February 7, 2020

70 Days – 2020

To the Righteous Remnant

70 Days – Raising Righteousness – 2020 – The Red Box Decree
War Words from the Womb of the Dawn
February 9, 2020 – April 18, 2020To the Righteous Remnant,Join us this year for the 70 Days, Raising Righteousness, 2020 “Red Box” Initiative! We are pressing forward into 2020 with the 70 Day Decree as our nation is awakening in righteousness and reformation. This is an unprecedented time in history for us as a nation. The turnaround has come! We must stand fast in this election year so that we continue to gain ground and see the full restoration of God’s redemptive plan for America come forth!

Last year, people from all over the nation, even the nations, joined in the 70 Days of decreeing righteousness over the United States of America into their cities, states and spheres of influence. We were humbled and honored as ministries across the nation participated in the 70 Days. It spread like wildfire!  A special thank you to Dutch Sheets and GiveHim15 who partnered with us last year by allowing Love Ministries to write a devotional for GiveHim15 for the entire 70 Days. During the 70 Days, we saw countless issues come to the surface with many breakthroughs.

Vision 2020
Recently, the Lord said to me, “You can read about it, write about it or be about it!” It’s time to ‘be about it’! There are two opportunities available for you to participate in. We are asking all to partner with us in the “Red Box” Initiative. 

The Red Box Initiative: 
Decree the Decree in the “Red Box”.
This year to participate in the 70 Days, we are simply asking you as an individual, family, church, ministry, business, etc. to decree the ‘Red Box’ which states the 70 Day Decree for 70 Days beginning Sunday, February 9, 2020 through April 18, 2020.  We encourage you to post and share the decree on your Facebook, social media, or website. This is a grassroots movement!   We believe that this decree is a valid weapon as we press forward as a nation to see the manifestation of healing, revival, awakening, reformation and transformation in our country. The Lord is leveraging His Ekklessia!

War Words from the Womb of the Dawn
Each day at the break of dawn, first light, Betty will be going LIVE on Facebook with the War Word for that day.
This will be a 20 minute segment that will include:

  • The declaration of the Red Box Initiative: 70 Day Decree of Righteousness
  • A review of last year’s post from Love Ministries/GiveHim15 with same day breakthroughs that occurred during that time.
  • A Now Word for the Day
  • Guest intercessors and leaders to join us from different states in the nation.
Join us at first light on this Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 6:18AM CST with Betty Love Facebook Live as we launch the 70 Days Decree on War Words from the Womb of the Dawn!

We understand that some ministries may not be led to participate in War Words from the Womb of the Dawn or share this portion; however, we are asking all to prayerfully consider partnering in the 70 Days Decree, Red Box Initiative.

 If you would like to revisit the 70 Days from 2019, they are available at loveministrieslive.com.

Forward 2020,
Betty Love
Love Ministries, Inc.
Miracle City Global
Hattiesburg, Mississippi