June 5, 2019

Miracle City – 6/5/19 – Transcript

6/5/19 Miracle City Global

Kimble Love. Good evening and welcome to Miracle City everybody. Good to see you tonight. We’re going to enter into a time of worship intercession and praise the Lord. Tonight I want you to focus on being thankful for the things that God has done. Reflection on who he is and what he’s done. He’s going to do a lot more for us, but let’s just be grateful for what he’s done. Let’s focus on that. I believe he wants to do something special in our midst tonight.

Father, we gather together to worship you and give thanks unto You for the wonderful things you’ve given us and done for us. We thank you for salvation and the blood of Jesus; for our healing and provision; for supernatural power and strength and the anointing to go forth, to walk in purpose. And Lord, we thank you for our destinies, for that which has not even happened yet, but we know that it will.

We look to you tonight, the Author and Perfecter, and we give you praise and glory. You are our good good Father. No good thing will you withhold from those who walk uprightly. So we bless you Lord. We bless you Jesus. Holy Spirit, come forth and bring the very essence of heaven in our midst. We welcome you in Jesus name. Let’s step in tonight and worship.


?I can feel the rhythm of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I can hear the sound of an army rising. Over this nation. Your light is shining through Jesus. The name of Jesus is lifted high. I feel the ground shaking. I feel the rumble now.

With everything we will shout for your glory, for your praise. I lean not on my own understanding. My life is in the maker’s hands. I trust you will make something beautiful out of me. I can hear it now. The sound of the Lion. I can hear the rumbling. I can hear the sound of the Lion roaring.

I hear war drums in the distance. Here am I Lord, send me. I’m ready, send me now. Send me out. I hear him calling. Who will go for me? I’ll go for you.

Your rain is falling in this place. There is no one like you oh Lord. How majestic. How magnificent. Jesus. Be enthroned upon our praise, our worship, in this place. Take your place Lord, in our land, in this state.

Father I’m after your heart. I’m seeking your face. You are all I long for. Won’t you come fill this place. Your presence is all I long for. Your presence Jesus is all I’m in pursuit of. Just to be with you. How I long to be with you. Jesus you’re everything. I’m after your heart. You are my one thing Lord Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus.

Betty. I want to read a song of David. Psalm 27 TPT. The Lord is my revelation-light to guide me along the way; he’s the source of my salvation to defend me every day. I fear no one. I’ll never turn back and run from you, Lord; surround and protect me. When evil ones come to destroy me, they will be the ones who turn back.

:3 My heart will not be afraid even if an army rises to attack. I know that you are there for me, so I will not be shaken. Here’s the one thing I crave from God, the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with him every moment in his house, finding the sweet loveliness of his face, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace. I want to live my life so close to him that he takes pleasure in my every prayer.

:5 In his shelter in the day of trouble, that’s where you’ll find me, for he hides me there in his holiness. He smuggled me into his secret place, where I’m kept safe and secure—out of reach from all my enemies. Triumphant now, I’ll bring him my offerings of praise, singing and shouting with ecstatic joy. Yes, listen and you can hear the fanfare of my shouts of praise to the Lord.

:7 God, hear my cry. Show me your grace. Show me mercy, and send the help I need.

Betty. This is encompassing so many of the watchwords for this season and this month where we are. As Brad was sharing Sunday, the very name Sivan means habitation. This is a month to receive grace and mercy from the Lord.

Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace to find mercy and to receive grace to help in our time of need.

:7 Show me your grace. Show me mercy, and send the help I need. Lord, when you said to me, “Seek my face,” my inner being responded, “I’m seeking your face with all my heart.”

Betty. How many of you tonight are in this place of habitation. He is enthroned on our praises. I heard Anne Tate say last night on the regional prayer call for Mississippi A Time to Plow, that it’s about the Standing King. Jesus is Standing. We want him to stand up in our midst. Because he’s going to dethrone the enemy and enthrone himself. Even now I just want to back up. I just want to back up. I just want to back up. I just want to back up.

Lord, my heart will not be afraid even if an enemy rises to attack. I know that you are for me, Jesus. I will not be shaken. Because God is in the midst of us, we’re not going to be moved by what we see or hear. One of the songs says, His rivers, his streams make glad the city of our God. We’ve got a river on the inside of us. Yay God. And it’s the river of life. We’ve got a life-sentence.

When Anna and I minister in the Jackson/Madison/Brandon area we stay with a lady named Peggy. She’s in her 80s and is a real mom. Yesterday I sat with her and said, Peggy, you have to live forever. She said, Well, I’m going to live forever, just not here.

I know that you’re for me. So I will not be shaken. Here’s the one thing that I crave from you, Lord God, the one thing that I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with you every moment in your house.

I am your tent. I am your dwelling place. And I want to live in that heavenly realm with you continually. I want to live in your house. I want to abide with you Jesus.

Jesus said, If you love me, you will obey me, and I and my Father will come and make our home in you. Lord, come home. He’s calling us home. Well, let’s call him home. Let the love of God rise up and so fill you and me; and the obedience of the Son of God, hahaha, I can’t do it on my best day; but let the obedience of Jesus rise up in us right now.

?Come home in me tonight, oh Lord. Come occupy every part and piece of me. And everywhere that I’m in need. Come fill me up Lord. Every place where I doubt and fear, come and uproot; come and uproot. Put your home in us. Let the faith of the Son of God rise up in us. Let the truth of the Son of God rise up in us. Let the righteousness of the Christ rise up in me. Let your righteousness rise up in me oh Lord. Let your peace, your shalom, fill my heart, oh God. The peace that passes all understanding. It’s you, Lord.

?Anna Love. Come and take your place Lord, in the center of our lives.

Betty. We want the privilege of living with you Lord every moment. To see the sweet loveliness of your face oh God. Fill us will your glory and grace.

Anna. Come and fill us with your mercy, your grace, with who you are. It’s fresh outpouring of you Jesus. And we receive it now.

Betty Love. I’m seeking your face with all of my heart. I’m the righteous of the Lord and I’ve come to find you.

:9 So don’t hide yourself, Lord, when I come to find you. You’re the God of my salvation; how can you reject your servant in anger? You’ve been my only hope, so don’t forsake me now when I need you. My father and mother abandoned me. I’m like an orphan. But you took me in and made me yours. Now teach me all about your ways and tell me what to do.

How many of you need the Lord to tell you what to do, make it clear? So we say Lord, you have taken us in and make us yours in Christ Jesus. Now teach us all about your ways. Tell us what to do. Make it clear for us to understand, for I am surrounded by waiting enemies.

How many of you know from your past that there are some waiting enemies? There’s no going back because I know what’s waiting on me. I’m not going back. This is not a time to go back. It’s a time to press on, to progress, to go from strength to strength. It’s mobility time. It’s walking, hei hei hei, I’m walking. I’m walking. It’s walking your talk.

:12 Don’t let them defeat me, Lord. You can’t let me fall into their clutches. They keep accusing me of things I’ve never done while they plot evil against me. Yet I totally trust you to rescue me one more time, so that I can see once again how good you are while I’m still alive. Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you.


Psalm 27:1. Light, space, zest—that’s God. So, with him on my side I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing. When vandal hordes ride down ready to eat me alive, those bullies and toughs fall flat on their faces. When besieged, I’m calm as a baby. When all hell breaks loose, I’m collected and cool.

:4 I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate his beauty; I’ll study at his feet. That’s the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world, the perfect getaway, far from the buzz of traffic.

:6 God holds me head and shoulders above all who try to pull me down. I’m headed for his place to offer anthems that will raise the roof. Already I’m singing God-songs; I’m making music to God. Listen, God, I’m calling at the top of my lungs: “Be good to me. Answer me.” When my heart whispered, “Seek God,” my whole being replied, “I’m seeking him.” Don’t hide from me now.

:9 You’ve always been right there for me; don’t turn your back on me now. Don’t throw me out, don’t abandon me; you’ve always kept the door open. My father and mother walked out and left me, but God took me in.

:11 Point me down your highway, God; direct me along a well-lighted street; show my enemies whose side you’re on. Don’t throw me to the dogs, those liars who are out to get me, filling the air with their threats. I’m sure now I’ll see God’s goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with God. Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with God.

?So here we are seeking your face. Here we are spirit to spirit, heart to heart.

Anna. Face to face. Heart to heart. Here we are Lord.

Nichole. I heard battlecry when we were singing, Here am I, send me. Then I remembered that the letter for this month is Zayin. It’s a sword, axe, a weapon, to cut, to pierce. And I heard, it divides soul and spirit, joints and marrow. A battle cry is a word or phrase shouted by soldiers going into battle to express solidarity and intimidate the enemy. I looked up the word and it’s the Hebrew H5401 and it gives the idea of fastening up, as I was reading Song of Songs, and it’s to kiss but it also means to equip with weapons. Then I heard, Love is my battlecry, from that dude with the Irish accent. I heard, Love is my battlecry.

Betty. Recently I heard the Lord say, I am weaponizing my people. And I said, Lord, weaponize your people. It is to supply or equip with a weapon or weapons. To adapt or use as a weapon. To equip a missile or other delivery systems with an explosive or other weapons. To produce or refine, to deploy, often missiles, a delivery system, equip. hahaha. To make into or use as a weapon. Make more effective as a weapon.

So Lord, we thank you that there is a weapon of worship that is in us. A weapon of worship, a weapon of praise.

Let the high praises of God be in our mouth and a two-edged sword in our hand to execute vengeance on the enemy and the judgment written. We open our mouth Lord, and you fill it. We say in this ZAYIN month, Come, oh sword of God, come oh Word of God and divide our soul and spirit, and joint and marrow; and judge the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. Bring us into the alignment for the assignment, Lord.

?Kevin. Jesus, be enthroned upon the praises of our hearts. Jesus, you’re the King and you’re the center of it all. The triumph of your fame will never end. I just want you. Nothing else will do. Oh your presence Lord. We never wanna leave your presence Jesus. Just wanna belong to you Jesus. Holy Holy Holy Lord, you are faithful and true. You are holy. You are our righteousness Jesus. We enthrone you in this place, on our praise. We welcome the King of Glory, the Standing King. It’s you Jesus. All honor, all glory, all power to the Sovereign King. That’s you Jesus.

Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations. You are worthy Lord of all. Highest praises, Lord of all.

Betty. Father, we honor your glory, the glory of your presence in this place. I thank you for habitation, for your heartbeat, the heartbeat of heaven that is in your house tonight. Holy Spirit we honor you, Seven-Fold Spirit of Yahweh. Rest upon this house, upon us individually. Open up the eyes of our understanding. Pro-horizon us tonight, Lord. Open up our ears to hear your voice, our eyes to see, our heats to respond to you, Lord.

As we have entered into this season of habitation, on the mountain of the Lord it will be revealed. Lord we thank you that the sand and the sea is giving up its portion; its wealth; its provision. This is provision for the vision time. This is your outpouring, your release. We want to honor you in your times and your seasons, and Lord we say, Set us at one with you tonight.

We thank you Lord, that you cause our boundaries to fall in pleasant places. And Lord, even as you’ve put on my heart to talk about boundaries, territories, and spheres of influence, I thank you for identity, for definition; that we are not defined by our circumstances or situations, but we are defined by who we are in you, Jesus.

And Lord, where there is a will there is a way. We’ve come to do your will, oh Lord, because it is written about us in the scroll. Lord, you are so about us being on your ancient path that you have put your highways in our heart. So I thank you that tonight we have eyes to see clearly that you aligned us with the windows of heaven; and the window of our conscience is aligned with you.

For how much more will the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death so that we may serve the living God? Father, we thank you that our panes are aligned. And that you are releasing your breath and your wind and your sound in Jesus name. So Lord I thank you that your word is going to go forth and accomplish what you send it to do in Jesus mighty name. Praise God.

I believe we’ll start with Acts 17:26. It’s a scripture we quote a lot in this house. This is a season and a time for alignment. We have movement. Judah, Issachar, Zebulon. It’s the third month. When God got ready to move, there was an order of movement, an order to the way the tribes would go. Judah always goes first because praise plows. It’s going to plow you. It’s going to plow me. It’s going to plow the atmosphere. It will plow the enemy. Praise plows.

Issachar is the tribe that knew the times and the seasons. God will cause you to recognize your times and seasons. He will cause our thoughts to become agreeable with his will so our plans may be established and have good success. You can have a plan all day long but if it doesn’t get established—God doesn’t give you a plan and not want it executed.

He wants to establish his word in you and you in his word. So again, you can know the times and the seasons. God always has a plan. I remember Webster Shaw taught one night and he said, God is always speaking; he’s always singing; and he’s always laughing. Think about it.

Acts 17:26. And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.

That is an incredible thing to me. That the Lord looked down into eternity and into the earth and he ordained the time that you are going to be born. Before we were in our mother’s womb, he knew us and he already had a plan for our life. His plan is always life.

If you ever question what God wants for you, it is life. He said, I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; now choose life. And your choosing life is going to directly affect the people in relationship with you. It will affect your family. It will affect a future generation. God is about releasing righteousness into the generations. He’s looking for godly seed.

As I began to think about this month of boundaries, how many of you like to know what your boundaries are? I like to know what my boundaries are. If you know what your boundaries are—in your house you have authority because it’s your house. It’s your yard, so you have authority. If it’s your car, you have authority. Knowing what belongs to you and knowing your boundaries is very important.

Shelly has authority in her workplace; and there are boundaries in the workplace. There are rules and regulations and probably state regulations they have to meet. Because of wounding and circumstances and situations, people don’t always like authority. But if you really recognize authority and know boundaries. I don’t care who you are or where you go, there will always be an authority and there will always be boundaries.

We are going to have authority structures in heaven. God is Sovereign. Satan had a problem with authority and wanted to be God. That didn’t go so well. I want you to walk in your highest.

When I released that word that Terry said to me, I thought my vision was pretty expanded. For the Lord to say to me, you are really confining me, Betty, I’m like, mmm. Nancy posted on our GroupMe prayer network a message by Dutch Sheets and I listened to a portion of it coming in Sunday morning. Dutch was talking about times in his life when he was in transition and he said, I thought I was losing my mind. I don’t know even where I am or if I’m ok. Then suddenly your at that next.

We’re in a place of transition into a place that God has for us. We’ve come through that into the month of Iyar. When you step into the Hebraic month of Sivan, he clearly defines your boundaries and your alignment. Then he releases provision. Now that’s awesome. So you can move. You have to have provision to do something. If you just run down to the coast, you have to have provision for that. Whatever you do, there is something involved in it.

So this is a time when the Lord wants to show you where your alignment is and where your boundaries are. And he wants you to occupy within those boundaries. I thought about Adam and Eve. God created them and then he set them in the Garden of Eden. That was their place of habitation, to cultivate it and keep it.

That word cultivate is to speak and touch, and the root word of it is actually Worship. Their work in the Garden was their worship unto God. Cultivate, speak and touch, worship, and then to keep it comes from the Hebrew word which means to guard it. This is the thing. He only gave him one rule. And they didn’t keep it. They had boundaries in their boundary.

We have boundaries in this nation. Whether you obey the law or not, are there not boundaries? There will always be boundaries. And as long as you operate within the boundaries it’s good. There are boundaries in here. As free and spontaneous as we are, there are boundaries.

Yesterday we were in a meeting. I’m probably going to speak into it. I was gracious but there was someone who moved in the meeting and laid hands on individuals. I know her and I know her spirit. It’s the first time she’s ever been in a meeting. She’s an older lady, and she’s moving. I’m thinking, Okay. She didn’t ask me if she could do that. But for the sake of not embarrassing the older mother, and because I knew in my spirit there was no harm, and we were in a group of people that I knew, I let it go. And I’ve been praying, Lord how do you want me to handle that? Because she won’t do that again.

The host of the portal said, I turned to the gentleman beside me, another friend of ours, and I said, Is she in order? He said, Well, no, but when she prayed there’s nothing that I sensed wrong in her spirit or what she released. It wasn’t wrong. What was wrong? She moved out of bounds. You don’t get up in a meeting and go throughout the room and touch people without asking the leader.  But again, she was probably 78 years old. And I’m thinking, I cannot—her heart’s pure. I cannot embarrass her.

Usually with me, unless it is gross error contrary to the Word, do it once, okay; do it twice, well we’re going to talk. And you won’t do it a third time. Or I will call it down the third time. I’m not being mean. But I have to operate in boundaries. I’m not just going to hop up and do what I want to do when I go somewhere. Why? Because you want to walk in fullness of authority.

Satan recognizes boundaries whether he stays in them or not. He won’t cross the blood if you know the authority you have when you release the power of the name and the blood of Jesus. He does recognize. If you and I step out of bounds, he knows it.

So I began to look at the boundaries and I began to look at the Garden. And then I began to look at Abraham when he encountered God. And God gave him boundaries.

First he said, Come out of bounds. Come out from your family. Come out from the place where you live. And go to the land I’m going to show you. Pack everything up. Leave your father’s family. Leave what is familiar and come with me. And he didn’t know where he was going until he got there.

Then the Lord gave him the boundaries. He had him walk the land. This is the month where you walk your talk. There is going to be power in your walk. Jabez said, Oh Lord, that you would bless me. That you would enlarge my territory. That you would enlarge my boundaries. Boundaries can be enlarged. Territory can be enlarged.

Paul talked about in II Corinthians 10:13-16, I have operated in my sphere, in my metron. He  recognized that he had an area of ministry. He said, I’ve not gone beyond my sphere of influence, or authority, or the bounds that are set for me. When the Lord identifies where your boundary is, you want to occupy it to its fullest. If there are any ‘ites on it you want to run the ‘ites out. But get rid of the ‘ites in you so you can run those ‘ites out.

There are territorial spirits that rule spheres. Jesus wants you to occupy your space so that those spirits are displaced. In Joshua 1 is probably one of the clearly definitions.

After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aid, “Moses my servant is dead. Now you and all these people get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land that I’m about to give them, to the Israelites.

He’s saying that the old order is gone. Moses is gone. Moses represented an era, a time and a season. It was a wilderness season.

But now the Lord who has prepared Joshua, who got on-the-job training—everywhere that Moses went Joshua went. I believe one of the key places Joshua got prepared is in the tent. Because it said that Moses would pitch a tent and the glory of the Lord would fill that tent. And Moses would meet with God; and Joshua his aid was in the tent with him.

All the children of Israel, because of the decision they made when they got to Sinai, that they didn’t want to hear God for themselves—they wanted God to talk to Moses— Oh no we can’t hear you God; we’re afraid. Nobody can see God, the God that dwells in the fire and live. Well, there was one. His name was Moses. So they made a choice. I believe if they had chosen differently, they could have had the same relationship Moses had. But they didn’t.

There were boundaries on that mountain, in the wilderness. Moses went in to the tent and Joshua went in. The Word of God says that when Moses came out, Joshua stayed. I believe in the tent there’s preparation. You hear me talk about territories, tents and treasuries. Your tent is your habitation, your dwelling place. It’s also your house. The Lord wants to fill you and he also wants to fill your house.

He wants to prepare you in this new season and connect and align you with the places that he ordained. It’s important that you know this is your alignment. Where you’re living—that you’re in the right place. It’s important enough that when God told Isaac in a time of famine to go to Gerar, he caused him to be prosperous, even when there was famine throughout the land.

If you’re in the right place at the right time, your provision is going to be there. Because God is going to be with you, because he took you there. God will never take you somewhere and abandon you. Ever. I will say this because of who we are and who our Father is, even if you’re in the wrong place he is not going to abandon you. He is going to be working to bring you back on track.

So he gives him this instruction. Basically he says it’s a new day. Now you and all these people get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give them, to the Israelites. I will give you every place where you set your foot as I promised Moses. So he’s got a promise. Get these people ready. You’re about to cross over the Jordan River into the land that I promised to give to the Israelites. And you Joshua, I will give every place the soles of your feet walk.

There is something about walking the land. Some of us need to go out and walk the boundaries of our land again. We need to sweep our house and sweep the atmosphere. You own that piece of property, renting or leasing that piece of property, you need to ask the Lord to clear the heavens all the way to the throne zone. You need to go all the way to the core of the earth to get the legal coordinates of your property, and you need to decree and declare that it is consecrated unto the Lord and anything that is not kingdom or God has got to get out.

And everywhere that you set the soles of your feet, it is belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are releasing the power of the blood, the power of the name that the kingdom of God come now. Because Jesus said, I have given you power and authority  to tread upon serpents and scorpions, to overcome all the power of the enemy, so nothing shall by any means harm you. That word harm means to fail to meet the obligations of covenant to you.

Jesus has destroyed the power of sin, death, sickness, disease, all the works of the devil and the devil himself. And the enemy will keep coming until you put him in his place. This place is under our feet. Jesus sits in heaven until we make his enemies his footstool. We are the body of Christ. We’re not trying to be the body of Christ. We are the body of Christ, and Jesus is the head of the body. He fills everything in every way and he has been given the name that is above every name. Every title. Every dominion, every power and authority.

When he said, I have given you authority, it is exousia. That is jurisdiction. You have jurisdiction. And the Lord wants you to use that jurisdiction within your boundaries, within your spheres of influence. Where you work, that’s a boundary place for you in the kingdom. Where you walk, where you live and move and have your being. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you, Joshua. Is he not with us? Does he not want to advance his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven? He’s going to advance his kingdom through you.

When you and I live and move and have our being in him, when we are clothed with him, we are giving off in the spirit realm. Satan knows when you are abiding in Jesus, because when he looks he sees light and he sees Christ. And he doesn’t want any of that.

So, I’m giving you the land. I will give you every place that you set your foot as I promised Moses. He’s about keeping promises.

:4 Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the River Euphrates; all the Hittite country, to the great sea on the west. There’s boundary. There’s territory. Guess what? In the United Nations there was an Israelite who stood up recently and he read out of the Bible to prove to the United Nations that in the Bible, God identified the land that belonged to Israel. Hei. He’s still about boundaries.

And then he says in :5 No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. He is promising him land. He’s showing him the boundaries, the territory, and he’s promising him protection. His presence and protection. You’re going to have my presence and you’re going to have my protection. As I was with Moses, I’m going to be with you. I’m never going to leave you nor forsake you.

What did Jesus say in Hebrews? What does the Bible say? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He’ll never leave us or forsake us. And I really think the enemy tries hard to keep us disassociated from Jesus and Holy Spirit, and forget that God really is living on the inside of us, and the kingdom of God is at hand.

I heard Peggy. I think she said Bobby Conner at Morning Star was teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.

Anna Love. He was teaching on the Lord’s Prayer and he asked someone in the congregation to stand up. Whenever he did, he stood in the place of Jesus and he said when Jesus was giving the disciples the Lord’s prayer, it really meant him taking hold of them, looking at them and saying, Our Father—like, as we are one, our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. It was foreshadowing the fact that he was going to the cross, that he was going to die for sin; and that through salvation he was going to be on the inside of us. So whenever we pray, we’re praying as sons of God. We’re praying with Jesus on the inside of us, as one. Because we are at one with God through Christ.

Betty. It’s from usually thinking, our Father (all of us together). No; it is our Father (Jesus and us to the Father). As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you. And then he says in verse

:6 Be strong and courageous because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them. Then in :7 he repeats it again. When God repeats something more than one time, he is saying something, now. If he tells you to be strong and courageous, and then he says be strong and very courageous, it tells me there’s going to be a need in your future to stand strong. There’s going to be a need in your future to be very courageous, okay?

Little does he know just a few chapters over he’s going to meet the Captain of the Lord’s Host. Think he needs to be strong and courageous? Very courageous. This is the third time. Because before Moses passed, if you look back in the last chapters of Deuteronomy, you’re going to see him say the same thing to him again.

Moses himself says to Joshua, Be strong and courageous.

:6 Be strong and courage because you’re going to lead these people to the land I swore to their forefathers to give them. Be strong and very courageous. And here’s the key. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you. Do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.

He’s saying, If you obey my word, hold to my word, you’re going to be successful. There’s their boundary.

:8 Do not let the Book of the Law depart from your mouth. Meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

This is a month that God wants you to prosper and wants to teach us how to prosper. Knowing our boundaries and holding to the word of the Lord and the promises of the Lord is how we’re going to be successful and prosperous. It’s like Jesus’ mother said, Just do what he says.

:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

Is the Lord with you wherever you go? He is. And we don’t act like that. The Lord wants our hearts to be reminded and renewed that he is with us wherever we go. Me first. And he is faithful even when we are faithless.

I believe that he wants to awaken his word in you and me. He wants our hearts and minds to be aligned, our conscience to be aligned with him. Brad, when you were talking about the panes, how the windows of heaven open, covenant opens the window of heaven to you. In the second month is the time to come in alignment and your mind to be renewed, your wrong thought patterns to be taken care of so that you can see clearly, so that by the time the Spirit of the Lord—it’s a kairos time for the breath of God to be released, it can fill you.

Holy Spirit is in us. What we’re getting ready for is a celebration of a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit and fire. He is going to release a new sound in this house Sunday. I believe it. We’re going to stand here together when the Day of Pentecost has fully come. I thought when I looked at those frosted panes of glass (on the building wall), you can’t see through that.

I was thinking that and Anna whispered to me, You have to see through the pain to see through the pane. So if you are dealing with pain in your soul or your body, keep on looking, keep on focusing on Jesus, because you will see through your pane and the Lord will bring his breath of life and give you revelation about what you’re supposed to do.

Again, there’s one time in Deuteronomy at the end that he says to Joshua, Be strong and very courageous. And then he says it three times in here.

:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid (terrified); do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

One thing I know that’s true is that the way the enemy gets us to back off is he brings fear and discouragement. The reason God told Joshua, Be not afraid and be not discouraged is that is the thing the enemy uses to keep us from possessing our land or filling our boundaries—Fear. How do you combat that? God’s not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. And we put it in until we know it.

Submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee. And he says to make the exchange, the crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of the spirit of despair. Praise plows. He who offers up sacrifices of praise honors me and prepares the way that I may show him the salvation of God. You want salvation? You want your roadway? Just open up your mouth even if you don’t feel like it. Even when everything is screaming in you. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

I can tell you, that celebration of praise and the word—y’all have heard it a thousand times—but it saved me at the death of my son. Listen to me now. If you think this Mama didn’t love him, like beyond; I would say probably love and care more than a lot of parents out there. I’m telling you now. But praise saved me. Those are things that: How do you get up from that? ?It is well. It is well with my soul.

He wrote that song after he lost his entire family. The glory of the Lord is on me right now. Because when you can praise, when everything in your being says don’t, or when you are sick in your body, hell starts freezing. I think satan becomes a frozen statue and starts breaking apart. When you can’t break through that barrier, heaven comes. More than that, the glory comes.

Just as with Joshua, there are boundaries. And he’s going to show you. He’s going to give you instruction. He’s going to show you where your boundaries are. He’s going to give you the word that’s going to sustain you in that place. I believe this. His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him.

Why did David have success with Goliath? Because when he was on the back 40 taking are of sheep, he had relationship with God. What did he do? He worshipped. And he knew the power of God. The power of God came upon a young boy and he was able to take out a lion and a bear. And he recognized relationship. He knew covenant.

What I’ve been hearing a lot lately is, Who is this uncircumcised Philistine? Satan doesn’t have relationship with God. He lost his relationship. More than that, he’s not a son of God. And he cannot rob or steal or kill anymore in our lives. Get out. You’re in my boundary, Now get out. We need to occupy. We need to patrol our borders. We need to see if there are any gaps in the fence and stand up and say, Out; because we have authority to do it.

Brad. We need to evict the squatters on our land. A person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land, which goes back to, We need to possess our land. We need to inhabit our land. If the enemy sees it’s unoccupied he’s going to come back. If you clean the house and get it straight, the enemy comes back if it’s unoccupied and brings not only himself but a bunch of pals. Another definition is a settler with no legal title to the land occupied, typically on land not yet allocated by the government.

Betty. Typically on land not allocated by government. God’s government trumps everything. When God gave Israel the land, he gave them the land. I have a word in my journal during the 70 Days that Israel is going to take back Jerusalem. They’re going to be kind to people there but they’re going to take the Tempt Mount. I don’t know of any other country that would allow other religions or other people to occupy their capital city. But I can tell you, Get ready. They’re going to take their land. They’re going to occupy their land. God’s going to see to it because he will not violate his covenant.

We need to understand, just as sure as he spoke to Joshua and Moses and David, he’s spoken to you and me. And it’s time to occupy. So this is the month to know where our boundaries are, where our alignments are, and stand up in it and occupy.

A boundary or boundaries is the barrier, the border, the borderline, the bounds, the confines, the edge, the frontier, the horizon, the line, the perimeter, the ambit, the beginning, borderland, brink, circumference, circumscription, compass, end, environs, extent, extremity, frame, fringe, hem, limits, margin, mark, outline, outpost, periphery, precinct, radius, rim, side, skirt, terminal, verge, line of demarcation.

So again, a boundary is something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or a bounding line; also called a frontier.

So Father, tonight you have the exact times and places set for us, where we’re going to live and move and have our being. And Lord, you are leading us into the places that you have preordained for us so that we can occupy those places. Lord, those are cities, counties, regions, territories. Lord, you’ve vested authority in us in places on the mountains of society where we work, in our neighborhoods where we live. And as sons of God, you’ve given us jurisdiction. You’ve given us authority in the spirit realm.

Lord, we might be the neighborhood watchman. And you’ve called us to be the Gatekeeper over our neighborhood or over our community, and we need to know that. In that, Lord, we have authority to guard the gates and to make decrees over that land so that it is covered and sustained and protected. And so the people within that sphere of influence can come to salvation.

Lord, I pray you would awaken us to where our boundaries are. You have shown me that Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Miracle City, is our New Jerusalem, Judah, and Samaria. As an apostolic house, you’ve given us Mississippi. And Lord, we have a call to this nation and the nations. And Lord, you’re going to continue to define that and refine that and fine tune us.

So Lord, it’s personal for every person that’s in alignment with us. I pray that they would possess the gates of their enemies. that they would fully occupy their land, their territory, the boundaries that are in them. That their tents and their treasuries be full. I pray that the goodly inheritance that you have ordained for each one would come to us Lord. Your divine power has given us everything we do need for life and godliness, and it’s in knowing you; it’s in intimacy; it’s in relationship.

So Lord, we thank you that never will you leave us; never will you forsake us. That we are strong in the Lord and the power of your might. That we are strong and courageous and we’re not discouraged. But we are encouraged in Jesus.

So Lord, we thank you that you direct our steps and you make them sure. And define our boundaries in this season. And Lord we give you glory and we give you honor. We thank you for the incredible presence that you brought into your house tonight, for Psalm 27 and for the worship and for the Sword of the Spirit. We love you Lord and we bless your people tonight with the glory of your presence in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.