could be the fear of the opinions of others. It could be the fear of letting someone down. It could be the fear of rejection. All those fears can creep up and the enemy uses those fears to keep us from progressing, from walking in and actually seeking out your identity. Those can go hand in hand. Those are also keys you can use for strategy against the enemy’s plan against you.

We’re in a 60 day period, Adar I and Adar II, including the 30th of Shabbat which shares Rosh Chodesh, the head of the month, with Adar I. The 30th of Shabbat is merging in with Adar I. We have 30 days in Adar I plus one day of the Shabbat and Adar II has 29 days, with a total of 60 days. 60 is the number of Power of Transformation. So we have stepped into Adar I and Adar II with the Power of Transformation at our fingertips.

As we are going through the 70 Day Decree, we have been decreeing this since 2/9/19 going through 4/19/19, Passover, into our land, the land we occupy now, the very community we live in. It’s the land we walk in every day. I believe wherever our feet touch is our land, our territory, our spheres of influence. It’s our state, the state of Mississippi. Our nation—we occupy our nation. We talked about the United States Territories, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Mariana Islands—there’s 16. We are decreeing this over all this territory, where our feet touch. For 70 days we’re decreeing this:

Lord God, we present ourselves unto you a living sacrifice. We acknowledge and declare that we are filled with the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. Your word tells us righteousness exalts a nation. We stand before you in the land you have given us, and we decree and release the righteousness of Christ into our territories, spheres of influence, our cities, states and nation in order to bring healing, revival, awakening, and reformation to America. Father, let your Spirit of righteousness be released and established in us, and in every place in which you have given us jurisdiction. Let your righteous Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Prepare the soil of this nation and realign us with Your righteousness. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

That’s a Decree of Transformation. We’re decreeing into our land, wherever we’re going, we’re decreeing righteousness that will transform a nation, that will transform our state of Mississippi, that will transform everywhere we put our feet. The Power of Transformation is within the 70 Day Decree; so we’re in a safe place where the power of transformation is being brought out and the righteousness will bring transformation to where we are directing it.

Betty. Kairos Time. Glory.

Brad.  Developing your Warfare Strategy.

Jeremiah 1:9-10. Then the Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “Now, I have put my words in your mouth. See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.

Luke 21:14-15. But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.

The Lord has given us the words, not only in decrees but through words being spoken over each state. That goes back to identity. We are not only looking for a personal identity, but we are standing in the gap for every state in this nation, every state of the union—we’re together.

I was moved yesterday. Tara Conard shared a dream about Mississippi and Delaware. It was not state against state or me against you. It was a state coming to the aid of her brother and pulling him up out of the muck and mire, helping him.

She had another dream about New York, where Mississippi was brushing her sister’s hair. Her hair was tangled and matted and Mississippi was helping New York, a state helping another state, people helping other people—brushing her hair. The hair represents your glory. Taking the knots and tangles out of the glory. I was floored. This is where God intended this country to be. I will not agree with negative comments about this country. I believe God founded this country for a purpose and a reason and that purpose and reason will be identified. And this nation and each state will understand who they are and what they’re supposed to be doing under God’s plan.

Guard my mouth. Words are very powerful. Words can be used to agree or disagree—with what God is saying or what the enemy is saying. What are you agreeing with? What is coming out of your mouth? It is something uplifting, edifying, or is it something tearing down?

Psalm 141:3. Set a guard, oh Lord, over my mouth. Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Proverbs 21:23. He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.

Proverbs 6:2-5. If you have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth, then do this, my son, to free yourself, since you have fallen into your neighbor’s hands: Go and humble yourself; press your plea with your neighbor. Allow no sleep to your eyes, no slumber to your eyelids. Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler.

Are we agreeing with what the Lord is speaking over this nation and over the states? This is all meshing with Adar and this is where we are. This is flowing like a river, like tributaries coming into one big river. It’s all together. I didn’t realize this until last night. I was so amazed. So guard your mouth and what you say. Are you going to agree with what the Lord is saying about you, your family, this state and country? Or are you going to believe what you hear on the media—that we’re going to hell in a hand basket? That we’re all doomed—that the earth is going to implode and we’re all going with it? No! We’re not. I don’t come into agreement with that.

Redeeming the Time.

Ephesians 5:15-16. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Colossians 4:5. Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

Psalm 107:2. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy.

The Lord is redeeming what the enemy has tried to or has put his grasp on, where he’s put his hands on. He’s claim jumping. Claim jumping is someone coming in and grabbing and taking ownership of something that doesn’t belong to them.

So the Lord is redeeming the time. The Lord is redeeming what the enemy has stolen from you. Go to the enemy’s camp and take back what the enemy has stolen. The enemy thought he could have this state, this nation. He can’t. It’s not his. He has taken claim of something he doesn’t own—he’s never owned.

Psalm 30:12-13. You have turned my mourning into dancing. You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, so that my well-being can praise you and not be silent; Adonai my God, I will thank you forever.

Time is in the glory and you are going to step into the glory and redeem time. Our days are changing dramatically, one moment after another. Just looking at the news feeds for the week, seeing human trafficking broken. We’ll take one person at a time if it takes that. Even in the territories of the United States, corruption is being broken off. Things are coming to light that have been hidden in the darkness. It’s coming into the glory. The truth is shining light and expelling the darkness.

Your wisdom is coming from above. The days of lamenting are over. You will not lament the past nor will you lament your future. Leave the past where it belongs—behind you. It’s not with you. Don’t carry it around like a bag, taking stuff out as you go. Leave it where it belongs, in the past. The Lord has redeemed you from whatever your past is. We all have a past. Some are uglier than others, but it’s under the blood and no one has the power to take that out from under the blood. So leave your past behind you—for the rest of your days.

Every good and perfect gift.

James 1:17-18. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Heavenly Lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all He created.

James 3:13-18. Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the devil. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

This goes back to confessions. Are you confessing or harboring or taking hold? It’s that bag. Are you bringing envy, discord, jealousy, bitterness, whatever? Are you bringing it with you? Come in humility. Give it to the Lord. Give peace. It’s all about peace. About wholeness(?). Why go through life being burdened with these things that bring no fruit?

The tribe for this month of Adar I and Adar II is Naphtali. He is the sixth son of Jacob. He was born by Rachel’s maidservant, Bilhah. He was her second and last child with Jacob. When Naphtali was born Rachel said, “I have had a great struggle with my sister and I have won.” Naphtali means ‘my struggle.’ When Jacob blessed his twelve sons he said, “Naphtali is a doe set free that bears beautiful fawns.” (Genesis 49:21) That’s peace. Have you ever seen a deer in full stride in a meadow and then suddenly it jumps like it’s nothing. That’s freedom. That’s peace.

The image presented is of one which springs forth with great speed and provides good news. Later, Moses blessed the tribe: “Naphtali is abounding with the favor of the Lord and is full of his blessing; he will inherit southward to the lake.” (Deuteronomy 33:23) (Joshua 19:32-39) Naphtali’s land was in northern Israel, bordering Asher’s territory, and the Sea of Galilee touched the southern portion of it’s territory.

Naphtali means my wrestlings, my struggles. It’s a doe let loose. Naphtali is a good communicator but the negative is tangled communication, loose tongue. That’s going back to our confessions. What are you confessing? Are you confessing the negative? Are you coming into agreement with what the enemy is saying about a situation? Or are you in agreement with what the Lord is saying about it? And what the Lord is saying about you, your family, your children, your job? Everywhere you go, are you agreeing with the enemy or are you agreeing with the Lord?

Sweetness is as unto me.

Deuteronomy 33:23. Naphtali: “Naphtali brims with blessings, spills over with God’s blessings as he takes possession of the sea and southland.”

Of Naftali he said: “You, Naftali, satisfied with favor and full of blessing from Adonai, take possession of the sea and the south.” CJB

All this scripture shows what God spoke into and was saying about Naphtali.

Matthew 4:13-16. Leaving Nazareth, he went and lived in Capernaum, which was by the lake in the area of Zebulun and Naphtali—to fulfill what was said through the prophet Isaiah: “Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, the way to the sea, along the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles—the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

This is speaking of Jesus going into this territory. I believe we are seeing in our own land that light come forth as we welcome in Jesus. We have opened up the gates, the east gate, the west gate, the south gate, the north gate. We have welcomed the Lord in and He is bringing His life and His light into a dark, desolate land.

We can look out these windows; we can walk out and look around this neighborhood where we have been planted. We’ve been planted here for a purpose and a reason. We can see desolate areas. We can see buildings that are not occupied. We can see a grown up lot over there. We can see hopelessness and desperation all over this area. The Lord planted us here for a reason, I believe, to bring life and The Light into this dark area, to bring this as a Glory Valley, where His glory is presiding. It’s a habitation, not a visitation. We’re ushering in and presenting ourselves in this place as a habitation for the Lord to abide.

The stone for the month is the amethyst. The alphabet is KAF—to cover with strength. It also means removing the masquerade and entering into joy. Take the mask off. It’s going back to identity. Take off the facade. For a period of time in my life I had a facade on. I walked around with a mask. People thought one thing of me but really on the inside I was totally different. I looked fine on the outside but I felt dead on the inside. This is a month to remove those and let the Lord do what He wants to do about identity. Come out of the shadows and walk into the light. And let the Lord’s truth shine upon you to reveal His truth on you, His truth on your family and His truth on where you’re going.

The constellation for this month is Pisces. This is astronomy, not astrology. The Lord created the stars. He created the heavens. And He created the constellations. I’m not an astronomer. I don’t know much it, but I can pick out some of the constellations and star groups in the heavens that God created.

Pisces is fish. Find your supply in the hidden world. It goes back also to finding peace and joy in the supply the Lord has for you. This is the month that Jesus told Peter to find the fish with money in its mouth to pay their taxes.

Betty. Who can say amen? Amen.

Brad. So everybody get your favorite fishing pole out. We’re going down to the creek.

There is identity for you in the invisible world (supernatural). Discover your identity in the spiritual realm and you see how the Lord is conforming you by the Spirit. Identify your gifts and become who you were meant to be. From the foundations of the earth, the Lord put purpose and destiny on you, even before you were born.

I think Identity is one overall focus of Adar. This is a time to find your identity. Ask the Lord what you’re meant to do, what He put you in this earth for. And it’s a purpose. You’re not here by accident. You’re here with a purpose.

The organ for the month is the spleen. I work in pathology so I deal with a lot of tissue, organs, fluid, cells, etc. I’ve had the unpleasant opportunity to hold somebody’s spleen in my hand. The main reason you will have your spleen taken out is trauma, like a car accident or abdominal injury; or an enlargement which would mean a rupture or an increased size of your spleen. Something’s gone wrong. The spleen is usually about seven to fourteen inches long unless it’s enlarged. They have a purplish-blue tint, a thick capsule covering a pulpy red material that’s soft and gelatinous.

The spleen is responsible for purifying the blood as well as storing blood cells. It has a reservoir of red blood cells. There’s also a white pulpy area which produces white blood cells, which is good for your immune system. There are many types of white blood cells you body releases to help fight infections, foreign bodies, etc.

It’s positioned in the superior abdomen and is the largest lymphatic organ in the body. The spleen serves a valuable roll in immune function because it purifies the blood and helps the immune system with recognizing and attacking foreign antibodies and disease.

The sense is Laughter. One of the children drew a picture of Adar with a laughing face and laughter coming out. Even the children recognize that Adar is a month of laughter and joy. It’s the month for overturning worry. It’s where your fear shall begin to laugh.

Betty. The word of the Lord came forth today about fear. I had forgotten all of this.

Brad. It just laid a path.

The song Confidence says: Your laughter scattered my enemies. You give me joy for my mourning. You lift my head so I can see all of heaven surrounding me.

That really sticks out to me.

Psalm 2:4. The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

Psalm 37:12-13. The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.

It seems like that is evident in the world today. You’ve seen a lot of the wicked plotting against the righteous. There is gnashing, a sense of just angst against the righteous, against the right. Not saying right as to conservative and republican but what is right.

The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.

He turns my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into singing. The sense of laughter, abounding joy and light. Have you ever gotten to a point where you’re just not having a good day? It’s gloomy; I’d just rather stay in the bed? Have you ever just had a moment where something made you laugh out of that time of gloom? How did that make you feel? That release, that laughter, that joy and release pushes out what is making you gloomy and in despair. That laughter and joy changes your mood. I believe the Lord sent joy to do that very thing. And he has deposited joy in you. You have a reservoir and a well of joy for you to take hold of and know that you have it and draw up from.

The light will permeate your darkness and barrenness breaks. The month to root out depression and despair so faith can break through your thought process. Root it out with joy. Take off the cloak of heaviness and put on the garment of praise.

The Lord brought a song to my remembrance from the Belfast Revival in the 90s that’s referring to taking off the cloak of heaviness and putting on the garment of praise.

?Put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Let the oil of gladness flow down from your throne.

Put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Your joy is my strength alone, my strength alone.

Make these broken, weary bones rise to dance again.

Wet this dry and thirsty land with a river.

Lord, our eyes are fixed on you and we are waiting

For your garment of praise as we praise your name.

Put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Let the oil of gladness flow down from your throne. It’s a confession. It’s going back to your speech. You get these less than laughing joyful times—sing and praise your way out of it. Raise up a Hallelujah and get yourself out of it.

Kimberley Davis. Jeremiah 20:11-13. But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior; so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced; their dishonor will never be forgotten. Lord Almighty, you who examine the righteous and probe the heart and mind, let me see your vengeance on them, for to you I have committed my cause. Sing to the Lord. Give praise to the Lord. He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked.

I read that and made a declaration of who He was. He’s a mighty warrior. So sing!

Brad. When I began studying my thinking was that Adar II was added, but it’s actually Adar in the regular calendar. So we are actually stepping into Adar on the regular calendar. Adar I was what was added. This 29 day period is leading into the next month.

In Adar II we celebrate Purim, the story of Esther. In the city of Susa, Mordecai didn’t bow and show respect to Haman, who was high up in the Persian kingdom. Some readings say he may have been second in command—a lot of power and authority.

He was enraged with Mordecai and wanted to punish him, so when he found out he was Jewish, he wanted to take out the whole nation of Jews. Because of one person, he would take it out on all of them. So Purim, pure, he cast lots to decide when he would annihilate them. After casting the lot or the pure, it came up to the 13th of Adar.

I’ve read commentaries where it says the name of God is never mentioned in the Book of Esther. But you can see that the hand of God was in the entire book, orchestrating from the very beginning, moving Vashti out of her position as Queen and moving Esther in. And then even having Mordecai discover a plot to kill the king, having his name written in the annals. To having Haman coming around and plotting against Mordecai and the Jews. And having the king actually send out a decree across the land on this certain day to annihilate the Jews.

The way Haman presented it to Xerxes was that these people aren’t like us. They don’t adopt our customs; they are vile and we need to get rid of them. From there Xerxes sent out the declaration and Esther was moved in as Queen. She was chosen from hundreds. The Lord had his hands on this and she was established in the kingdom.

Xerxes had a moment one night where he couldn’t sleep so he had records read to him and it came up that Mordecai had saved him by uncovering a plot to kill him. The king wondered what happened to him and what could be done for him. I think the Lord had a sense of humor when Xerxes brought Haman in later and asked him what he would do to lift up someone and honor them. Haman thinks the king is referring to him so he tells him to give this person a robe the king wore, and a ring; put him on a horse the king has ridden and lead him down the street proclaiming, This is what happens to people who are honored by the king. Haman is thinking this is going to be awesome, like a cherry on top of his cake.

The king agreed to all he suggested and told Haman to do that for Mordecai, the very person he wanted to kill. To me that’s God’s sense of humor. I got your number there, Haman. Haman led Mordecai through the city on Xerxes’ horse, with his robe and ring, declaring, This is what happens to those who are honored by the king.

The decree goes out and Mordecai knows what is going to happen and he is grieved that not just he but his entire people in the whole of the kingdom will be annihilated. He ripped his clothes, put on sackcloth and ashes, and was in despair. Esther sent word to find out the matter, and he spilled his heart.

He said, Esther, you’re in a position to come to the king and request to save us. Whatever your decision, you will not be spared because you’re in the palace. She said, He has not called me in. He hasn’t extended the scepter to me. I could die if I go in without being called. But I guess the Lord stirring in her caused her to say, I will die regardless, so she gave Mordecai instructions for the people to fast and pray. Then I will go before the king with the request to save us.

Here she is revealed. Her identity is revealed and she embraces for the first time as Queen her identity as a Jew. She tells the king that Mordecai is a relative. All these people you’re going to kill are my people. And she sought mercy.

Esther made two feasts. Adar 13 is called the Feast of Esther. She set up two banquets for Haman, the king and herself. Haman is feeling pretty good right now. He’s going back up. The king tells Esther to ask up to half his kingdom, just make her request. She asks to give another banquet for the three of them and she will tell him exactly what she wants. Again, Haman is invited and she then lays it all out, revealing to the king Haman’s plot, the Amalekite plot against the Jews. As Betty put it, the Amalekite spirit that is coming against us.

Are you going to take care of it on the front end or are you going to be run in with a spear like Saul? Saul didn’t take care of it and his demise came at the hands of the Amalekites.

Esther laid out the dinner and her heart. She asks for mercy from the king and she uncovered Haman’s plot to the king. Before this, Haman got so riled up at Mordecai, he built 75 foot gallows to hang him on. His rage got out of control, so this is already set up. Then Esther comes in asking for mercy and grace from the king. He extended it to her and he got enraged at Haman. What Haman had meant for Mordecai, he and his ten sons received; they all hung on those gallows.

A decree was released again. Mordecai was still in the position of honor with the robe and ring. Queen Esther had the acceptance of the king, who told her to write a decree and it would be sent out to all the kingdom to overturn what could not directly be overturned. The decree of the king had his signet ring seal. It could not be broken. But they did another decree to override that and it went through the land. Xerxes said, you write it and I’ll sign it. It basically said the Jews had the right to defend themselves against their oppressors. The Jews brought the fight to them.

This was the 14-15th of Adar for those walled cities. So Purim is still celebrated two days. It’s a celebration of joy, giving gifts, giving of yourself, giving to family and those who don’t have anything. That is Purim in a nutshell. It’s a story of God’s redeeming, His hand orchestrating the removal of Vashti to causing Esther to receive favor where she would not normally have favor. And bringing in a celebration to God’s people for redemption and salvation, for saving His people.

No matter what happens, God still has a covenant with Israel. No matter how much time lapses, His Covenant will never be broken. Even today we hear of countries coming against or threatening Israel. God’s covenant with Israel is not broken.

Betty Love. I want to release this because I had not seen it before. Brad said that Haman and all ten of his sons were hanged. Ten is the number for government. That’s why when Abraham prayed over Sodom and Gomorrah, he started by asking if there were 50 righteous would God spare it, and stopped at 10. Ten is the number for government.

When we talk about Haman and the Amalekite spirit, it is the anti-Christ spirit that has risen up in our nation. What God did was overthrow the ungodly government and bring forth His Godly government on earth as it is in heaven. When the word was released to the people of Persia at that time that the Queen was a Jew, not many people went out to fight to annihilate the Jewish people.

I believe we are in this season. It’s not by accident. We are going to see the evil decrees that have been issued in our land governmentally with the killing and the annihilation of the unborn, (overruled) as states take their place in the gates and legislate against that ungodly anti-Christ spirit, the Amalekite spirit, that comes to annihilate the people of God. And we will see ungodly government overturned. The kingdom of darkness will bow to the kingdom of God.

Take note of this. Haman had to lead Mordecai through the city and the enemy had to proclaim and honor the man of God. All your enemies will honor God in us and God with us. In God We Trust, America. Wake Up! Righteous Remnant.

Father, we thank you for today and the word that Brad brought. We thank you for the prophetic meaning in this Hebraic month of Adar. We thank you that you are overturning worry; and you are removing fear from our lives; and our mourning is being turned into dancing.

Lord, we thank you that we find our supply stored in our Godly inheritance and that our true identity comes forth in Christ Jesus. That there is revival, awakening, reformation and transformation for us, the people of God, and for our nation in this hour. We give you praise in Jesus name.