January 23, 2020

Miracle City Global – 1/23/20 – Mary Martha -Transcript

1/23/2020 Mary Martha.

Betty Love—2020 Year of the Double

Betty Love. We want to welcome you to Mary Martha 2020. This is the night of the Double and the Year of the Double. I am thankful that we are in an apostolic prophetic house and we are among people who hear the voice of the Lord. Because there are things that Nancy opened us with tonight and there are things that Wanda brought in her word that are just confirmation of the things the Lord has given me to share. Share is not the word.

We have come here tonight for impartation. What does that mean? It means that the word of God that comes out of our mouths tonight, as we sing the word, as we enter into worship, as we commune with him, everything that he releases to us in this room, it comes with an impartation of his power, his promise.

I want you to expect the Lord to infuse your entire being with his Spirit and power of the blood, the power of his word. No word spoken by God is without power of fulfillment. He’s fulfilling promises. His word is coming to you. It’s personal and it’s corporate. And the words he is releasing to us, that now of heaven, that rhema word, that prophetic word that is spoken over your destiny, the proceeding word that he’s going to bring forth here tonight, it comes with power.

He says, So is the word that goes forth out of my mouth. It will not return to me void or empty, but it will accomplish the purpose, the assignment, that God has for it. Every word spoken by God has power power power power, Holy Ghost power. Your promises in this season are coming with power, power of fulfillment. There is a word that is stored on the inside of you and me and it’s a God word. And the Lord says you will manifest the word in this season. Not only will you manifest the word, you’re going to become the word. Living epistles, known and read by all men. Living epistles, known and read by all men.

He’s going to open your eyes to see. You’re going to get a fresh perspective of where you are and where you’re going. He’s going to open your eyes and your ears to the Double, what is means to be in the Double. I believe the Lord has a Double Portion for you. We found out tonight that your portion is your destiny.

Jacob always set aside for Rachel a Double Portion. Hannah received a Double Portion. Because of the covenant. We’re talking Zechariah. Return to your fortresses, oh prisoners of hope. Even now I announce to you, because of the blood of the covenant, I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.

Isaiah 61 that Wanda led with, the Lord has had me read in all these different translations. Because He’s saying Double Portion. Instead of shame you will inherit a Double Portion in YOUR land. I keep hearing, “Tell them what I’m going to do. I‘m going to give you a new you. I’m going to give you a new you. Come up here and sit with Me. Come and sit and see,” says the Lord your God. I’m gonna sit and see with Him. I’m gonna look and look again.

So I just want to decree and declare  2020, the Year of the Double, a complete or perfect waiting period. The number 20 is the number for Redemption. It also means to come to the end of a waiting period or cycle. What that is to you personally is that your waiting, what you’ve been longing for—Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. I’ve got a tree of life coming forth, growing up in me tonight.

Hebraically, we’re in the month of Tevet. It’s the Hebrew root word for Tov, where we get the word Goodness. We’re in a season, at the beginning of this year 2020, as we step in, it’s an Ayin month. Hebraic alphabet letter Ayin means to see, to know, and experience God. God wants to bring you and me tonight into a place of experiencing him, experiencing his presence, his glory, his voice upon our waters. He wants us to come into that place tonight individually and corporately to abide in him and look to see what he’s going to say to us.

This is your season of seeing. This is your season of revisioning. It’s a reset. It’s a recalibration. Come and let me realign you with original intent. I’ve got your portion. I’ve got your destiny.

?I want to know you, Jesus. I want to know you, Lord. I want to see you, Jesus. I want to hear words from your mouth. I wanna know you. I wanna know you, Lord.

I heard the Lord say, “I’ve come home in you because my love has found a home and a heart and a hearth.” A hearth is a place to burn. He wants to burn in you and me with a passion and a presence of himself like we’ve never experienced.

I heard the Lord says, “Betty, work the will and work the wheel.” I believe the Lord is going to speak to you in the doubles. I believe he’s going to give you a word and then he’s going to give you a word that sounds the same but has a different meaning.

If you don’t know it, the vision for Miracle City Global is in the shape of a wheel. So I wrote it down. He said, “Work the will.” The will is the portion, the destiny. It’s the original intent. It’s your birthright. It’s the reason he created you and made you uniquely who you are. You don’t have to be like anybody else. He just wants you to be who he created you to be.

I saw that the Artist is in the room tonight. He’s got your portrait out. His name is Holy Spirit and he’s doing some work on us tonight. He’s going to shape and mold us into the original intent that he ordained.

So the Lord said, “Work the will.” He’s calling you to work the will, to put feet to the vision that is written in your book, those ordained days. This is a different decade that we’re in because we’re in the Decade of the Decree. We’re in the decade of Pey where you open up your mouth and the Lord fills your mouth with the power of his word. When the word goes forth, it goes forth and creates.

He’s inviting you, Will you sit with me? Will you see with me? And based on what you see and you hear, will you just open up your mouth and let me fill it? Then you make that decree. That one word. That phrase. And, Hei Hei Hei, Light Be! Come on. Light be! Light be! Light be! You know what happens? The light comes on! The difference in this season is that when the Lord gives you the vision or the word, you’re going to have the understanding.

In Proverbs it says, In all your getting, get understanding. I want you to know you’re going to get understanding via Holy Spirit. The Lord is going to cause you to know the end from the beginning, and then he’s going to give you the ABC123 to get there. Some of you are going to get translated. You’re going to be one place in the spirit and woah!, you’re going to be somewhere else. You’re going to get promoted. You’re going to be in one place and then, Hei, I just skipped three grades.

When you have a problem and need a solution, you’re going to have the solution. You’re going to be in school doing your work and it’s going to be like a brain freeze, Oh God, I don’t know what I’m doing. And he’s going to say, Look again, and Woah! You got it. Holy Ghost. It’s called Holy Ghost. He’s my friend. Relationship. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord like you’ve never known before. Like we’ve never known before.

You’re not alone. You’re not alone. Because the Lord Jesus Christ has given me another One like himself, like himself. Spirit of Truth. Wonderful Counselor.

So the Lord began to speak to me, Double. Work the will. Work the wheel. Then he said this. And I believe this is a corporate word for the Body of Christ. He said, Give her the staff for this season. Giver her the staff for this season. He doubled it.

Tevet is about seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27. But Hei Hei Hei, I didn’t know it when I got the word, but this new Hebraic month we step into at sundown on Sunday evening is about the staff. The Lord wants to give you his staff of authority. And then if you need a staff to help you get the work done, he’s got your staff, too. Double Double. You can’t make it up, Tara.

He said, I am ready, my child. Trust me to do it. I have your ops. I have your ops. Wanda talked about ops tonight. She talked about opportunity. The Lord is opening effective doors for you in this season. He’s got your opportunities. He’s got your kairos moments. Yay God. What’s that mean? A kairos moment is where a door or a gate opens up for you and you have to make the choice whether you’re going to step on through. I’m telling you. We are stepping on through. Because these are things some of you have been waiting on your whole life. And here it is.

So he says, I’ve got your ops, your opportunities. And then he said, I’ve got your ops, the operation. It’s called strategy. It’s called taking out the enemy. Around about last Friday we were having a good ole time, but in the midst of it the Lord said to me—we’ve addressed witchcraft here before—Betty, a witch’s caldron has been stirred against you and yours, but I want you to know that I have poured it out on the enemy. I have sent it back. I want you to know that big pot of mess that the enemy—I’m not talking about flesh and blood—tried to stir up and pour out on you, it just got sent back on the head of your enemies. Because He’s got our ops.

The Lord said, Everything is going to be in the double today, the Daily Double. I would have thought that perhaps when the Lord gave me this on the 16th, last Thursday morning, it’s not an old word. I preached it to Nita because I couldn’t hold it. We went there before we went out to Texas. He said the double. Everything is going to be in the double Today. And I capitalized that word Today.

There is a portion of scripture in Hebrews 4 that says Today, if you hear his voice, don’t harden our heart. Today. There’s a day that He calls Today that you get to enter into his rest and you get the rest. You get the double. You want the full meal deal? Enter into the rest of the Lord and rest in what he’s done for you and me, and you’re going to get the rest.

So he said, I’ve got your Daily Double. How many of you want the Daily Double? Lord, I don’t know what that means but I think it has something to do with horse racing. I found out there are three Daily Doubles.

There’s the Daily Double in horse racing. There are two horses that are the long shots. If you place money on those horses and they win, you’ve got a whole lot of money coming in. It’s called the Daily Double.

On the game of Jeopardy there’s a Daily Double. Most of these Daily Doubles are all or nothing. I’m hearing the Holy Spirit say, I’ve got your all, because we’re playing to win.

The third Daily Double is two all-beef patties, special sauce. He’s got the beef, baby! So we’re in the time and the season of the Daily Double. Double for your trouble. Double. Double Portion.

And the Lord said, I have Time now, Betty. And I AM telling it what to do. Work with me in this. You’ve completed a complete or perfect waiting period. 20 is also about expectancy. Double expectancy. I want to share this portion.

The Lord said, Time is of the essence. You must seize your opportunities. They will come quickly—walking, running, soaring in this season with the roar of the Lion. My roar, paralyzing your enemies. This is a now word. I got it on the morning of January 21. Today is the 23rd. It’s the first time it’s being read, first time it’s being released. That says to me that it’s something significant for you. It’s for the Body of Christ.

He says, Time is of the essence. You must seize your opportunities. They will come quickly—walking, running, soaring in this season with the roar of the Lion. My roar, paralyzing your enemies. You will pass by and enter into your places of possession and inheritance, with the enemy powerless to stop what I am doing. He will see you take hold and release the kingdom of God. I will reward you in the presence of your enemies.

What that is saying to me is this. It is time to enter into your land. It is time to occupy. And the Lord is going to open up effective doors of opportunity for you. And he is going to give you the operation, the ops, the strategy, to take out your enemy. The scheme of the enemy in Joshua 1, God’s word to Joshua was, Be not afraid. Be not discouraged. Fear is what the enemy uses to keep you from possessing your land. And what does fear do? It paralyzes you.

What does the roar of the lion in the jungle do? It paralyzes all the other animals in the jungle. The lion roars because he is king and he is recognized. His voice is recognized. When he releases that roar, all the other animals in the jungle freeze out of fear. The only other animal that will answer the roar of the lion is another lion. The Lord has given us a word that he is releasing a roar that is going to paralyze in this Roaring 2020s.

He is releasing the sound of his voice that paralyzes our enemies. So paralyzed it’s almost like they are frozen and they watch us enter into our possession, our blessing, our birthright, our destinies, and they are powerless to do anything about it because the Lord your God is going to reward you in the presence of your enemies. Is that scriptural? Absolutely.

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He prepares a table before me in the present of my enemies. I know that you know it’s God. But just to confirm, I had a conversation with Clay Nash this afternoon and he said, You know what the Lord has been saying to me? That he’s prepared a table in the presence of our enemies. I said, Hei Hei Hei, let me share this word from the 21st. You’re just confirming what God has said. You’ve got two apostles in the state of Mississippi that are hearing the same thing. Double. Do you want your Double? Double covenant. Double rainbow. Full meal deal. Your inheritance. Do you know that we get Double inheritance? You have an inheritance as a son of God that comes from our heavenly Father. We are co-heirs with Christ.

But let me tell you something else you have. You have an inheritance as the Bride. Receive it.

?Even when I don’t feel it, you’re working. Even when I don’t see it, you’re working. You never stop. You never stop working. Lord, we’re saying Yes and Amen. Come and awaken us. Awaken us, oh God, to see and hear. Awaken your word in us. Awaken your voice in us. Come on and have your way in me.

?Anna. You are here moving in our midst. We worship you. You are here working in this place. I worship you. You are Way maker, Miracle worker, Promise keeper, Light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are.

Betty. He’s our Way maker, promise keeper, light in the darkness. If you see right now that the Lord needs to make a way for you let Holy Spirit remind you of the promises that God has spoken to you personally. See that promise. He’s the miracle worker. We decree and declare miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles miracles. Miracle worker.

Even when I don’t see it you’re working. Even when I don’t feel it you’re working. You never stop working. That is who you are. Cause I have a destiny. You called out to me. You have a destiny.

Betty. The hand of the Lord is here.

Anna. I have a plan for you. It’s gonna be wild. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be full of me. We step into your plan, God. We step into the fullness of your promises. We step in. We step into freedom, to all you have.

Betty. His glory is in this place. His tangible presence. He’s presenced himself in here. We acknowledge your presence, Lord. We step in.

Anna. Oh we step in. I am standing on every promise that you made. I will see it come to pass in your name. You laid your name on me when I had no identity. I trust your name. I’ve been sealed with your name. I’ve been covered by your name. I’ve been approved by your name. Like a Kinsman Redeemer you covered me. Jesus Jesus Jesus more than enough.

Betty. There’s something about your name, Jesus.

Anna. Jesus Jesus Jesus there’s just something about that name. On how precious, oh how beautiful, oh how lovely is my Beloved. Let me see your face and hear your voice. Your voice is sweet. And your face is so lovely, Jesus. We love you, Jesus. There is none like you. No one else can touch my heart like you do. You’re my heart, Lord.

Strong enough to calm the storms of fear and unbelief. Oh your love is strong. Your love vanquished all my enemies. Now I sing for all the love you‘ve given me. Rejoice because you’ve chosen me and called this orphan home. Oh your love is strong.

I am all he says I am. He says I am his own. It felt like a long time coming. It felt like a long time waiting. It felt like a long time standing. But now it’s here. We acknowledge the promise. You can touch it. You can grasp it.

Betty. The intangible is become tangible. Just reach out and take hold of it. Reach out. Cause he touched me and oh the joy that floods my soul. He touched me and made me whole. Come on now and let him touch you.

Anna. I can finally see it. You’re teaching me how to believe it. How to receive it.

Betty. Holy Spirit, I surrender. I surrender all to you, Lord. Your eye is on me. He watches me.

Anna. Holy Spirit come and dwell in me. Let your glory radiate. I was made to be an offering. It’s all for you, Jesus. Holy Spirit let your glory radiate through me, Jesus. Let me know your heart, God.

Betty. I’m seeing an open vision and the eyes of the Lord are upon us. We’ve caught his attention. He’s fixed his eyes on us. Seeking out the hearts. Seeking out your heart. He’s come to harvest your heart.

Anna. You seek me and you find me. You desire my whole heart. So here’s my heart oh Lord. You can have it all, every part.

Betty. On 1/22 the Lord said, “You live in the power of God, you live in the presence of God. You live in the power of God, you live in the promise of God.”

Today, 1/23 the Lord spoke this to me. This is a personal word in this house. He said, Miracle City succession and possession time. It’s time for you to take your place as a king/priest and begin to rule and reign with Him. It’s about being enthroned. If you are the successor, you are moving into that place of rulership, of kingship. It’s time for you to step into your place of succession that Jesus has made for you, and it’s also about possession. It’s your portion. It’s your destiny. It’s your birthright.

Then I heard the word and the Lord said today, “Manifestations of Holy Spirit like never before. Cornucopias are going to open over stadiums and gathering places, no matter how small or how large, and the Lord is going to pour out the fruit of the Spirit. And not only is he going to pour out the fruit of the Spirit, but you’re going to manifest love. You’re going to manifest faithfulness.

I don’t know about you, but I had it in the 50s and 60s. I don’t know what your parents did at Christmastime but we got fruit in our stockings. Oranges. I remember getting big oranges in our stockings. The Lord said, Remember what you received in your stocking at Christmastime? I’m opening up my cornucopia over stadiums. And Holy Spirit is going to pour out love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Addicts are going to be delivered and then there’s going to be an impartation of the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. I believe it. It just so happened on this particular day in my journal this morning, the scripture out of Jude 2. I read it after I got the word. Mercy unto you and peace and love be multiplied. Double Double Double Double Double. You have multiplication in your life. The Multiplier has come. If you don’t know it yet, Holy Spirit is an exponent. He is the exponent to the power of… Let’s just Double the deal out.

Again, Manifestations of Holy Spirit like never before… dot dot dot. I like it when Holy Spirit has me write… dot dot dot! That means it’s just going to keep going. There’s more. There’s more. It’s not written down but it’s there.

Cornucopias open over stadiums and meetings, releasing the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit into the lives of believers. Yay God. It’s the difference of where we are. Over and over and over since just before stepping into this 2020 year, I keep hearing, Amos 9:11. Amos. Amos is in the cloud of witnesses. The book of Amos. The Lion has roared. The Lion has roared. Who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken. Who can but prophesy? When that sound that God is releasing in our midst even tonight, when the roar of the Lion is released, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, you can’t do anything but prophesy. Because he’s going to awaken the awe of the Lord, the fear of the Lord within you and you will prophesy, says the Son of God. It’s your birthright. It’s your destiny. It’s your portion. To speak forth the heart, the mind, the counsel of God. You are made for it. You’re designed for it. Amos 9:11. What I’m going do in your day, it’s going to happen so quick, in succession, it’s going to make your head swim. You’re going to do a double take. No sooner is it out of your mouth. It’s about the plowman overtaking the reaper. No sooner do you think it sometimes, he’s got the answer.

It’s about that place of intimacy, that place of abiding in Him, and his rhemas, his words abiding in you and you open up your mouth and ask whatever you wish and you get it. Or you just think it.

Cornucopia, a symbol of plenty, consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn. How many of you want the Lord to open up a symbol of plenty over you? And not just over you and me, over stadiums filled with people that have never really known the love of God. And not only is it released to them, they manifest it on the spot. I don’t want people to get just a touch, now.

That’s been a problem. Come to the line and get just a touch and you’ve got the stuff back on you by the time you get to the vehicle. I don’t think so. He is bringing transformation to us individually, corporately, and awakening to this nation. What God does, Satan can’t stop. What comes to you, is coming to you as a fruit, as a gift, and it is unstoppable. Why? Because it’s a reward the Lord is going to bring to you in the presence of your enemy.

Well, I’ve dealt with fear all my life. Since I was a little boy or a little girl. Holy Spirit comes and Hei Hei Hei, I see a cornucopia and Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, it’s Holy Spirit coming in you and me and imparting and releasing love, the love of God. And any bit of fear that you have ever had, since you breathed your breath, whether it came through the bloodline or you picked it up in your life, the Lord delivers you on the spot, because the love of God is manifested to you and through you.

You want to talk legitimacy on the spot? Most any place of illegitimacy in me or you has to do with not really knowing the love of the Father. Joy. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. How about an impartation of joy?

I understand this principle. I know that fruit has to grow. But there is also another principle. This isn’t about fruit, Betty; it’s about the fruit of the Spirit. Because if you walk in the Spirit, you’ll not fulfill the lust of the flesh according to Galatians 5. So if it’s the fruit of the Spirit and you’re born-again, and the Spirit lives in you, where’s the fruit? In you. So he’s pouring out from above and he’s releasing from within. Unstoppable.

While the enemy just gets kicked out because the love of God just displaces the spirit of fear.

The Spirit of self-control just displaces addiction. The enemy is being evicted out of the lives of God’s people. The decree of the King is within you and in your mouth. Decree it. Heaven moves on it and establishes it on earth as it is in heaven.

So we’re going to take this next moment. There’s been sickness and there have been other things that have been going on. Wanda had a good instruction. Go ahead and serve everyone Communion. She said, I believe we need to do this tonight. I didn’t disagree. After everyone has a Communion cup, we’re going to go back to the Garden. And we’re going to worship and we’re going to receive of his body and his blood.

And the I AM of the Resurrection—I AM the Resurrection, said Jesus. He’s going to come and heal you. And he’s going to resurrect dreams and visions and promises. And he’s going to manifest in you and to you and through you tonight. And I don’t want to be remiss in this. You need to sow a seed into the Double. Into the Double. It doesn’t matter how small or how large, but he’s prepared a table for us tonight. We need to give into the word that he’s released because where there’s a will there’s a way.

Big wheel keep on turning. Rolling rolling rolling on a river. Not just any river. River of God. And he’s got your ops. And he’s got your ops. Opportunity and strategy.

?Take me back to the Garden. Lead me back to the moment I heard your voice. Bring me back to Communion. Lead me back to the moment I saw your face. It was all so simple. It was easy to love. No space between us. It was easy to trust. You are closer than my skin. You are in the air I’m breathing in. Here’s where the dead things come back to living. I feel my heart beating again. Feels so good to know you are my friend.

This is where I’m meant to be. Me and you and you and me. I don’t have to prove a thing. You’ve already approved of me.

Betty. Lord Jesus, we thank you that on the night that you were betrayed you took the bread and you broke it and decreed to your disciples, This is my body which is broken for you. Whenever you eat this, do it in remembrance of me. Tonight, Lord, in your presence, Father God, Yeshua Hamashiach, Holy Spirit, we ask that you sanctify the matzo and the fruit of the vine. Lord, we acknowledge and recognize that it is a real spiritual meal.

And Lord, according to your Word, unless we eat your body and drink your blood, we have no part of you. We acknowledge that there is life in your broken body. We thank you Jesus that at the close of the meal you took the cup and you raised it and gave thanks to the Father saying, This is the new covenant in my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is poured out for the remission of sin.

Lord, it’s through your broken body and your shed blood that we have life. The punishment that brought us peace was upon you in the garden. And we acknowledge the shed blood in that garden. We acknowledge your Word that says you were in such great anguish that you sweat like drops of blood. Lord, we acknowledge upon your arrest, you were beaten and bruised, your beard plucked out.

We acknowledge the shedding of every drop of blood with the beating of the stripes upon your back. Spirit, soul, body, your ultimate death on the cross through crucifixion. Lord, you have purchased our redemption and we acknowledge that we have come into the year of the Double. It is a year of Double Redemption, Restoration, Resurrection.

You are the Resurrection, Jesus, and we believe it and we decree it and declare it. Lord, we’ve come to partake of your body. You are the living bread. We have come to partake of your blood, the blood of the covenant. And to receive the full benefits of the new covenant in your blood. That the power of sin and the power of death, the power of sickness and disease, the power of the devil and the works of the devil have been completely destroyed in our lives through you, Jesus.

So Lord, tonight let there be an exchange. Take us back to the original intent. Father, you are the potter and we are the clay. From the inside out we release and infuse our entire spirit, soul, and body with the power of the blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit, come and hover over us. And Lord, release your light and your glory that dispels the darkness. Let the dead things come alive again. Let the strongholds of the enemy be broken and let there be an exchange. Beauty for ashes. Oil of gladness instead of mourning. And a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

We are your oaks of righteousness. The planting of the Lord for the display of your splendor. You’ve called us to repair and restore and renew cities, territories, tents, treasuries, our spheres of influence. Come, Lord, and have your way in our lives. We acknowledge the meal that heals and the meal that fills. So we receive your all, Jesus. Let us receive the body and the blood of Christ in Jesus name.

See his body. See his blood. See his body broken for you. Take that walk with Jesus to the garden. Shalom. Receive the covenant of peace. Spirit, soul, body wholeness. See the blood of Jesus poured out for you. See him at the whipping post. By his stripes we have been healed. See your sins removed as far as the east is from the west.

In the earth in which we live we have a north pole and a south pole. But I say unto you, Is there an east pole? Is there a west pole? No. It’s a mystery. That’s why he doesn’t say, I’ll remove them as far as the north is from the south. It’s from the east to the west because it’s a continuum, forever. Your sins and lawless acts I’ll remember no more. And where there’s been a sacrifice, there is no longer any sacrifice for sin. Jesus is it. So just receive you forgiveness. And forgive yourself while you’re at it in Jesus name.

Finally, let me say this. This is something the Lord said to me as we stepped into the first of January. He is giving instruction. I believe we’re in the greatest kingdom building decade that we’ve ever seen and we have an opportunity to partner with Him. Something the Lord said to me and I released it in here on December 29.

“Today, leave the glory of the past and embrace the glory of the future.” Today. We are going to live in the now of heaven. I bless you in your birthright and your destiny, in your original intent. Because he’s come for it. Tonight I saw him take all of us like a wheat harvest and he said, I’m harvesting hearts. He has harvested your heart. For what, you might say? For Himself.

The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord to direct whithersoever he will. He is going to reveal himself to you in power. And the words that you hear from his mouth, he is intent on manifesting them. What do you have? Tara, come.

Tara Conard. Thank you, Lord. I said, Lord if you want me to share this, you’re going to have to get her to call my name. She called my name.

I’ve been asking the Lord for about a week, Am I even close, Lord? Am I even close to what you have written in my book in heaven? Am I even close? And it’s like he’s been silent. You know what he said to me tonight? He said, You are worrying and fretting over many, many things. You’ve even asked for it to rain. Honey, you are standing in my reign. Now, go speak to the mountain and tell it to move.

Because if you remain in me and my word remains in you, you ask anything that you wish and it will be done for you. Honey, you are standing in His reign. It’s kingly.

Betty. I can guarantee you she had it before I said anything. She’s got it written down. When you get it, you’re going to want to record it. You’re going to want to write it down. If you’re riding down the road, keep your phone handy so you can record it. You’re going to want to catch the word of God. It’s coming fast.

It’s what I said a few weeks ago. And I keep seeing it. It’s back to the future. We’re going back to the future. We’re going back to the future. Michael J. Fox in the movie on the platform with the new sound. Yay God. They already knew it, they just hadn’t caught it yet. I love how he starts on that guitar. He turns to them and says, And just try to keep up! I feel like that. Just try to keep up. Because we’re going back to the future.

We are stepping into the ordained days of God and they’re glory days. And we’re already seeing manifestation of the promises of the word of God. Have there been some bumps in the road? A few. But you know what? Hei Hei Hei

Anna. God has given you words and they’re happening within a day or two, or within a week.

Betty. She can tell you. It is the truth.

Anna. They’re not just general. They’re specific and they’re detailed and it’s happening just like he said.

Betty. So she is reasoning. Mother, you’re giving these words and he’s doing them that quick, then the rest of the stuff you have in your book, he’s going to do it, too. He’s good.

?Peace be still. Say the word and I will set my feet upon the sea till I’m dancing in the deep. You are here so it is well. Even when my eyes can’t see I will trust the voice that speaks. Peace, Peace over me.

Marian Applewhite. During worship I got a nudge to read Psalm 92 and there were two parts that jumped at me.

Psalm 92:9 For surely your enemies, O Lord, surely your enemies will perish. All evildoers will be scattered. You have exalted my horn—which is your strength—like that of a wild ox. This is the part. Fine oils. FINE oils have been poured upon me. I want you to say that. FINE oils have been poured upon me.

:11 My eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries. My ears have heard the rout of my wicked foes. Rout. That’s what jumped out at me a second time. I’ve seen this before. Rout. It is a disorderly retreat of defeated troops. I could stand a few of that. Retreat, flight, headlong flight. But the main thing—Rout is good. I receive that.

But I just got the impression during worship after reading that verse, FINE oils have been poured upon me.

Betty. Tara is going to move through and anoint each person with oil. The Lord instructed her to put oil in her bag before she left. It’s Pomegranate and Hyssop. So he is pouring out fine oils over us. As a prophetic act, she is going to anoint you. We decree and declare that Psalm 92 is activated and manifests on our behalf. It is a word from the Lord and FINE oils are being poured out on us. We will see and hear the routing of our enemies in Jesus name.

So Father, we welcome the testimony of Jesus which is the Spirit of Prophecy. And Holy Spirit, we welcome you upon our waters. We acknowledge that prophesy never had its origin in the will of men, but men spoke carried by the Spirit. So Holy Spirit, come and carry us.