January 20, 2019

Miracle City Global – 1/20/2019 Transcript

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1/20/19 – Miracle City Global

Judah Goes First

Anna Love. I believe we’re in a season where we need the wisdom and discernment of the Lord like never before. It’s something we always need, but it’s crucial, it’s critical, it’s such an important key for us right now.

James 1:5-8 TPT. If anyone longs to be wise, ask God for wisdom and he will give it. He won’t see your lack of wisdom as an opportunity to scold you over your failures but he will overwhelm your failures with his generous grace.

Just make sure you ask empowered by confident faith without doubting that you will receive.

For the ambivalent person believes one minute and doubts the next. Being undecided makes you become like the rough seas driven and tossed by the wind. You’re up one minute and tossed down the next.

When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you’re in that condition?

I woke up today with an excitement. When I read this, I thought, Lord, change our condition. What condition are we in? We all have highs and lows. We all have good areas and areas the Lord needs to work on. It’s a condition of the heart. Any place where our heart is resisting, I ask the Lord to change the condition.

It’s a time to come before Him. Don’t be concerned about your lack of wisdom. You may feel, I  don’t have all the know-how for what I’m facing. I don’t feel qualified. Just ask the Lord. We’re in a season to receive wisdom. That’s what I saw yesterday and today—where we’ve been half-hearted or accustomed to asking the Lord for certain things and praying certain things but we really don’t believe it. It’s just an empty prayer. So I’m asking the Lord to change the condition of our hearts and minds and put a new level of faith in us, a faith that’s confident, a faith that’s sure.

It’s different when you ask for something and think maybe and when you ask and you know.

So Lord, change the condition of our hearts. Father we come before you this morning and we present ourselves to you and say, Have your way. Give us your wisdom and discernment for all situations. Lord, I pray that we’ll know your voice like never before. I pray we’ll know the difference in your voice and the voice of man and the voice of opinion and the voice of the enemy. I thank you that you’re raising up righteousness in your people. I thank you that we’re holding fast and hard to you, that we’re standing firm, not wavering or tossed by the sea.

Father, we come before you and say, Have your way. Lift off every weight and burden and I pray your joy will come and infiltrate your people in a greater measure, that expectancy will rise in your body.

Holy Spirit, breathe on us. Move in this place. Lord, I thank you that you’re shutting down conflict and pushing back the resistance in us and the resistance of the enemy.  Lord, I thank you that you’re coming with your fire that burns up everything, anything that’s not of you. Increase the fire on anything that’s not of you. Do what only you can do. Our confident faith and assurance is in you this morning. Any place where we’ve doubted you, any place we thought you were not a good Father, we repent. I pray we’ll be overwhelmed with your goodness in this season of goodness. Overwhelm us this morning with all that you are, with your person Jesus. Overwhelm us Holy Spirit with your power and your glory.

You’re welcome in our hearts, our families, workplaces, in our city, God. You’re welcome in every aspect of our lives. There’s nothing we’re holding back from you. I pray that in our worship this morning, any place we’re holding back from you out of fear, we let those places go and we surrender to you. You can have it all. Have your way Father, in Jesus name.

?Have your way. Spirit break out. Break our walls down.

I hear the sound of heaven, of angels. It’s coming down right now.

Breaker sounds, pushing back the resistance. The hand of the Lord is stretched out, pushing back the resistance. He’s pushing back the resistance now.

This is your time, the right time. You’ll know what time it is.

Betty. The Lord is pouring out. Step into your time.

Lane. You’re right on time in me, oh my child.

Betty. Fullness in your house. Our foundation. Father I thank you for the now of heaven that is in this place. This house is full of heaven today, heaven on the earth. We give you all the glory and the honor and the praise for every word, every worship, every sound, every song released in this house this morning, for the intercession. We come into agreement with heaven, with the intercession that you Jesus are releasing from the right hand of the throne.

We come into alignment for the assignment today. We welcome Holy Spirit, the Ruach, the Revelator, the Teacher. Seven-fold Spirit of Jehovah come and rest upon the house and we your people, in this territory. Come Lord. Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel and Might, Knowledge and Fear of the Lord. We welcome the quick understanding in the Fear of the Lord. Your breath, your wind, your blow. We honor you Holy Spirit. We honor you Jesus as our Apostle, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We honor you Father. As we step forward this morning, we come to strengthen the foundation.

In Isaiah 54 it says, Strengthen your stakes, stretch your tent curtains wide and enlarge the place of your tent. We’re in the growing season. And this is a time of acceleration. You’re going to see accelerated growth and the Lord expand you in every area if you will yield to Him.

In this year of goodness Hebraically, it’s when the opportunity is set before you to chose life or death, moment by moment. Every time you choose Jesus, the goodness of God is poured out. He sets you in order on your now path and  full provision of whatever you need comes into that path because you’re in alignment with him and the favor and the goodness of the Lord comes. There’s a difference in the goodness and the loving kindness. He draws us with cords of loving kindness and when you respond to him, he pours out his goodness.

We war with the Word and worship. We are the New Covenant Church built on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our foundation is now worship, now word and now works. Do not be weary in well-doing for in due season you will reap a harvest, so don’t give up.

PowerPoint. Tenets of the Faith. Foundations.

Mid-Morning Service

?Celebrate Jesus. There’s a Jesus Celebration. Lift up our hands in the sanctuary. Bless the Lord. We declare Joy in the Holy Ghost. I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart to stay. Celebrate Jesus.

Kimble Love. Welcome to Miracle City Global. This is a place where Jesus is Lord. We are his children and we know he watches over his word to perform it in our lives. I know today it is a Jesus celebration. As we were worshiping to that song I could see King David going before the Ark of the Covenant dancing with all of his might. Then I could hear the naysayers—his wife Michel saying, I cannot believe you showed yourself like that. And King David said, You think I was undignified; I’m just getting warmed up.

Today, we are in the house to worship the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. I beseech you brothers to cast off the cares of whatever you brought into this house and let it go, because the power and presence of Jesus is in here to set you free.

Lord, we honor you today and thank you for your goodness. We thank you that you came and lived and died. That you were resurrected and that you’re in heaven making intersession for us. Father, I thank you that you sent Jesus to fulfill what we couldn’t fulfill. Now that he has come, we are in right standing, right relationship and are able to fully do everything that you created and purposed us in the earth to do.

So Father, we thank you that all of heaven is backing us. Lord I thank you that there is no good thing that you withhold from those of us who walk uprightly. And Father we want to be of those who walk uprightly before you. Father, have your way. Holy Spirit, you are welcome in this place. Come and live and move and have your being. Release the wind, the breath, the power, the grace, the mercy, the host of heaven in our midst this day as we worship you in spirit and in truth. Amen.


?Bring the rain. Strike the ground on the wells of revival. Press forward. There’s a war going on in the heavenlies and we’re raising up righteousness. Your kingdom come in power. Send the rain. I see Jesus lifted higher. We go forth in victory by the blood of the Lamb. Every tribe, every tongue, strike the ground and bring the rain. Press forward. Running to the battle line. I will be a David. I’ll run. The sound of the army is rising in this hour.

There’s a sound coming out and it’s routing out the enemy. I’ll run. They will know we are Christians by our love. I raise a hallelujah in the presence of my enemies. Sing a little louder.

Our praise will rise. Be lifted higher.

Kimble Love. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, who is and who is to come. We come today with our tithes and offerings to sow into and invest in the kingdom of God. It’s a sure investment with a guaranteed return on your investment. Because that’s what the Word says. You reap as you sow. If you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. If you sow amply, you’ll reap ample provision. I believe it because the Word says it. We sow into the kingdom to see this world turned around and put upright for Him.

We’re in a struggle as a nation. The world’s in a struggle. But praise God the Word says we struggle not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. And the weapons we fight with are not carnal, but mighty through God to pull down every stronghold and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Church, we’re victorious. If we are going to walk in victory, we have to live in victory. We’re not fighting for victory. We’re fighting from victory. The host of heaven is with us and not against us.

Lord, we thank you that you’ve given us the ability to produce wealth, that you have raised us up as sons and daughters to go forth and display your glory throughout the earth. You go before us and make a way where there seems to be no way. We go forth to see your word and principles restored to this world we live in.

We come today to your table to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, to commune with you by eating from your table. On the night that Jesus was betrayed, he met with his disciples in an upper room. After the meal he took bread and broke it and he said, This bread is my body, broken for you. Whenever you eat of it, do this in remembrance of me.

He then took the cup and blessed it and said, This cup represents the New Covenant in my blood that is poured out for you. Whenever you drink of this cup, do this in remembrance of me.

So today as we come, we celebrate the finished work of Jesus. He gave his body and shed his blood to bring us back into right relationship and fellowship with our Father. We’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

And we come forth today by the word of our testimony. And we love not our lives unto the death. Jesus, we love you and we bless you and we receive the fullness of our salvation by the price you paid for us on that cross. You were put in the ground but that grave couldn’t hold you. On the third day you arose and came back to life and went forth and you are ever living in heaven, making intercession for us.

And Lord we desire to help you make your enemies your footstool. We look forward to that day when you come back for your perfect Church, without spot or wrinkle or blemish. We praise you and thank you. Have your way in us and through us. May we be a direct reflection of you in the earth to all men. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

?In the beginning you were singing and in the end you’ll still be singing over me. You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea. You’re watching over me.

I see new life springing up from the ground that looked dead. You’re breathing on it.

I want to be like a tree planted by the living water. So let your living waters flow right out to me.

Betty. All our fountains are in you Lord. We’ve come to be refreshed. Pouring forth your Spirit, water us today.

? All our fountains are in you Lord. In you it’s easy. Your yoke is easy oh God. Catch me up in your story. All my life for your glory. All is for your glory.

Betty. I want Kellie to release this word. Sarah Grace looked at the gold and white swirls picture and saw two eyes above it. The Lord said, The eyes of the Lord are roaming to and fro looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. He’s looking for you.

Betty. He’s looking for you. The eyes of the Lord are roaming to and fro throughout the earth seeking hearts that are fully committed unto him that he may strengthen you. The strength of the Lord is in this place today. He’s going to strengthen you from the inside out, your inmost being.

We welcome the eyes of the Lord. We acknowledge your eyes in this place, Lord. Your eyes are upon us and you have come to strengthen your sons and daughters. You’ve come to release your rivers of living waters. You’ve come to release from the heights and the depths. We’ve come to draw from the wells of salvation. With joy Lord we are drawing from your wells of delight today.

We acknowledge there is outpouring here today. There is outpouring. There is a flow coming out of your spirit man. Jesus said, If a man is thirsty let him come unto me and drink. Any place that you’ve been thirsty. We’ve just come to drink of you Jesus. We’ve come to receive from you, from the Sprit of God. Let your rivers of living water overflow our banks Lord. Let the heavens open up and let it rain down in this place Lord.

?Rain down. Let it rain down. Our God reigns. Forever your kingdom reigns.

Betty. Job 14:7-8. This is the Word of the Lord that I came in with this morning. It says, At least there is hope for a tree. If it is cut down it will sprout again and its new shoots will not fail. It’s roots may grow old in the ground and it’s stump die in the soil. But yet, at the scent of water it will bud and put forth shoots like a plant.

I want to release the Word of the Lord because I believe that he is going to water you, and rain righteousness on you. He is going to cause your deep to open up and spring forth.

Psalm 87 MSG. He founded Zion on the Holy Mountain—and oh, how God loves his home. Loves it far better than all the homes of Jacob put together. God’s hometown—oh! Everyone there is talking about you. I name them off, those among whom I’m famous: Egypt and Babylon, also Philistia, even Tyre, along with Cush. Word’s getting around; they point them out: “This one was born again here.”

The word’s getting out on Zion: “Men and women, right and left, get born again in her.” God registers their names in his book: “This one, this one, and this one—born again, right here.” Singers and dancers give credit to Zion: “All my springs are in you.”

TPT. High upon his hill of holiness stands God’s city. How God loves the gates of Zion, his favorite place on earth. So many glorious things have been proclaimed over Zion, God’s holy city. Pause in his presence

For the Lord says, “Here are the nations who will acknowledge me as God: Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, and the Mediterranean people, even distant Ethiopia. They will all boast, ‘I was born in Zion.’” But over Zion it will be said, “The mighty Man was born there and he will establish it.”

For the God Most High will truly bless Jerusalem. And when he counts her citizens, recording them in his registry, he will write by their name: “This one was born again here.” Pause in his presence

And the princes of God’s feasts will sing and dance, singing, “Every fountain of delight springs up from your life within me.”

Every fountain, I decree and declare that it spring up from his life within you now. For there is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God. He is a present help, right here right now, to strength you in you inner man by the power of his Spirit. To pour out water upon your life and within your life. He desires you and me to be a well-watered garden.

If you are in this room today and would say, Water me Lord. Bring your renewal and refreshing and resurrection power and life. Lord I’m like that stump. I’m like a field that’s been clearcut. But yet at the scent of water, yet at the scent of water. Lord come and pour out your water on our land. Come and pour out your water on our lives. Let your rivers of life flow in this place. Come and rain down Lord. Come and rain down….

?Our God reigns. Forever your kingdom reigns. He raining down. He’s pouring out his living waters of refreshing. So I will sing. Your living waters.

Betty. Father, we thank you for your presence. We thank you for the sip of water that is in this place. More than a sip of water. Father, there are people in this room who would never be content to be ankle deep.

?Come on out. The water’s fine. So come on out here. Not going to stay ankle deep, or knee deep or waist deep.

Some of you have been processing all through the fall of the year and as we stepped into this 5779 it has been a war zone. It has been a processing and you’ve been a little deeper and a little deeper.

?Gonna go a little deeper. I’m in over my head. In over my head.

There are some places in our lives where we’ve felt like we were drowning by the things of this world, things around you, storms of life.

Gonna go a little deeper. I want to come a littler deeper with you Lord. It’s where I found my rest. Gonna come a little deeper until I’m over my head.

Anna. Lord I’m letting go.

Betty. This is prophetic, this active engagement, if you’ll respond. Come a little further.

Anna. Come a little deeper. Come a little further. In over your head.

Betty. He’s stirring waters.

Anna. Stir our waters.

Betty. If you need healing in your body, your soul right now, come on, come on, come on…. A little deeper, a little further.

Anna. What you have need of. Come a little further, a little deeper. Deep calling out to my deep.

Betty. Bodies are being healed right now. Pain, fear, viruses, flu—going right now. Multiple needs—happening right now. I see angels right now pouring out water. I see Jesus pouring out, too. He’s washing his bride. He washing some of you with the water of his Word.

Anna. There’s no end to the affection you have for me.

Betty. Someone just got a weight taken off of them. You have felt so oppressed and weighted down. I hear the Lord saying he’s removing that ungodly yoke. He’s removing that weight right now. He sits in heaven and laughs at the enemy. He’s pouring out living water in this place.

Anna. He’s pouring out living water. Fill us with your living water.

Betty. Your roots are going down deep right now.

Anna. My roots go down deep to the living water. There’s no end to the affection you have for me.

Betty. The goodness of the Lord is here.

Anna. You’re a good good Father. It’s who you are. I’m coming to the river, to your waters. I come to the living waters. Engulf me. You can have every part of me. Consume me in your living waters, with your presence, with who you are. You are an endless ocean, a bottomless sea. There’s no end to the affection you have for me.

Betty. What I see in this place is like, we are in the water and it’s like rain is hitting the water. Holy Spirit is hovering over the surface of this place and we are in the water and I saw it beginning to rain. He said, you’ve reached critical mass and he is raining in the water and on us.

I decree and declare that all he is doing in this place right here right now from healing to bringing refreshing to deliverance, I heard the Lord say there is someone in here who has had a blood sugar issue. He is taking care of your blood sugar. He is bringing you into order. He’s going to the root. He’s going to the root…. of things in this place today. Anyone in here, you know you’ve received a healing, something in your body. Gloria. Thank you Lord for stirring your healing waters in us and in this place. Jesus is our Healer. We give you all the glory Lord. Thank you for healing Gloria. Healing glory. Healing glory. We’re in a healing glory river in this place. Rosemary, healing mobility and strength in shoulder she had surgery in a few years ago.

Betty. Thank you Jesus for healing.

Gail Gilbert. When we were in the place of our roots going down deeper, I saw the Lord take our roots, way back to our children and children’s children. Those bloodline roots have been healed. Those that you’ve been believing for and standing with, reach back prophetically and pull them into the now. Pull them into the now. We’re in the time and season for all things. This is the time for the children to come in and partake of the bread. In Jesus name the bloodline is healed.

Betty. Thank you Jesus. We thank you Lord. Praise God. We want to testify to what He’s doing.

Mallory Johnson. The Lord kept telling me to walk to the front and He pulled the roots of the fear of man and the fear of the enemy out of the ground. He washed them off and I saw all my roots turning gold and sticking them in Himself. For healing, I believe someone who had blood clots in their heart got healed.

I decree and declare the blood of Jesus flowing through every heart in this room, in every vein from the top of the head to bottom of the feet. I call every spine to come into alignment with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the kingdom of heaven.

I declare right now in the name of Jesus Christ every leg to grow out evenly. You will walk straight. You will walk straight. You will walk straight. You will press forward. You will go long and you will press through the resistance right now. You walk in victory and you are victorious and you are a conqueror in the name of Jesus Christ.

No looking down or looking up. The heavenly kingdom is your home (?). Receive all he has for you. Jesus is King. He wants you to open your heart to receive. It’s connected to the blood flow and the clots in your heart. Stop rejecting the gift of God and receive what he has. You’re not a victim or an orphan. You’re a daughter or a son of the Most High King. Walk in victory. Rise up army….. Rise up.

Anna. ?You put your hands around my heart so I can sing a new song.

Heather Cook. I want to testify. I had a very dear sister call me Thursday on my way to Mississippi from South Carolina and needed me to pray for her because they found a blood clot in her leg. It broke off and traveled to her lungs. I declare and decree that that was for Patience Montgomery in the name of Jesus and it is done. It is dried up and it is finished. Hallelujah. Hei. Hei.

As Anna sang, Be lifted higher, Be lifted higher, I was laying on the ground. I was noticing all the things nobody sees, the dust and dirt. As we stand up here we don’t see it. God is saying decrease, decrease, go lower so he can go higher. Mississippi, God has something here. It’s here and it will go lower. He will go higher. We have to declare the kingdom of God in Mississippi and we have to look at all the dirt and stuff that is below us and we have to say, Clean it Lord. Clean our hearts oh God. Get it out of us. They will know that we are Christians by our love. We can’t see it standing up. We have to go low.

Betty. ?We bow down. We bow down Lord. We bow down. We lift you up. We receive your word Lord. We receive your will Lord. We receive your way for Mississippi. We receive your word Lord, your will Lord, your way today. We bow low. We bow low.

Anna. Lord I will bow down, say that I love you, say that I need you. We bow down. We bow down.

Betty. Our God reigns. Our God reigns. We bow down. Mississippi bows down. Miracle City Global bows down to you Lord. We bow down. We go low.

Anna. Be lifted higher. Be lifted higher…. In Mississippi Lord.

Nita Maselle. At 8:30 I saw the earth and it was like I was in space with a view of the earth. And I saw mist all around the earth. I asked the Lord what he was doing and saying. I was looking up words and then we began to sing it. It’s like we were in the water but it was the mist. That was the original way he watered the earth when he created it. I was thinking I had never been in rain like this before. I’ve been in spiritual rains, but I’ve never been in one like this. He said, No, you haven’t seen original intent yet. It’s an original intent rain. It’s a mist and it’s a canopy. It’s a canopy of his presence and it’s covering.

I believe there’s opportunity all over the earth for whosoever will, who will look into this, and who has eyes to see. We have entered into the rains of God and it’s a different rain in the spirit than we have experienced in our lifetime before. It’s not new to him. It’s new to us. It’s his mist. Thank you Father. Thank you for it.

Betty. The Lord is my witness. When Heather came and released the word and bowed down, when I went down there was a mist and it was all over. The Lord said, Now you’ve come into another place. That place.

Kimble Love. I heard the Lord say, It’s time to quit hovering between two opinions. I also heard him say, You’ve been laying in the same spot too long. He showed me a mattress. He said it’s time to flip the mattress over. He’s got new sheets for you. I saw these sheets come down from heaven on the flipped-over mattress. They were a bright royal blue and fit perfectly. He said, This is my original intent, for you to go forth in your purpose and complete your destiny. So get out of the place that you’ve been laying in, flip your mattress, receive the new royal sheets of original intention, so that you can go forth and produce for this new era that he has raised us up for, for such a time as this.

Betty. So Father, we receive it. I know there is revelation. There are things you’re releasing to people across this room, to those who are watching. Father, there’s no distance. It’s sent forth from this place today. Lord, we thank you for the outpouring. We thank you for the manifestations. Jesus said You have come to work with us to confirm your word with signs.

Father I thank you for all that you have done. But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes. Its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

We bless you in the name of Yeshua. We want to thank you for coming today. I’m blessed by our Tupelo and Yazoo City and out-of-state family. So thankful you came in this morning.

We’re going to be out of this building before you know it. I can see it. I had it told to me last week and I can see it. We just want to be where he wants us to be.

Father, we give you glory and honor for what you’ve done in this place today in the now of heaven. We thank you for fruit and fruit that stands in our lives. That we go forth from this place drawing with joy from the wells of salvation. Today I decree and release the Aaronic Blessing over you:

May Yahweh, He who exists, kneel before you presenting you with gifts. May Yahweh guard you with a hedge of thorny protection that will prevent Satan and all your enemies from harming you. May he protect your body, soul, mind and spirit, your loved ones and all your possessions. May Yahweh illuminate the wholeness of his being toward you continually, bringing order, so that you may fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose.

May Yahweh provide you with perfect love and fellowship, never leaving you, and give you sustenance, provision and friendship. May Yahweh lift up and carry his wholeness of being toward you, bringing everything that he is to your aid, supporting you with his entire being. May Yahweh set in place all you need to be whole and complete so that you can walk in victory moment by moment by the power of the Holy Spirit.

May he give you supernatural health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfection, fullness, rest, harmony, as well as absence of agitation and discord.

We bless you in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Go with the blessing of the Lord and his fullness in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.