November 6, 2020

2 Visions 2 Days




“I will awaken this nation in Righteousness! She will not go back down into the swamp. The plumbline of Righteousness will hold. Ekklesia, you are mobilized to maneuver. You have My Mighty Right Arm. Blood Covenant Stands!” (11/5/2020;Blove)


Vision: I had a vision of the United States of America hoisted and suspended above a swamp. The nation was being held by a line attached to the arm of a red telescopic crane. The Lord revealed: The Crane is Red because Blood Covenant and My Covenant with America will Stand! The Line holding the crane is the Plumbline of Righteousness. The arm of the Crane is My Mighty Right Arm. The Operator of the Crane is My Ekklesia. (11/5/2020;Blove)


Lord We agree with your Word and your Visions spoken over the United States of America:

On the 17th Day of Cheshvan Noah entered the Ark and you shut the door against the flood – to protect and preserve your original intent. Likewise on Cheshvan 17 5781- November 3- 4 2020 as the storm and flood of the enemy began to rage around this election and President Donald John Trump – I saw you stretch out your mighty right hand and draw the United States of America into your Ark and shut the door against the enemies attempt to steal this election and destroy your Redemptive plan for this nation. You will protect and preserve your original intent for America.


WORD OF THE LORD FROM WAR WORDS: Decree: The Victory! Decree: Swift Justice! You Are My Ekklesia! I Am Judging Righteousness! I Have Set My Ekklesia On Your Walls America And Within Your Nation. Give Yourselves No Rest Until President Donald John Trump Is Announced As Your President! He Is My Chosen! He Is My Cyrus! Swift Justice! Decree It! (11/4/2020; Blove)


We decree Your Word: The Lord awakens the United States of America in Righteousness! She will not go back down into the swamp. Righteousness Exalts a nation. The plumbline of Righteousness will hold. We decree the Ekklesia is mobilized to outmaneuver every scheme and strategy of the enemy in this hour. The Mighty Right Arm of the Lord is with us. Blood Covenant Stands!


Our forefathers didn’t win these battles by their own strength or their own skill or strategy. It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory, it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for your loved them.” Ps. 44:3 –

“Lord, you love justice; you hate robbery and wrongdoing. In your faithfulness reward your people- you have made an everlasting covenant with us-(Isaiah 61:8)


Remember the righteous covenants of our forefathers and every true prophetic word and decree spoken over our nation! We call forth the manifest now.

“With your strong arm scatter your enemies. Your arm is endued with power, your hand is strong, your right hand exalted. With your holy arm gain the victory for your Kingdom and this nation. We decree Swift Justice!

(Psalm 61:8; 89:10,13; 98:1)


We decree: The Lord, the Eternal, comes with power, with unstoppable might; He will take control without question or delay. He will see to it that wages are paid, repairs are made, and all is set right again. (Psalm 40:10; Voice)

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