April 10, 2019

A Call to Communion for Our Nation

Righteousness Exalts a Nation!
The 70 Day Decree
I was contacted this week by Ruthie Young and introduced to a precious new friend who has a powerful vision for a corporate call to gather believers across the nation to 8 days of communion that would become a catalyst to bring a national covering of unity in our nation as we move toward the 2020 election. Also, this is an invitation to take communion every Tuesday until the 2020 election!

We are partnering with VISUALEAST.ORG in 8 Days of Communion for the last eight days of our 70 Day Decree Raising Up Righteousness. This will be a powerful finish to the decree. Our dear friend, Priscilla Zananiri, will be sharing a powerful post daily that we will provide a link to on our sites.

Below is the link for the first post:

Let’s Break Bread Together

Betty Love