November 17, 2019

Miracle City Global – 11/17/19 – Transcript

11/17/19 Miracle City Global

Judah Goes First

Anna Love. Picking up from last week, we’ve been talking about motives and the heart. As I was having my time with the Lord this week, I was reading in I Peter and the Holy Spirit highlighted the word Purity to me. I was thinking about all we’ve been talking about and Purity in the Word. Scripture speaks of purity and being pure in your body and moral issues, your morality, sexual purity.

The Lord showed me a different side of Purity. Whenever we are rooted and grounded in the Love of God, and we’re standing up in all we are in Him, in who we’re supposed to be, our life should be a reflection of Purity.

Husbands, you should cover your wife in love because that’s an expression of purity in your walk with God. Wives, submit to your husbands because that’s a reflection of purity in your walk with God. Children, obey your parents because that’s a reflection of purity in your walk with God. Honor your boss even if he doesn’t deserve it because that’s a reflection of purity in your walk with God. Stop talking bad about your neighbor, even if it’s the truth.

How pure are your words? How pure are your thoughts? How pure are your motives? How pure is your heart? Look at the big picture. You can seem pure in your walk and your Christian walk, but if your Christian walk is a separate walk from your life or your relationships—if you start compartmentalizing things, then how pure are we? With the Lord and standing in purity, we are supposed to have a transparent walk. No matter what’s going on in your life you can say, Here I am. I don’t have anything to hide.

This is what led me to Purity.

I Peter 2:1-3 TPT. So abandon every form of evil, deceit, hypocrisy, feelings of jealousy and slander. In the same way that nursing infants cry for milk, you must intensely crave the pure spiritual milk of God’s Word. For this “milk” will cause you to grow into maturity, fully nourished and strong for life—especially now that you have had a taste of the goodness of the Lord Jehovah and have experienced his kindness.

We’re all here because of the goodness of God. If we start acknowledging the small things that really express His goodness and His kindness toward us, it begins to change our countenance. You may have all these heavy things going on, but, I woke up today. I was able to go to work. Or, I was able to come to church. Or, I was able to see my family. Or, I was able to connect to somebody. Or, I had a conversation and showed kindness to someone I didn’t know. All these small things are a reflection of the goodness of God.

Instead of letting the heavy things of the world build, if we let the small moments of the expression of the goodness of God start building in our lives, it changes our countenance. And where the water seemed mirky, it starts clearing up until it’s crystal clear.

The Lord showed me that we need to pray Purity. I’ve been guilty of this, especially years back. You can heard someone talking about something or someone and you start to piece it together. It’s like, enquiring minds want to know. or itching ears want to hear. Something in us, even when it doesn’t apply to us, we want to know.

It’s really not a good thing. When we start hearing gossip or something we have no business talking about, instead of wondering what did happen or what they really said, what if we prayed so much Purity that it cut us off from even hearing that?

Then take it a step further—not in a religious way. We don’t need to go from one thing to another. We don’t need any more religious people. We need more real people. But the moment of hearing things, people talking about things they shouldn’t, instead of jumping in and saying something, step away and remove yourself and say, Bring righteousness to that situation. Bring purity to that situation. Redeem that situation.

Open their eyes to see the truth of who you are. Lord, start breaking our hearts for what breaks yours. It’s going to the heart of the matter. I believe that’s what the Lord is doing with all of us. We’re all in this together, and no one is perfect, but He shows us and lays out the walk we should lead. It’s simple, but we make it hard. If we just get back to the simple things and walk in His Word and apply His Word to it, and begin to crave that pure walk; press into His goodness; see the light of His face in every moment; it begins to change everything.

I think we forget we have the power within us, Holy Spirit, Jesus, on the inside of us. So be the light in the situation. Be the light if you feel like darkness is all around you and it’s crowding in on you. You have the power. You have Jesus on the inside of you to dispel the darkness.

I Peter 1:13-19 Voice. So get yourselves ready, prepare your minds to act, control yourselves, and look forward in hope as you focus on the grace that comes when Jesus the Anointed returns and is completely revealed to you.

Be like obedient children as you put aside the desires you used to pursue when you didn’t know better. Since the One who called you is holy, be holy in all you do. For the scripture says, “You are to be holy, for I am holy.” If you call on the Father who judges everyone without partiality according to their actions, then you should live in reverence and awe while you live out the days of your exile.

You know that a price was paid to redeem you from following the empty ways handed on to you by your ancestors. It was not paid with things that perish (like silver and gold), but with the precious blood of the Anointed, who was like a perfect and unblemished sacrificial lamb.

If we look at the price that was paid for our lives, the price that was paid to do away with sin, the price that Jesus paid for us, my desire is to live a life worthy of what He did. How can we expect the power and the glory and the manifestations of miracles if we’re not willing to lay our flesh down? If we’re not willing to lay our offense down? How can we expect to operate in everything God has for us if we’re not willing to deal with the simple? It goes back to the heart and to our motives.

I think that’s why for the last few weeks we’ve been saying, Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours. Make us holy as you are holy. Purify us. This season the Lord is coming to the chambers of our hearts, and any place in our heart that we have something locked away that’s dark; any place in our heart where we’ve held onto unforgiveness or sin or bitterness or offense or whatever, the Lord is unlocking the chambers of our hearts, and He is cleaning out.

We’re in a season where it’s time to run. When I was running one day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, It’s time for the runners to run. If you have a blockage in your heart, it’s not a good idea to start running. So the Lord is coming to clean out our hearts and go to the root of the matter and take it completely out. Because he wants us to run fast. He wants us to run long. And he wants us to run strong.  In doing that we will finish victoriously.

We’re not like runners that run for a trophy, where there’s only one victor. We are the runners that run the race that finish and win the victory crown that lasts forever and ever. That’s the goodness of God. So walking in the purity of all He has for us is so important. How much fulfillment do you want on this side of heaven?

If you are born-again; asked Jesus in your heart, saved, then there is a guarantee for your salvation, a guarantee that you’re going to heaven; there’s a guarantee there. But we have no guarantee we will fulfill our full potential on this side of heaven if we’re not willing to yield to the Lord.

I believe the reason it’s been such a pressing matter these last few weeks is because the Lord desires for us to walk in the fullness of all he has for us. He wants your promise, he wants your destiny more than you do. All you have to do is yield. Give Him control and yield. Lord, I thank you that you are purifying hearts.

The definition of Purity is the condition or quality of being pure. Freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, or pollutes. It’s the freedom from any add mixture or modifying. It’s freedom from guilt or evil. It’s freedom from foreign or inappropriate elements. It’s careful correctness.

Careful correctness stands out to me. It’s not political correctness. It’s the careful correctness of the order of God coming into your life. The Lord lays things out simply for us. It’s the simple gospel. It’s, Here it is; step into it. It’s that easy. His yoke is easy. His burden is light.

In that desire for purity, you’re saying to God, Bring your careful correctness, bring your order, drop your plumb line in me. I hope that bears witness with you. It goes back to being rigidly righteous. Rigidly righteous is letting your yes be yes and your no be no. It’s holding onto the truth, and sin or anything apart from the truth of God has no place in your life. I believe we can all have that if we just yield to the Lord.

Lord, I thank you for this morning and that your mercies are new every morning. Lord, come and flood this place with who you are, with your person. Let your pure water come and rush through this place and cleanse the hearts of your people. We welcome the purification of your water. We welcome the purification of your fire. I thank you that you are coming and stoking that fire this morning, that fire that burns up the dross, that fire that ignites passion.

Lord, I thank you that complacency has no place in this house or in the people. Father, make us holy as you are holy. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. We receive your order this morning. We receive your careful correctness this morning, God. We receive all you have for us.

I thank you, God, that you’re raising up a new standard in this house, and it’s a standard of righteousness, being rigidly righteous—letting our yes be yes and our no be no. Lord, I thank you that the truth of your Word will not depart from our mouths. I thank you that you bring such an awareness in this season, in this year, in this decade of Pey, of the mouth, that you’ll bring such an awareness to us of our mouths, Lord. Bring such an awareness of our words and the power of our words.

Holy, Spirit, I thank you for your power and for your fire and for a fresh anointing this morning. I thank you, Lord, that we are embracing the pressing of your Spirit. We are embracing the pressing. We’re not running away from, but we are running to. We say we’re all in. We’re all in. Press us, Lord. Press us and let that new anointing, that new glory come out of us.

Lord, I thank you that you are pouring out like never before. I thank you for the signs, the wonders, and the miracles, and for the harvest that is coming to the body. Lord, we say Yes to it. Make us ready. Make us ready for the work that you have for us, Lord. We say Yes to it this morning, in Jesus name.

?Lord, your love is unchanging, and your beauty is beyond my worth. Lord, your grace is amazing and your glory fills heaven and earth. And the prayers of the saints and the praises of the children join thousands of angels who encircle your throne and cry,Holy. Holy is the Lord. And worthy of honor is the Lamb who was slain.

Glorify us. Come baptize us. Make us ready. Let there be oil in my lamp and my fire not go out when I hear the Bridegroom come. Let there be oil in my lamp. Make us ready.

We’re ready and willing, Lord. Touch the hot coal to my lips. We are ready, Lord.

I will tend your altar. I will stoke the fire of your presence. I will run for you.

Here’re our hearts, Lord. You can have them all the way. All the way. All the way. Let our hearts be for you and only you, Lord. I will write on you my name, Yahweh, forever. Write on us, oh Lord. I will be known by you as faithful and true.

Come remove the residue. Even the memory of it, Lord. You’re restoring our minds and our hearts. Purify us. Come baptize us with your fire, fire, fire… We welcome your fire on the altar of our hearts. Come and burn. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I can smell it burning. The coals on the fire burning hotter, burning brighter. Let our hearts be the coals on the fire of your altar.

Burn burn burn burn, let our walls burn down. Let offense burn down. Let the walls of hostility burn down.

Clean us in the body of Christ, in the church of Mississippi, in this nation. Every strategy of the enemy, He’s saying, Exposed.

There’s a fire coming to the enemy’s camp. He’s gotta get out of the land. Let us be your burning ones that stand in the fire. Consume us in your fire. All-consuming fire, you’re our hearts’ desire. Living flame of love, come baptize us.

Betty. The all-consuming fire. Lord, we acknowledge you as all-consuming fire. Our God is the All-Consuming Fire. That means that if there is anything in our life that needs to be consumed by the fire, He’s going to consume it. We want to acknowledge you, Lord, your baptism of Holy Spirit and fire. Holy Spirit and fire…

?Holy Holy Holy Spirit. Holy fire. Come and burn. You’re the God of the righteous rising. You’re the God of the remnant rising up.

Betty. Praise him. Worship him in your heavenly language. Utter mysteries out of your spirit man. Build yourself up in your most holy faith, in the Holy Ghost.

I will praise you with my spirit man and with my mind.

Marked. Let us be marked and set apart for You. They’re gonna know that I love you.

Anna. The Lord said in this place of declaring His fire on our hearts, that different ones of you have a declaration, even if it’s one word, or something like we said, Marked, set apart. Something you desire the Lord to do in you but something you also desire to be in the Body of Christ. It’s calling forth and speaking forth the truth. It’s not about just one of us speaking forth the truth, but it’s about our voices becoming one voice that shouts out the truth.

It’s the truth coming from a pure place because when you allow the fire of the Lord to come in, it brings the love of God, the love of the Father.

Michael. Freedom!!!

Anna?Freedom to our hearts, Lord. Freedom…

Jacob. Passion, feel it, a fire spreading all throughout the land.

Anna. We say Passion passion passion… Freedom and Passion coming to our hearts and to our land. It’s about all of us building because we’re in this together. The Lord is reaching into our hearts and bringing freedom to our hearts and passion to our hearts. It’s not just about the one. It’s about the corporate. Whenever we all start coming into agreement, that’s when we start seeing the mountains moved, when we start seeing transformation come. It’s about all of us coming together as one and moving.

Kevin Long. There’s a video of a secular group in a huge outdoor event at night. There’s a shot from the back when the music hits and thousands and thousands of people shout as one. In my mind I saw that if the people of God would get in one accord like that secular group of people were. One accord.

Anna?One accord. One accord. Make us as one accord. Hei Hei Hei

Lane?Set this generation on fire, Lord.

Anna. The Lord is saying if we’ll steward this moment, this time that we’re in, even though is not the norm—we want to see transformation in our own lives, in our own church, in our own city—but that it’s bringing transformation to the heart of the state, to the heart of Mississippi. It’s coming back to the first love because it’s all about the heart.

Michelle?Restoration, restoration

Anna. When the restoration comes, it matters about the details. The Lord is using things so specifically like keys this morning. We were saying and singing Restoration so fast, because the Lord says when His restoration comes, it’s such a quick turnaround, you can’t even see the start or the beginning, it’s that quick. He’s bringing restoration to this land, to us individually and corporately.

Brad. Single eye. Undivided heart. ?Single eye with an undivided heart.

Anna?Freedom. Passion. One accord. Set our hearts on fire. Bring restoration. Undivided hearts.

Betty. Reformation.

Anna?Reformation coming to our hearts and coming to the heart of the land. Reformation is rising right now.

Danette. Earth, wind and fire. It’s a Holy Ghost burn.

Kimberley. A dividing the people from all that is evil.

Anna. Dividing the people from all that is evil. Lord, I thank you that you are bringing righteousness, true righteousness to this land, true justice to this land.

Laurie. Redeeming the time. Redemption.

Kevin Wilson. Lost identity found.

Nita. I could see us lit like a lamp. Then the heat hit me and I had to really look to see because the sun was shining in the window on me. It was hot and He said this and it just made me laugh. He said, Wood, hay and stubble burns real easy. So I just declare in the name of Jesus that the wood, hay and stubble, the works of the flesh, will burn up on the fire of God easy. It will be a quick, easy burn in the fire of God.

Anna. It’s all working together. All the parts and the pieces are coming together.

Nancy. Obedience.

Anna. Before we move on, all these words, all these phrases, the Lord is using them. He’s weaving together a tapestry. I see that the Lord is going to blanket not only our hearts but our state, and He’s going to bring all those words into fruition. It’s building one on another, but it goes back to obedience.

If our hearts aren’t yielded and we’re not obedient to God, how can we eat the best of the land? And he’s calling us to the best. He’s bringing the best to us. He’s setting His table before us even now and the best is there. It’s not that the best is yet to come. We’re entering into the best and it’s through obedience that we enter in.

Jill. Purpose. Anna. What’s your purpose?

Pat. His presence is everywhere.

Carol. Harvest time.

Rosemary. Glory.

Mr. Floyd. Togetherness.

Brenda. Aligned.

Shelly. Forgiveness.

Dottie. Purity and Innocence.

Anna. Lord, we ask for purity and innocence restored to our land. Father, I thank you that you are bringing Mississippi. It’s really going to the state this morning. It’s going to our hearts first but as we traveled across this state yesterday, I had such an awareness of Mississippi. This state is our home. This land is our land because it’s the land in which the Lord planted us. From the top to the bottom, from the north to the south, from the east to the west, all across this state is our land.

And if you live in this land, you have authority in this state. So you have the authority to speak forth the word like we did this morning into us as a people, and into the state to see the mountains move, to see the stronghold break, to see the walls come down.

So Lord, we thank you for these words that have gone forth. We thank you for each one of them, that they are moving in power all across this land.

Father, I thank you that you are bringing your righteous standard to this land. I thank you that you are raising up a people who will be gap standers for you in this land. That we will see a turnaround even today. Let it start right now. Let the hearts of the people in the land of Mississippi turn towards the Father.

Father, I thank you that you are setting the hearts of leaders in this land on you, Lord. That you are setting hearts of even governmental leaders on you, Lord, church leaders, anyone that holds any type of position. That our hearts will be set on you. That you will let your true justice, your true righteousness rise within them.

Father, in every person that lives in the state of Mississippi I thank you that salvation comes. It’s an ungodly belief to think that our whole state cannot be saved. Lord, I thank you that your salvation and the truth of your Word, Jesus Christ Himself, becomes revealed in the state of Mississippi. I thank you for the salvation of the souls of this state.

I thank you that this state will be a state of people that belong to God and in that the land will respond with joy and thanksgiving in Jesus name.

Kimble Love. Throughout this morning, the state of our being and the era we’re in, we’re at a point where God is really working on us and he is working on our character. We as Christians, as Spirit-filled believers, need to be walking as though we’re in the spotlight at all times, because we really are. The things we see and the things we say, the way we act and our responses to circumstances and situations really is a huge deal because the world is watching.

Here’s the deal. We don’t need to live our lives in the spotlight just because we think somebody is watching. God has raised us up to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, to be the head and not the tail, to be above and not beneath. Not because we’re trying to make an impression on anybody else, but because of who He created us to be.

When we lower our standards and bend an ear to idle words, malicious gossip, or whatever, then we’re yielding to the temptation and the pull of the world. We’re trying to come into agreement with someone else’s thing and therefore, we step out of our sonship position and we’ve become a friend of man. We’re being moved by words of man.

Through all of that I had a vision of an oyster. An oyster is not a real pretty creature. It’s rough and covered in barnacles, lives on the bottom of the ocean, river stream, or wherever. On the inside, the oyster forms pearls, and pearls are of great value and price. That pearl doesn’t just become a pearl because it’s inside an oyster. A pearl is formed inside of an oyster when an irritant comes in.

Has anybody in here ever been irritated? That irritant could be a grain of sand, a piece of shell or dirt, but mainly what comes into an oyster is a parasite. A parasite is a plant or animal that cannot exist on its own, but it’s dependent on being a host of something else. That popped in my mind this morning and I got to thinking.

When somebody brings a negative word or comment or gossip, unless that word has a place to land, it’s going to die because it can’t live on its own. So when we allow it into our mind or heart, it’s going to begin to live because we’re giving it life. It’s sucking the very life out of us.

So when the oyster gets the parasite in, there is a fluid inside the oyster called nacre that surrounds that foreign object and seals it off. It releases layer upon layer and over time, that irritant which came to cause harm, becomes a pearl of great price.

We, as Spirit-filled believers, are filled with oil of the Holy Spirit that’s on the inside of us and it’s there as a shield to protect, to deliver, and to overtake. So when those things come into our mind and try to attack our heart, we need to release the Holy Spirit within us to encapsulate that thing, to cover it up, to allow layer and layer to dispose of it and cast it out.

Every time those things come, it’s building us up, and we walk it out. When we don’t yield to it, or take it in, or run with it, those things that try to come to pull us down, our character is being strengthened, our character is being formed. Christ in us, the hope of glory, is going to be made manifest even more and more and more.

So I encourage you today. Allow the Lord to build you up, to build you into the pearl of great price that He’s called you to be. Don’t allow the enemy’s schemes to pull you down and to keep you where you are. We’re to be going forth and advancing, growing in our faith moment by moment, day by day. I encourage you to stand, to be strong when those irritants come.

In this world, you are going to get irritated. People and places are going to irritate you. You’re going to get irritated at your job, at your workplace, wherever you go, but rise above that. See that the irritations that come your way are just building your character so that you can rise up into the fullness of sonship that God created you to walk in.

Betty Love. For the Lord would say, Consider it pure joy, my brethren, whenever you face trials of many kinds because the testing of your faith develops perseverance; and perseverance must finish its work that we be mature and complete, lacking nothing. We’re going to respond to Him so we can respond to them or it.

This is a now poem that the Lord gave Pat this week. We have psalmists among us. She said last Sunday that the presence of the Lord here changed her from the inside out. She’s healed. His presence is His face. The Lord has turned His face towards us to transform us from the inside out. This is a house of transformation and reformation.

Pat Bode. It’s time to turn over a new leaf.

This is a new day, a new beginning, to turn over a new leaf.

Yesterday is gone. Let it go and see relief.

God is your witness and is transforming you.

Because it’s time to reach out to him and be made new, too.

Your hope comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

You’ve been praying and seeking the Lord Jesus for his advice.

He’s coming now and taking hold of your hand.

He’s lifting you up out of sinking sand.

God put his Holy Spirit in you, you see,

He’s been waiting for you to let go, and Come to Me.

He lives inside of you. He’s intertwining every fiber of your soul.

He’s opened up your eyes to see and your ears to hear so you can be whole.

So take the time to seek him in your quiet time of prayer.

He will come to you and meet with you to help you be aware.

The glory of the Lord will shine a light within you

To produce the joy of the Lord and strengthen you, too.

So now it’s time for you, too, my friend

To feel the warmth of the love of God within.

So bow your head and give Jesus all the praise.

Worship him now for the rest of your days.

Be filled with the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ

And thank him for everything with all your might.

For Jesus loves you with all of his heart.

He’s been waiting very patiently for you to start.

So don’t let go and always be true.

Obey God’s commandments for He’s always there with you, too.

This is your beginning, now, to turn over a new leaf.

Jesus is here with you to help you let go of all your grief, in Jesus name.

Betty. That’s awesome. She said, That’s God. You know when he gives it to you in five minutes time, it’s God.

Anna. In that I want to acknowledge what we’ve done this morning. We’ve stepped into  I Peter 1. We’ve stepped into the purification, setting ourselves apart and asking the Lord to make us holy as He is holy.

I Peter 1:17. This is what we’ve done today.

If you address as Father the one who impartially judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay on earth, knowing that you are not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life, inherited from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of the Lamb, unblemished and spotless, which is the blood of Christ. For he was foreknown before the foundation of the world but has appeared in these last times for the sake of you, who through him, are believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory so that your faith and hope are in God.

Since you have an obedience to the truth, purify your souls for a sincere love of the brethren. Fervently love one another from the heart, for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable, but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God. For all flesh is like grass and all its glory like a flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls off, but the word of the Lord endures forever. And this is the word which was preached to you.

Lord, we thank you for your words that have come forth this day. I thank you that truth is rising in this hour, that the truth of your word is rising. Lord, we receive the purification that you’ve brought into this house this morning, Lord, I thank you that it builds, that Purity begins to build and build and build and strengthen her cords.

Lord, I thank you that just as you are raising up a standard of righteousness, that you are raising up a standard of purity saying, Be holy as I am holy.  Be holy as I am holy. We receive your holiness, Lord, not in a religious way, but through the relationship, through the person of who you are, Jesus Christ.

I thank you that your holiness comes to the body, to the people, in a real, mighty way, releasing your glory and your power and your person and your presence into the earth. Lord, I thank you that we have stood in the gap this morning not only for ourselves, but on behalf of our state and all the people in it. We say, Let the light of your face shine on Mississippi and on every Mississippian and every person that comes through this state, Lord, from the farthest north, to the south, to the east, to the west, the farthest ends and all in between. We say, Let it be. Let it be, in Jesus name. Amen.

Mid-Morning Service

?There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down. When I hear that trumpet sound, gonna rise up outta the ground. Love is my weapon. I’m gonna take my giants down.

Ain’t no grave could hold his body down. If you walked outta the grave I’m walking too.

Kimble Love. Praise God. Welcome to Miracle City Global. Aren’t you glad you’re not in the grave. Aren’t you glad we’re on the move. Say, I’m alive. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Glory to God.

We’re glad you’re here today. We’re going to have an awesome time in the Lord. When you walk through the doors at Miracle City you’re family. We want you to feel at home, so cast off every care because Jesus has set you free. We’re going to enter into worship. Today is an awesome day, a beautiful day. The Lord is here and he is moving mightily in our midst. I encourage you to open up your heart to him and receive from him today because he’s a good good Father. And he always gives us what we need when we need it if we’ll just seek him out.

Lord, we thank you today for allowing us to be here, to congregate together. Lord, we desire to worship you today in spirit and in truth. We open our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our spirits. We say, Holy Spirit come and bring the wisdom, revelation, and the knowledge of heaven unto us, everything that we need for this time in which we are in.

Father, I pray today for every person in this room. I pray for this city, for this state, and for this nation. Father, we call forth your righteousness to blanket this nation. Father God, that your truth will continue to march on and be established. Father, we speak to the iniquities of this world and we say, Be uprooted and be exposed and destroyed, and that the walls of righteousness rise.

May your glory and your goodness be seen across this land. We stand united and in alignment with the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, have your way. Amen and Amen.


?I lift my sails to the sky. Gonna catch the wind. Like an eagle, gonna catch the wind. Your faithfulness will never let me down. I’m confident I’ll see your goodness now. Gonna catch the wind. We feel the winds of your love, the winds of your Spirit. We catch the wind.

Anna. Lord, we thank you for your fresh breath, your fresh wind coming in this place this morning. Lord, I thank you that you are the wind beneath our wings, that you’re giving us a fresh breath like a second wind. I thank you that you’re bringing a new strength to the body this morning, that the freshness of your Spirit, just like a season’s change, you can smell it in the air and feel a fresh breath in the air.

Father, I thank you that you’re bringing your wind and we’re catching the wind of your Spirit this morning. And that you’re breathing life into us, into our bones.

Betty. I saw a color wheel like the ones that spin in front of a light and release all the colors. I saw a color wheel spinning in this place with each color pie shaped. The Lord says it is his intent that through the church, the ekklesia, that the manifold wisdom of God, the many colors, the plethora of colors of the wisdom of God be made known to the ruler and authorities in the heavenly realm.

He is releasing his light and his glory and his manifold wisdom through you today up into the atmosphere, into this region, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha. The word the Lord spoke to me this morning was Confident Assurance. Confident Assurance. Those that wait upon the Lord, those that hope in the Lord, will mount up as on the wings of eagles. They’re going to run and not be weary. They’re going to walk and not be faint.

So his breath, resurrection power and life to you, every person in this room. He is calling you to a place in him, to rest in him. To rest in Him. There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God. He is a present help in times of trouble.

Because God is in the midst of her or him—He’s talking about Israel—but because God is in the midst of you and me as believers, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the situation, regardless of what we’re facing, regardless of what we’re hearing, because God is in the midst of us, it says we’ll not be moved.

You have an immovable Rock living on the inside of you and he’s the anchor of your soul. And he is going to release rest and peace to you like you’ve never known before. There is an impartation of the Confident Assurance of God. He is able to perfect whatever concerns you. His presence, his face, is turned towards us this morning. He’s come to bring deliverance to you and me, liberation from our enemies, from sin, from death, from sickness or disease, from the works of the devil, from whatever oppresses you or weights you down, from addiction, from any assault to our souls, our mind, will and emotion, our physical bodies.

The Lord has come to set you free and be free. He says to us today, If you hear his voice, and you can remove the ‘if’ because I can guarantee you that you’re hearing the voice of the Lord in this house today. Just like what he did for Pat—He healed me; He changed me from the inside out.

I heard the Lord say that the Dominator is here today. What’s that, Lord? He says, I have a being called the Dominator, a powerful angel, and when he comes on the scene anything that has been dominating you, in my name, by my Spirit, is going to go. The Dominator just comes to push it right on out. He’s going to dominate your enemies today by the power of His Spirit that is living on the inside of you.

So we’re going to worship. God is going to work out of your spirit and he is going to fill your soul and your physical body, and out of your inmost being is going to flow rivers of living water, and he is going to infuse our entire spirit, soul, and body with the power of His Spirit, with the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. He is going to drive out every enemy that is opposing you, whatever it is.

Deliverance is here. The presence of the Lord is before us to drive out the enemy and to deliver us and to bring us into a place of rest.

?To worship you I live. I live to worship you. My confidence is your faithfulness. So I will rest in your promises. You are faithful. Your faithfulness will never let me down. I’m confident I’ll see your goodness now. Gonna catch the wind.

Betty. The Lord is working with worship and word and works. What is being released in here, what you are hearing, the songs, the declarations, the scripture—when you’re singing, I’m gonna catch the wind. The Lord is coming with the breath, the wind of his Spirit to bring you up and out.

I heard a scripture. When I said, My foot is slipping, your unfailing love supported me. When I thought, My foot slips, your steadfast love, oh Lord, it helped me up. There is support and help in the house today. He is reaching down. I cried unto the Lord and he heard my cry. Psalm 40. And he reached down into the pit, the miry clay, and he brought me up and out, and he set my feet upon a Rock. And it’s not just any rock. It’s The Rock. It’s Jesus.

And he put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise unto my God. Restoration is here. Not just restoration today. Freedom. The first declaration, Michael spoke Freedom. Passion. One accord. Set the generation on fire. Restoration. A single eye with an undivided heart. Take hold of it again again. You’re in a real time environment that when it’s coming out of our mouths, he’s doing it in us here.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. And we’re not going to be yoked again in slavery. The Lord is saying, Come on out. It’s time to come out of the place where you’ve been. No places of captivity or intimidation or fear. This is a full meal deal day. It’s spirit, soul, and body.

The Lord says, Rest in Me as I rest in you. So that I can rule through you. The Lord doesn’t want us to be dominated by things of the world. It doesn’t matter what the world says. It’s what God’s Word says. It says, It is God’s will above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

His sole role is your soul. He’s got a soul goal today, and it’s to bring your mind, will, and emotion, your heart, into alignment with Him. To bring reformation and transformation in our hearts and in our lives. He wants to change our mindset. Behold, he wants to make all things new in you and me. So Lord, we’re just going to let you, as we worship, as we present ourselves unto you. Here we are. Here we are, Lord. We’ve come to seek your face and meet with you. To hear words from your mouth, Lord.

Cause ain’t no grave gonna hold us. He is releasing breath and life. If you are a born-again believer in this room, you said yes to the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ve confessed with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and you believed in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you believe salvation is found in no other name than Jesus—you’re born again. Then the Lord Himself lives on the inside of you in the person of Holy Spirit.

So you’re not trying to get to God today. God’s already on the inside. It’s an inside job. It’s an inside work like Pat said. So come and have your way. It’s personal and it’s corporate. And it’s for freedom and passion and an undivided heart.

?Take me back to the Garden, to the moment I saw your face. It was easy to love, easy to trust. You are closer, closer than my sin. You are in the air I’m breathing in. This is where I’m meant to be. Me and you. You and me. I don’t have to prove a thing. Feels so good to know you are my friend. Oh what a friend we have in Jesus.

Betty. I believe someone needs to hear this. I John 5:13. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. This is the confidence we have in approaching God, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have what we ask of him.

So right here, right now, this is the confidence. He is your confidence.

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, the name of Jesus, that you may know that you have eternal life. The psalmist said, My feet were about to slip, but your unfailing love supported me. He is here today to restore your life, to restore vision, to restore hope, to bring renewal and refreshing, and release his breath of life into you. He’s releasing life to us.

Your life is wrapped securely in the bundle of the Lord, in the bundle of the living of the Lord. That’s what Abigail said to David. My master’s life is wrapped securely in the bundle of the living. I saw as we began to worship and these songs and the flow of the Spirit, I saw him enveloping people in this room. He is the God of all comfort who comforts us in our afflictions, in our troubles, so we can comfort others with the comfort that we received from Him.

Paul said, Brother, we don’t want you to be uninformed about the trials that we suffered in Asia. Indeed, we felt the sentence of death, but this happened that we not rely on ourselves but on God who raises the dead. We felt in our hearts, death. Sometimes circumstances, situations, battles we’re going through, it feels like we are dying. In some circumstances our flesh is dying. Yes, a death to self.

But I know one who resurrects the dead. I know resurrection power is living on the inside of you. I know the liberator, Holy Spirit, is living in you and me today to liberate us from anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Jesus said he is able to keep our entire spirit, soul and body blameless against that day. He’s the total package.

He’s not just interested in your spirit. What are we doing down here if it’s all about the spirit? And it is about the spirit, because if we’re not born of the spirit, then we don’t have life. But our Father is a good good father and he wants to restore our souls.

Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. That’s who he is. He’s awesome. Awesome in power. Awesome in wonder. The Lord, there’s nothing impossible for Him. Your sin is not too great for God.

Today the word is the message. The song is the message. Everything that he is doing, he’s speaking to you and me. Kimble is going to lead us to the table of the Lord and I want your expectation to be deliverance and that the Lord your God is going to bring you into a state of rest and peace that you’ve not experienced before. The greater glory.

Jeremiah 32:37. I will surely gather them from all the lands where I banished them in my furious anger and great wrath. And I will bring them back to this place and let them live in safety. They will be my people and I will be their God. And I will give them singleness of heart and action so that they will always fear me for their own good and the good of their children after them. I will make an everlasting covenant with them. I will never stop doing good to them. I will inspire them to fear me so that they will never turn away from me. I will rejoice in doing them good. I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all of my heart and soul.

I want you to look again in :37. He says, I will surely gather them. I decree and declare over our lives, over our families, that the Lord’s word is, I will gather them. So any place you personally have been scattered, shattered, fragmented, in your spirit, soul, or body, the Lord is saying, I will gather you.

If you count the ‘I wills’—I don’t know how many are there, but I like it when God says, I will, because that means I don’t have to. My part is just to surrender to him. So he says to you and me, this new everlasting covenant he’s talking about is our covenant. And it’s not a contract. You will never change God’s mind about you. Once you say yes to the Lord Jesus Christ, you have been sealed with the Spirit until the day of redemption.

The reason you cannot change God the Father’s mind about you is because Jesus has made up his mind. He made up his mind when he went to the cross. He made up his mind about healing. He made up his mind about healing the soul when Jesus Christ went to the garden. There was such great oppression and every temptation known to man hit Jesus in that garden, so much so that he sweat like great drops of blood. I believe he really did. Because without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.

Anything that could assault your soul, according to Isaiah 53, the punishment that brought us peace was on him. He took our punishment. No one is righteous, no not one. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I don’t care how good you are, your goodness is not good enough to save your soul. The only thing that can save you and me is Jesus.

The only thing that distinguishes you and me from the rest of the world is the power of the blood. So in the garden there was blood. Because he wanted our souls delivered. There have never been so many people assaulted in their soul with oppression, depression, mental illness, diagnoses of all kinds of things. It’s like there is no immunity in the world to it.

But I know an immunity that comes out of heaven and it’s called a new heart and a new mind and a new spirit. And I know the God who heals the sick and raises the dead and opens blind eyes and sets the captive free. He’s on the inside of us. Do you think he wants you in fear? Do you think he wants us bound up and shut up and locked up? He came to set the captives free.

In one of the translations I read of Isaiah 49 says he has made covenant people to set the captives free. He wants you and me to be free so that we can bring freedom to other people’s lives. So with a word, a word of encouragement, with his name, you can say, Be free. And you’re free. Then they’re going to want to know, How did that happen? Well, his name is Jesus.

In the garden, and then at the whipping post. Every stripe that he took on his back, 39 stripes—medical technology has discovered the diseases of the world root back to 39 root causes. So every stripe he took was for our physical healing. If healing is only when we get to heaven, what are we doing? If it’s not God’s desire to heal you, and you don’t believe God wants to heal you, why are you going to a doctor and taking medicine? It’s not ‘if’ you want to be healed. It’s, How are you going to get there?

So he says, I will gather them. I will bring them back to this place and let them live in safety. They will be my people. We are his people. If we’re God’s people do you think he’s not going to come out as our defender? As our champion? And my daddy is bigger than their daddy! He’s the best dad in the whole wide world. That’s what PK says. It’s the truth.

They will be my people and I will be their God. I will give them singleness of heart and action. It’s not about me trying to get there. The Lord just wants you to sit down and rest in him. And reckon who you are in him. Because he says, I will give you singleness of heart. Not only heart, but action—what you’re doing; where you’re walking. How you’re acting is going to be a reflection of the singleness of the heart that I’ve given you. Not only that, I’m so for you that I’m going to inspire you to worship Me. This is His word. Are you going to take hold of what he’s saying?

I will give them singleness of heart and action so that they will always fear me for their own good and the good of their children after them.

That word fear is to be in awe of who God is, to worship Him. And then it says, I will make an everlasting covenant with them. If it is everlasting, it means no end. If God has made covenant with you, do you think he’s going to keep it? Yes. Is it based on you keeping the covenant or is it based on a covenant agreement between Jesus and the Father?

If it’s about me trying to keep it, well. But if it’s about Jesus keeping it for me and securing it for me, my confidence is in the Lord. In Him, through Him, by Him, we live the life, by His Spirit.

Then he says, I will never stop doing good to them. How many of you want God to never stop doing good to you? Why does he do good to us anyway? There are times we don’t deserve it. So why does he keep doing good? Because it’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance. So he just keeps pouring out his goodness, pouring out his love. He just keeps drawing. And we can just keep shrugging it off, but I can tell you right now, he’s relentless. He doesn’t stop, especially if you already belong to him. You’ve been bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus Christ. It’s where Anna started today.

He says, So I’ll never stop doing good to them. And I’m going to inspire them to fear me so that they will never turn away from me. How many of you want God to inspire you? Inspire me, God, to worship you. If you don’t do that, I can’t. So just inspire me.

Then he says, I will rejoice in doing them good. He likes it. And I will assuredly—if God says assuredly, you can mark it down. I will plant them in this land with all of my heart and soul.

He has the exact times and places set for you and me where we’re going to live and move and have our being, our spheres of influence. He knows where you stay, where you work. He’s already pre-determined it. What he wants to do is plant you with all of his heart and soul. If God plants you somewhere you can’t be uprooted. You can’t be torn down, destroyed, or overcome. Because you are the building and the planting of the Lord.

Today the Lord says it’s time to settle it. Let there be no shadow of turning in your heart or your mind about what God thinks about you or feels about you.

Hebrews 10:15. The Holy Spirit also testifies about this. First he says, This is the covenant I will make with them. After that time, says the Lord, I will put my laws in their hearts and I will write them on their minds. And then he adds, Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more. And where these have been forgiven, there is no longer any sacrifice for sin.

Therefore brothers, since we have confidence to enter the most holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, His body, and since we have a great High Priest over the house of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart, in full assurance of faith; having our heart sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with the pure water. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

What sin? How much more will the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death so that we may serve the living God? I acknowledge the power of the blood, the power of your blood, Jesus, the power of your life, the power of your name, and the power of your word. Come and have your way in our midst, in Jesus name.

Kimble Love. Amen. II Corinthians 6 says, As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain, for he says, In the time of my favor I heard you and in the day of salvation I helped you. I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor. Now is the time of God’s favor. Now is the day of salvation. ’Tis the season, folks. Are you ready to walk in our season? Are you ready to receive your miracle? Are you ready to receive the fullness of sonship and be all that Father created you to be?  I’m here to tell you, Now is the Time. His favor is upon us.

The Word of God says to believe all those things that aren’t as though they were. We need to start confessing every day that this is my time, this is my season, this is my miracle time. I call those things I desire in as if I have them already, because in the heart of God it is done. So we call it forth, in Jesus name. Signs, wonders, miracles, come forth, in the name of Jesus.

As we continue to worship we’re going to give everyone the opportunity to sow into Miracle City and the work of the kingdom and kingdom advancement. The Word of God says that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. And he has also given us the ability to produce wealth. As good stewards we want to take a portion of what he has so blessed us with to invest into a kingdom movement.

God is moving here and he’s given us big vision. And he’s doing mighty things in our midst, but it does take legal tender, substance, to make that vehicle go forth. The good thing about it is that he takes what we give, each one of us individually and collectively; he touches it, blesses it, multiplies it, and there’s always more than enough because he’s a good good Father.

It’s not only here in the church but it’s in our lives personally. I’ve seen God bless and bless and bless and bless. Glory to God. As we come and bring our tithes, our offerings, and our first fruits, that which the Lord has placed upon your heart, we’re coming to the table of the Lord to celebrate and receive Communion. We celebrate the life, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. As we do that, we’re coming into agreement with the work of the cross.

The Bible tells us that on the night that Jesus was betrayed he met in an upper room with his disciples to have his final earthly meal before he completed his mission he was sent here for. After the meal he took bread and broke it and said, This bread is my body which is broken for you. Whenever you eat of it, do it in remembrance of me. He then took the cup and blessed it and said, This cup is the new covenant in my blood which is for you. Whenever you drink of it, do it in remembrance of me.

As we come to the table we take the very elements, the bread and the juice, into our bodies, the body and the blood of Jesus. We’re saying Yes to the full work, the full price that Jesus paid to bring us back into right relationship with our Father. He paid the price. He gave his all. It should have been us on that cross. But he went and did what we couldn’t do.

Today as we come to the table, we remember Jesus’ works. As we take the elements into our bodies, spiritually we are taking in the very DNA of our Lord Jesus, to strengthen and empower us so that we can go forth and fulfill every plan and purpose he created us for. Each one of us is important to God. Each one of us has a role to fulfill. Nobody in here is insignificant.

And I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done, the blood will set you free. Quit living your life looking in the rearview mirror. Look forward to where God is taking you day by day, because his favor is upon us now. Receive the fullness in the name of Jesus.

?Oh your love is strong. I have come to know a love stronger than the grave. In my darkest hour you raised me up from death to life with your resurrection power. Oh your love is strong, Jesus. Your love vanquished all my enemies. I sing for all the love you’ve given me. You’ve called this orphan home. Oh your love is strong, Jesus.

We fix our eyes on you, Lord. The more I seek you, the more I find you, Jesus. The more I find you, the more I love you. I want to sit at your feet, drink from the cup in your hand, lay back against you and breathe, feel your heart beat. This love is so deep, it’s more than I can stand. I melt in your peace. It’s overwhelming. No one can make me feel the way I feel for you.

Your love is coming in like a flood. You’ve won my heart. Love lift us up where we belong. It’s like coming home.

Betty. Lord, I pray right now in the name of Jesus. Father, at the power of your name that every life in this room would receive the impartation of the love of God. Lord, that you would so envelope them, that you would cause each one to feel your love and goodness, that you would reach into every heart, those that are here, those that are watching or are going to watch.

Lord, I thank you for performing the very words and the songs that have been released in this place. Clothe us in you, Lord. Fill us up. There’s nothing like the love of God. Love heals. Love fills.
Jesus had a conversation with Peter and said, There was a man who owed a little debt and there was a man who owed a great debt. Both debts were forgiven. Who will love me the most? There are so many people, worshipers in this room who have known the power of God to deliver, whether it’s from addiction, mental illness, abuse, fear, bondage, disease. We’ve seen it all. But he’s given all.

When you leave Miracle City, you’re going to leave with miracles happening in your life. And that’s not just a cliche. You’re going to know the miracle of the love of God that liberates. A testimony from me personally. Kimble Love will tell you the only thing I ever really stuck with in my life was God. Because he was stuck on me, and I got stuck on him. And he delivered me from so many things.

His goodness and his mercy is new every day. And it’s about relationship, not religion. He wants you to know him so that you can know who you really are. You have a purpose and a- destiny. The Lord says, I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future. Somebody will get this. Can’t nobody do me like Jesus. He’s my friend. Hope floats.

?When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel like my love. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you feel my love.